Update, by Honey the Hen


Well, it happened! My Mom put me, Cluck-Cluck and Nervous Netty back in the hen house. I don’t know whether to be happy or sad about this turn of events. 

I rather enjoy my new coat of feathers, I just LLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEE preening them.  I can do it for hours and hours, it’s just so relaxing.  I close my eyes and {{ POW}} in my mind’s eye I am the prettiest chicken in the whole hen house.  Just like when Roo lived here.  But I digress. 


Last week Mom just didn’t come get us to let us out…we (Cluck-Cluck and Netty and I) hollered and flew at the door, but she didn’t come.  After awhile we decided, Heck this isn’t so bad, and it wasn’t. 

We all agreed having a ‘real’ nest to lay an egg in is really very nice, and the Old Biddies seem to have forgotten they don’t like us.  (We remember though, we remember, and try not to get any of them mad, those girls have VERY SHARP Beaks..   shiver, shiver.)

So life is good once more, we stay in the house, lay our eggs, and then when Mom gets home we get to run around in the garden and on the lawn.  Mom said she was afraid she couldn’t tell us apart, but Cluck-Cluck and I remember Mom and go right up to her and hover around her feet and try to help her weed. 


Heck, Cluck-Cluck even tried to sit on Dad’s lap.  He was rather horrified and flung her off—said something about poop on his lap as he pushed Cluck-Cluck off.  I really didn’t understand what it was all about.  Geez!

Speaking of weeding, Mom said she was really glad we got our feathers back because she was tired of the scratching we did in all her flower beds, flower pots, and in the garden.  I really don’t see the harm, and the vegetables really do taste better on the vine than in the scrap pot.  We just took a little peck here and there; the stuff was still there for Mom to use if she wanted too.

Mom also said I had to stop being the Guard Chicken.  That the dog was in charge,

Delta Cemetery 005

not me. But I figured I could take over the dog’s job, shoot he is old, 7 to 9 years old, and I am young, 1.5 years old.  I did a good job too.  I took on Shadow Sam the Cat, and Monkey the Cat, man could I make them spin out, claws scratching on the cement. 


I was really rather surprised to take on Shadow Sam and have him run, for I’ve seen Shadow Sam take on Rottweilers!  But I P.R.O.V.E.D.  that I am the better guard for I wouldn’t let ANY of them come into the shade if Mom and Dad where resting there drinking tea or lemonade.  


The last time I chased the cats I did hear Dad say something about “that hen can hold her own now; it’s time she stays in the hen house”. 



It was the next day Mom didn’t come to let us out.  


Oh…I see now!

Oh well, it was time, I am a good guard and those old biddies don’t bother me, not now or ever more!!!!!