The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—Meet my Gang–Friday, August 7, 2015

Well, really not MY gang, but they are My job!

My job is to alert Mom and Dad if something is remiss on the farm.  Fuzzy was the guard dog. Night camera’s are very good about letting human’s know what is REALLY going on….we dog try, but sometimes our people just don’t understand.

So with Fuzzy’s passing I try to fill both his paws and mine.  (I’m a little slack on filling Fuzzy’s sometimes my job seems…well, big enough.  Mom says I don’t have to be Fuzzy, I just have to be me…Boomer Beagle).

Anyway..every morning I like to play ‘catch the squirrel brothers’


Stewartand Stewart.  We have a GREAT time—they run and I chase!  We do this until Dad hollers, “Boomer, that’s enough now.  I’m tired of all that baying!”


sometimes chase the deer —but, Momma Deer I never chase.  Dad always wonders why I don’t chase Momma deer.  How can I chase Momma deer?


BUT this BIG boys I do give chase!


Run-Buck“Look at that?” says Dad…”Three-points!”

“Get them out of the bean field, Boomer!  GO!”

And you know what?





10 thoughts on “The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—Meet my Gang–Friday, August 7, 2015

  1. Hi Boomer, Cheops and INky here in Minnesota. We are two over fed, svelt and loving older cats…and we think you are so handsome….and doing such a grand job there with Stanley and Steward and not chasing Mama Deer, and chasing out the varmits. Why you so deserve so many hugs, kittie kisses and treats…so come one…we will get some doggie treats out for you and a cold water….We Love you Boomer…Cheops and Inky

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  2. I had no idea they count both sides of a rack here, so a ‘3 point buck’ would be a ‘6 point’ so the first time I heard someone say they shot an ‘8 point’ buck I didn’t believe them. 🙂

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