A Small Set Back—Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Pink-4The first thing we had a small set back…the starter failed.  (Well, not the first thing, the first thing –just before light–Terry took the corn down to the elevator.  Arriving back around 11 a.m. was the first time he could get back into the field!)

That is what happens when you use old equipment, although Terry does keep them in good working order you just never know when some part is going to break. The kids laugh because we have a ‘herd’ of combines.  That ‘herd’ comes in handy every now and again!  🙂 🙂



Boomer and I went out to help him…(it’s one reason he keeps other combines around…for parts). My stead…just incase he needed me to pull start him.  Usually I go out on the four-wheeler, but with something broken down you just never know.  The loader is also a good place to carry parts and chains (if you have to pull, say—a combine.)


Then an hour later…every system was go!  The second load of the day left at 1:30 for the elevator.    Gradually, gradually this corn is GOING to turn into a paycheck!


Keep on smiling…two more weeks to go!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm in the middle of corn harvest,



12 thoughts on “A Small Set Back—Wednesday, December 3, 2014

  1. Feeewww! Glad that was easily fixed 🙂
    Hi Boomer – you are lookin’ happy!
    Ps Linda, there’s snow all over the screen – nice touch!


  2. We’re keeping our magic thoughts wafting eastward as your farming adventure continues. Great picture of Boomer.


  3. I’m a great believer in using old equipment if it still does its job. The shiny new toys often have far more things that can go wrong because they’re so complicated. You’re getting there.


  4. A day in the life! 🙂
    We’re dealing with alternator issues in the old 73 cab over freight liner! It’s a negative positive ground. There’s a switch you have to throw before you hook up a battery charger…well, you got it! Burned 2 of them out! Ugh! 75 miles away we could get it fixed!
    It does make life interesting! 🙂


  5. You all are like every other farmer around – you drive by the homesteads and see all of the old equipment – so you have parts to fix the other old equipment! Have missed visiting and am so far behind on everything. Glad to see the corn is FINALLY coming in and I hope you are all done soon!


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