The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday—Happy 4th of July!

Cleaning-out-the-mud(Cleaning the mud out before the water gets there.  Weeds grow fast in the mud and suck up the water and slow the water down.)

Clouds-4Today is the 4th of July!  Fuzzy and I have puppy feet today! First thing we did a go change the water…Dad has water here and there and everywhere!


I jumped into every mud ditch I could find—heheheheh—makes Mom have to ride with a muddy paws and a muddy belly Beagle!!!



I just give her a great big grin and waggle my tail back and forth in very happy bursts.  (When I do that she never gets mad at me!)

My-JobMom put Fuzzy down for a spell, but he said he really wanted back up on the 4-wheeler so she put him back up.  He told me the air is better up there…he can smell the breezes and get all the news.

Sickle-MoonThere is a sickle moon right now!  Mom was out taking photos of it, she said she would like to take photos of the moon in all its stages.  Hey, whatever works for you, Mom!  Fuzzy and I are up for anything…well just about anything.  Fuzzy says he isn’t up for going to the groomers.

Tail(That’s my tail—that white spot in the field)

Dad’s alfalfa has really grown…it’s taller than I am now, just my tail gives my position away, it won’t be long when I can get news in the alfalfa field and Mom and Dad won’t be able to see me!  Chuckle, snerk!

No-MY-job(This was me in the field two weeks ago)

We had thunder storms roll in yesterday afternoon.  Fuzzy was in a panic…THUNDER!!! Crack!  THUNDER!

Mom and Dad sat outside under the tin roof and let the hot air cool around them, then the rain splattered down; the thunder rumbled. Fuzzy and I laid right at Mom’s feet.  Fuzzy must have felt secure enough because he went right to sleep.  When I noticed he was sleeping I got up and moved over a short ways and took a little snooze myself.

Pinto-Bean-FieldLater, after the storms moved on, Mom and Fuzzy and I took some photos of the bean field.

Pinto-Beans(And not a weed in site!


(Yep the corn is going to make before frost–it more than ‘knee-high by the 4th of July”_

Then the little family came over and Mom got our annual photo of the corn.

Fuzzy and I didn’t want to get in the corn with Hank and everyone; we sat right by Mom as she took the photos. Even though Dad and the kids called us we didn’t want to go into the corn.  Dad doesn’t like us in the corn until it starts to tassel out!  We were told that enough we BELIEVE it…………….DO NOT GO IN THE CORN…you will break the little stalks!  And there they were….all of them IN THE CORN!!!

Once it tassels out Dad doesn’t care — then I run down all the rows checking out the new, but NOT NOW!!!

Nope not now!  So I stayed with Fuzzy who always stays right with Mom.

Anyway!  Fuzzy and I, Sammy-Sam the Cat, and Monkey the Cat, and yes Mom and Dad wish all of you a HAPPY 4TH of JULY!!!

JobBoomer—Reporter at Large!

20 thoughts on “The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday—Happy 4th of July!

  1. Great farm report, B. I think you are very brave to go into the alfalfa when it is so high! It reminds me of when I was lost behind the big chair in the living room. I couldn’t see Mom, so she had to come and rescue me. The beans look GREAT, and so does the corn. You are a good, obedient boy not to go in and stomp it all down by accident. I hope you and Fuzzy aren’t afraid of the firecrackers tonight. Have fun.

    Love and licks,


  2. Boomer, you’re a great reporter. No wonder you have to check out all the mud ditches and fields. Just be careful you don’t get left behind, especially when you can’t be seen once the alfalfa gets taller than you. Mom got a great picture of the little family.


  3. I’m glad your mom got that pic of your white tail showing out there in the field. Those humans–do as we say, not as we do when it comes to standing in the corn. You’re very good to stay out of it.


  4. Happy fourth to you and yours Boomer. Just remember dog rule #1, do as your people say, not as they do, and you’ll be all right.


  5. Lovely chat from Boomer. Great photos – I’ll bet you will treasure that whole family one – beautiful in the corn and sunshine. My girl has gone now – but she is doing well, as I am sure your family will.


  6. Happy Fourth to you all Linda. I tried and tried to get you back on to my blog list when I lost it last week – thought I hadn’t done it and then switched on tonight to find there you were, large as life and twice as welcome.


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