Thank you all —Late Autumn—Sunday, November 2, 2014

Falling-Leaves-2A storm blew in yesterday…although the temperatures were warm…75*.  The weather people are saying there is a strong possibly of (lots of) snow around the 8,000 feet by this evening and Monday morning.

Falling-Leaves-4  (Which is good) it’s good to be busy.

I got the house completely finished painting on the inside of the house…HAPPY DANCE!

I will start on the trim on the outside of the house and the fence.  Also, raking of the the leaves.  The work is starting to end down there…(which is another good thing)

13Tuesday Terry will check the corn again to see where the moisture content is…the ranchers are already combining their corn. They feed up the corn, as they combine, so they can use high moisture corn.

I wish to thank each and everyone of your for your heartfelt condolences about my Fuzzy. I hope to get each of you answered as time permits.  Please know that I appreciate your thoughts and kind words.  I know he was ‘just a dog’ but what A Dog he was!

Your friend on a Colorado Farm,




30 thoughts on “Thank you all —Late Autumn—Sunday, November 2, 2014

  1. Hi Linda, Been thinking about you all weekend. I hate to hear others say that it’s “Just a Dog”… Our pets become part of the family. We LOVE them dearly… I know how much you loved Fuzzy… I’ll bet that Boomer is grieving also…. God Bless You… Take all of the time you need –and continue to talk to us about Fuzzy, keeping him alive in all of our hearts.


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  2. Fuzzy was not” just a dog” as to many of us he represented freedom and joy. His Sp irit is eternally in our hearts  and the joy he brought us is  there as well. None can take our joy away for sure. Change in place and location when people make that,  is a hard thing for a  furry friend and he just decided  that it was time to move  safely  Home.  Our lives are richer and more calm and centered in the Truth  of  Spirit because of Fuzzy…not in turmoil over material objects or  worldly possessions, he  saw the depth of Life  and brought us Love..and he still does. We are grateful for your shring him with us.


  3. You can feel winter coming in those pictures. Something sort of haunting about them. Have a great time with your visitors. I love having visitors, even if sometimes it means more work…somehow sheds a new light on our own lives that we can grow so used to.


  4. Awww, I missed your post about Fuzzy. I am sad for you folks and Boomer. You had Fuzzy such a long time – but not long enough. It is never long enough when it comes to our pets. (((Hugs))) to all of you.


  5. Our pets are not ‘just a dog’, or ‘just a cat’. They are members of our family, as important as sons and daughters. *hugs*
    Congratulations on your painting, you are way ahead of me!
    We were 34 here this morning. My Mom said it was 22 in her part of Michigan. They are expecting snow, too.
    Have a great day!


  6. Ditto what Betsy, TexWisGirl, Uncle Spike, and thepoodelanddogblog said… Fuzzy was not ever “just” anything, he was Fuzzy and we all love him.


  7. Busy is a good thing in time of sorrow. But take the time to mourn and remember.
    Yeah for being ” almost ” done with the other house…. 🙂
    We’ve had some awesome fall weather here…, cloudy with some sunshine. Today is gorgeous! Sunny and 50*. Perfect for working outside.
    Snow in the mountains here at 4500′ ! It’s funny when the seasons change, I do look forward to what’s next. 🙂
    Have a blessed Sunday.


  8. You have been on my mind quite a bit. I know the heartache can be very hard. I disagree that Fuzzy was ‘just a dog.’ He was family and you wouldn’t be human to not feel hurt at his loss. I still think about one that stole my heart and it has been 6 years.


  9. We’ll all miss Fuzzy. What a sweet friend. I’m happy we were able to visit with him and Boomer and you and your family last summer. Congrats on finishing up that huge painting and fix-up job. Hope the snow stays away long enough for you to complete the rest of the items on your list.


  10. Dear Linda, When a pet has stolen our heart….he’s never “just a dog” or “just a cat” or whatever. He’s truly a part of us and our family … til the very end and beyond. As with all animals and people we love, it’s the hardest for those left behind. I feel your sadness and pain as I’ve felt it so often in the past when I have lost a beloved pet. I hope time will heal your pain and maybe sometime you’ll add another fuzzy friend to your family. They are blessed indeed to be an important part of your family. God Bless You.


  11. There is no such thing as “just a dog”. They are each angels sent to us, with endless, unconditional love to give. Those who believe a dog, is “just a dog” have never known the true love a dog gives. I will grant that they are different than we are, but the love is pure and given from heaven. I know well how difficult it is to have someone like Fuzzy cross the Rainbow Bridge, I’ve had several over the years, none were easy, some deaths were gentler than others but the loss was still hard. Every dog is special, each unique. Fuzzy was your sweet boy.


  12. No Linda he wasn’t just a dog. Pets become like our children and I know some people hate to hear that but it’s true. I didn’t know Fuzzy but I certainly know how I’m going to feel when the inevitable happens to our pets. In that vein I can only guess how you feel. 🙂


  13. Linda, he was a huge part of your family — and your heart. I’m not sure that any dog is ‘just’ a dog, but for sure Fuzzy was not. Still sending you good thoughts and virtual hugs and — yeah, I know life goes on.

    Glad you’re keeping busy, hope the moisture test is perfect.


  14. Fizzy wasn’t just a dog, or even more than a dog – he was a very special being with a mission of love to the world, and he certainly fulfilled his self- appointed task…Fuzzy was a spirit of love,
    How privileged you were to enjoy him, and he certainly chose his “parents” well…
    He will be waiting to usher you into the next plane when it’s your time of choosing… Love XXX


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