The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — The Living is Easy

We had snow!


Lots and lots of snow!


Then it turned to rain, which turned to mud!


Lately we have been having fog full of frozen crystals, then the sun comes out, then the fog comes back…days of this.


Fuzzy and I don’t mind!

Really we don’t.


We help Mom out…we decorated the tree, hung some light on the porch, helped cook meals…although that always gets us banished to ‘the other room’.

That is what Mom always says when she starts making those yummy smells from the kitchen… “Out boys, you have to go to the other room now!”

So we do…


Going to the other room is okay doaky also…HEAT!!! AHHHHHHHHHH!

So it’s okay what goes on outside, for Fuzz and I…………….THE LIVING IS EASY!


I just about forgot.

Remember when I was new to the farm and I was terrified of the tractor and loader

You have GOT to see this!!!

Chaco and Balou meet the COMBINE!!!  (Turn your head so you can watch, it was taken with Shannon’s cell phone and Mom doesn’t know how to fix the video so it’s upside right)

Fuzzy and I rolled on the ground!  After all it is just a combine!!

Mom told us that wasn’t funny, after all she reminded me I was afraid of the tractor when I first got here!

Oh, well!


Back to all the warm heat from the wood stove!

Just hang’n around and enjoying winter!


13 thoughts on “The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — The Living is Easy

  1. I once visited friends that have a dog training business up in Washington State. At the time they had about 7 dogs of their own, plus a boarder. Each dog was trained to perform its own set of tricks. Whenever they thought they heard the treat box they would run over each other to get to the kitchen and start performing their tricks all at once, hoping to get a treat. So their people taught them, “Out of my kitchen.” The command worked so well, however, that no matter where they were in the house, if they heard, “Out of my kitchen,” they would move to a different room, usually all at once. Dogs are so funny.


  2. Snow to mud – ACK! Your tree is absolutely gorgeous!
    Know how you felt about the tractors. Us girls didn’t like riding on the 4 wheeler at first. But NOW! You cant keep us off of them! 🙂
    Did you guys get left overs? We did! YUMMY!


  3. Oh you two I see you get relegated to the floor while that cat gets the best spot. Trust a cat to wheedle its way into your mum’s affections.


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