Soccer and Being in the First Grade (according to Bladen)

Organized sports are such a fun thing, especially when you are in the first grade and you get a neat shirt with your last name on it, “Like Dad has”. 


That is worry on his face, he was afraid he won’t do well.mccormick2

“Only Dad’s say Football, or Basketball, or Track and also say Coach” I was informed.



But the “REALLY BEST THING is getting to run ALL the time!  Football is ‘okay’ but soccer is the best BECAUSE  YOU GET TO RUN ALL THE TIME!”


Fourth Step—-Leveling


Here is where art meets practicality.  If this part isn’t done right, whoever irrigates will spend the rest of the summer fighting water. 


But if it is done right, the water will flow to the end of the field, subbing the ground along the way, without nary a hitch.  But if the ground doesn’t have the right fall, if there is a hole or a pocket, or a hill, well—- you have a mess.


Here you can see what the leveled ground looks like.

It’s a good thing Terry got this done, because this morning we had snow. All farming has come to a stand still until it dries out. Having the ground leveled, will help it dry out faster than if it were a big plowed sponge.




Our Water is HERE!

Our water, for irrigation, comes about because of the Uncompahgre Valley Water Project.  The project has one storage dam, several diversion dams, 128 miles of canals, 438 miles of laterals and 216 miles of drains.   

The project canal runs right by our road and is the source of all water for our crops and my yard and garden.

Usually the water isn’t turned on until closer to the 30th of March, but when a grower calls

for early water (because of raising onions or lettuce) the water is turned on early.


I love the canal, I love hearing the music of the water as is trips along on its way to the states of Arizona and Nevada and California.  I think of it as a friend, one who goes away for the winter and then comes back bringing life to our farms.

A Couple of Neat Ideas for Baked Veggie Fries

My family does not/did not like parsnips, but they eat these.  ( love to eat them, though).  I sometimes save this for company use, but they are JUST THAT GOOD!


Preheat over to 450*

Halve parsnips lengthwise and cut into spears.   (You can also add a red potato, sweet potato and fresh beets to the mix, if you like).

Place in a bowl and drizzle with olive oil. 

Combine Parmesan cheese (2 Tablespoons grated), ½ tsp salt, ½ teaspoon garlic powder, ½ tsp oregano and sprinkle over the vegetables and toss to coat. 

Arrange in a single layer and bake until golden brown, turning once.

(I like to add crushed garlic to the mix, makes for a more garlic taste.)

If you sprinkle them on the pan, like above, watch that the seasonings don’t burn.  The scrapings are really yummy.


Another idea for Sweet Potato fries- after placed in a bowl with olive oil, mix together 1 Tablespoon brown sugar, ½ tsp salt, ½ freshly ground black pepper and sprinkle over the fries, toss to coat.  Bake until golden brown, turning once.

Watch carefully as the sugar can burn.

Both of these are really good, I can’t keep them on the table.  (Works for all of those pesky root vegtables that most people don’t really like)



Third Step in Spring Work


Rolling the fields, after they have been disked and plowed, and before the fourth step-leveling.


What the roller does is smash and break up the clods of plowed earth, leaving a mellow loam, perfect for placing little seeds to grow.


Of course, everything had been going along pretty smooth, so it was time for a mishap.  Two teeth broke off the roller.  These are expensive little items; last year’s prices had them around $200 a piece.

One thing about it, life is never dull!

Cough, Hack, Sneeze, Wheeze


I will be soooooooooo happy when this burn season gets over!  For some odd reason most of the farmers around us have decided to burn off last years’ crops instead of grazing them off.


I’m sure there would be many sheep and cattle people who would have loved to have the feed!!!!

We graze and then plow under.  In an effort to keep our soil healthy we feel turning what is left from the cows (poop and corn stalks) into the ground reduces cost of purchasing fertilizer and adds body to our clay-like soil.


 So until all the ground is turned under we will be plagued with smoke.  This is what it looks around our house the last couple of days.  Ugh.

Step Two of Our Western Colorado Farming

If you are opening up corn ground or tearing up an old hay field, all the farmers in our area plow. 

I know that plowing is a dying process back east, but we have heavy clay soil and must plow.


So after disking we Terry plows


BUT if a farmer is going from a former bean field he can rip the field open because of how the beans grow causing a much loamier field.




Terry plowed all the old corn fields, and today he is ripping the old bean field.   

I’m really glad he has retired, before all of this would have taken place after 7 at night and before 6 in the morning.  Now, while I am at work, he is at work “playing” in his fields.




First Things First

The first thing we Terry does is disk all the corn stalks not eaten by the cows


Of course, nothing ever goes smoothly, one of the disks had to collect a big wad of mud.  The only thing to do is to pry it out


Now on the bright side, it was just one disk!