Travel’n Man


Hi, I’m Sammy’O, Sam for short! 

Pleased to meet cha!

I think we met some time back, back when life was a bit more easy.  Just hang’n out with the guys, drinking beer and having a cigar now and then, talking politics, women just don’t understand politics. 

Boy, does that get the girls all riled-up when I say that, but hey(!) we guys know!  We see how there is a Boss Cow, shoot, she even bosses me around.


But its summer now, and I’m a work’n feller, and I’m one of those lucky guys…I LOVE MY WORK!  Man, I just love it!

Some of the boys, get all snorty and run and jump and butt heads together, but me? Well, I’ve got this whole thing figured out.  You make it hard for ‘the people’ and you get the hard jobs.  You make it easy, you get the cream.  Heck, my days are full of guard duty, lots of green grass, and hang’n with the chicks.  No beer, or smokes, but that can wait for winter. (Have to set a good example for the kids, ya know.)

My Mom, who is a cow, told me- if you don’t get carried away with yourself, (like butt around the feed trough, or stamp on the waterer), make friends with all the other cows, be a good security guard, and don’t get the human scared, the world will be your oyster.


The other dudes, get loaded up and headed out, but I get to stay with the late bloomers, you know the ones who have kids later in the spring. I stay my required 42 days, sometimes more, give or take a week or so. Then my human shows up with the trailer, I wait right at the gate (I know what that means…more pastures, more girls) and as soon as the trailer gate is open and he opens the corral gate, I just walk right in. 

AHHH!  Life is Gooooood!



23 thoughts on “Travel’n Man

  1. Is this a bunch of bull?


    This is what comes of giving a bovine beer. Pretty soon they are taking over.

    Give them a beer, they take a blog.

    Sleep well over there. 😉



  2. Linda
    What magnificent Aberdeen Angus cattle. Are they stud cattle? They certainly are in fine fettle. Do you have to house them during the winter months in Colorado? Here in Australia Aberdeen Angus are raised in the colder areas but during winter they are not housed – then again we don’t get anywhere as much snow as you would in Colorado. Nor anywhere as cold ( thank God).
    I suppose that is the reason you have the hay crop for the winter feeding?
    There is a saying here which I suppose (maybe) is used in the US.
    “You can take the boy out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of the boy”. ( Substitute girl for the ladies).
    “Yellow Mellow”


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