88* Yesterday A Heat Wave for This Time of Year

My monthly tree post will be today…. I’m afraid I will forget it if I don’t do the post today.

First the Willow tree

Green is showing up nicely.  Every day there is more and more tiny little willow leaves

(I’m still working on the messy pile of wood, every day I cut a little more and move it too the area where we stack wood.)

The Cottonwood tree’s leaves are also tiny and shiny….still the leaves are making very welcome shade.

We were 88* yesterday.  Horribly hot for this time of year.  The Uncompahgre Valley Water Users have already locked the head gates. Usually that doesn’t occur until the middle of May.  (The Uncompahgre Valley Water Users/ ditch riders, managers, board members, manages the water from which everyone in the Uncompahgre Valley uses to irrigate with—-the Uncompahgre Valley is made up of a water area.  This water comes from Gunnison and Ridgeway, Colorado, to the Gunnison River, which flows through Delta, Colorado, on its way to the Colorado River through a hugely fascinating series of canals)  This means we did NOT have enough snow in the high country this year so water is going to be short.

Our water moves through all of the farms then dumps into the Gunnison (as I said before) on it’s way to Nevada, Arizona, and California.  We are required by law (water rights–first filing on the water etc.) to send so many feet of water into the Gunnison so the other states can have water.

Terry is out harrowing off the corn field.  We will start water back on this field this afternoon.

Once he gets done harrowing then he needs to re-mark the second corn field, and mark out the new bean ground so we have places to move the water.  And to keep from drying out.

Once the head gate is locked we have to make do with an allotment of water, which means we have to irrigate more, move the water more, even if we have to move the water every four hours instead of every 8—and yes even in the middle of the night, if necessary.

So far the alfalfa is looking good.  First cutting should be the last of May or the first of June.

You can see the heat haze in the background.

Well, off now lots to do today.