For my birthday I was given a Kindle…I didn’t think I would like one…I love to hold books in my hand, I like to turn the pages, and if it’s a really good book I like to pass it around for others to read.


I am enjoying my Kindle very much!  I have only downloaded three books, and am in the process of reading the first book…Kindle reading is really nice, you can see the pages really well, and you can turn the pages slick as a whistle, best of all I just slip it in my purse so when I have ‘waiting time’.  You know—that time while Terry goes into the parts house, or searches through a salvage yard, or is at a farm auction…I can slip far far away in another land provided by my Kindle. (as I am doing in the photo…reading my Kindle while waiting.)

So I have the best of both worlds…books when I want them and Kindle when we are someplace where I am bored.

Pretty Cool this new world of Technology.



Sunday Stills—From the Heart

The Sunday Stills assignment this week is in honor of Valentine’s Day….  something from the heart.

When I was a child my Momma always decorated for Valentine’s Day.  And it seemed she was always the room mother in charge of this sweet and romantic holiday.  One year she created a castle out of cardboard boxes and poster board, then she decorated it with crepe paper and lace doilies and beautiful pink and read hearts.

This lovely castle sat on it it’s very own table at our tiny country school house (only 8 to 10 children where in my class from First Grade through the Sixth).  Into the slot at the top of the castle every child placed their Valentines…some were store bought (if your parents had money) but most were hand-made.

This lovely little castle has sat in my mind ever since.  Once in awhile I try to recreate it, but I always come up short.  I guess, for it to be correct, it needs her loving touch.

My valentine decorations aren’t as fancy as hers, but they make me feel ‘the spirit’.

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Happy Sunday Stills Everyone!


The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — That was That

Boy was I ever happy.  Mom showed up and the just like Fuzzy said the coyotes left.

I don’t know when they left but they did.  I ran all the way to the edge of the cow pasture just as Mom got there and started jumping up and down and whapping my tail in the air I was so happy to see her.  It took Fuzzy longer to get there, well a spell longer, but he did make it.

We were both so very glad to see Mom.

When we looked where the coyotes were….well, they were gone, just like Fuzzy said they would be.

But not forever, I wish they were.  They could go down and live at the river, which would be a good place.  Or they could head up to the plateau; I’ll bet they would enjoy living up there.

Mom said she was glad she got there in time.  She was afraid that I, the Boomer, was going to do something that would cause the coyotes to think they had to put me in my place.

{{ shudder }}

I guess Fuzzy is right.  I have lots to learn, but this lesson I have learned well—-stay with Mom at all times.

{I wonder if I will be able to do that…….????}

Mom said it was starting to thaw out here so we better walk on back.

On the way I smelled ever so many interesting things, we saw two robins…and a tiny flock of bluebirds…Mom says that is a sign spring is on its way.

We ran into some into a hen pheasant…boy those birds sure are noisy and we saw two red-tailed hawks circling something in the front hay field.

They weren’t circling Mom’s hens, because they don’t come out now unless Mom is working outside close to the hen house.  Not because Mom doesn’t let them out, but because the hens won’t go out unless Mom is close by.  They told us that we dogs aren’t much help in protecting them.  Humph!  Who can see things that swoop out of the sky as fast as a falling star, I want to know.

We saw lots of rabbit trails and mice tracks everywhere.

The walk was long because we have to stop and let Fuzzy rest here and there, but we made it back to the house.

Mom brought out two bowls of canned dog food …a real yummy treat…and some fresh water.  Then Fuzzy and I took a nap.

We scratched up the blankets in our dog houses and settled in for a spell.

After a while we went to lie in the sun.  Now that is some sleeping!

Warm sun on you!   Dreams so sweet your feet twitch and you smile in your sleep.

The walk couldn’t have ended any better!


Find the Coyote Hidden Pictures—Answers

Here are the answers to finding the coyote

Photo 1

This one was easier to spot than the second one

Photo 2

He/she is still looking at you, but had moved into the brush a little more.

Thanks for playing everyone!  I had fun and I hope you did too.


Hidden Pictures–Find the Coyote

” This guy was maybe 25 ft away and if there had been just a bit of greenery it would be invisible. A coyote might be fooled once with something and if it didn’t cost it it’s life that mistake would never be repeated”.—From TB from 

TB sent me over these two photo he took of a coyote. See if you can find the coyote.  I looked and looked and looked, when they want to hide, they can very well.

You can see the head in the first photograph pretty well.

Have fun!


The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — Continued

Two golden-eyed coyotes, just sitting on the sagebrush hill watching our every move.  Boomer thought they were heading our way, but they just walked out of the brush and sat down.

“W—-what do they want, Fuzzy?”

“I-I’m not sure.  I can’t see them real well, so you are going to have to be my eyes for me, Boomer.”

“O-okay, Fuzzy.  Just tell me what you want to know.”

“Where’s Mom?  That’s the most important question and the second important question is tell me when they start to move.”

“Al-alright, Fuzzy, I’ll will.”

“Well, where is Mom?  Remember that is the first important question.”

“Oh, yeah, right, but if I take my eyes off the coyotes how will I know they move?”

“Be fast, son! Be real fast!  But Find Mom!  We have to know if she is safe.  We also have to know if she is coming to find us.”

“Look quick and then look back at the coyotes.  You have a general idea of where Mom was the last time we checked.”



“Hummmmm she is coming off the cactus hill and heading for the dirt bridge that crosses the pond.”

“Is she walking?”

“Well, no, sort of run sliding.”

“Have the coyotes moved?”

“Oh, yeah, I forgot!”

“Boomer!  You can’t forget!  You have to be fast and in charge.  “


“NO, Boomer!  Don’t bay!” I gave him a writhing look.

“But I want MOM!!!!”

“Well, look for her!”

“But the coyotes are grinning at us!!!”


I took a moment to collect my thoughts and breathe deep.  “Okay, Boomer.  Chill for a moment.  Have they MOVED?!!”

“Wellllll, no.”


“Okay, tell me where Mom is”

She is crossing the edge of the pond right now and moving fast around the swamp, she should be here pretty sooooooooooooooooooooooon!”

“BOOMER!  DO NOT BAY!  What are the coyotes doing?”

“They haven’t moved they are just sitting there staring at us as though…as though they can’t believe what they are seeing.”

“Good.  That’s good, Boomer.  As soon as Mom gets here I’ll just bet you will see them melt back into the brush.”

“Good!  When they go I’ll give them a happy little wave good-bye!”

“No! Don’t do that!  If you do that they will be over here in a flash.  Faster than you can hoooo for Mom.”

About that time I could see Mom was walking up the little grade toward the cow pasture.

The coyotes saw her too.

Coyotes understand if you have a gun and can shoot at them.  They also understand what a gun looks like.  Mom says coyotes help keep the rodent population down, but when they decide to take down a calf or come into the yard then coyotes have to learn lessons.

But Mom didn’t have a gun, she only had a camera.

“Here comes Mom, Fuzzy!  I can see her!”

“I see her too, Boomer, it won’t be long now until the coyotes will see her and leave. Well, at least melt into the sagebrush and rabbit brush so Mom won’t be able to see them.”

“Oh, goody!  We will be safe as soon as Mom gets here.”

“I sure hope so, Boomer.  I sure hope so.”