Another Job Done Until Spring—Wednesday, September 30, 2015

DirtWell, we got half of the dirt cleaned off of the settling pond! (all the edges must be cleaned off so the pond can be re-dug in the spring.)

The rest will wait until March or early April, just before the water is turned into the ditches on that field.

Hay-CustomerBoomer had a great time…but nothing compares to loading up and ‘escorting’ in and out hay customers!  Well, maybe right up there with the Mail Lady—and SHE always has a dog cookie with Boomer’s name written on it!

Evening-walkA good couple of days work! Nothing broke down, everything went smooth as glass.

You can’t ask for more than that.  🙂

Your friend on a western Colorado farm.


22 thoughts on “Another Job Done Until Spring—Wednesday, September 30, 2015

  1. Not much let to do now, but to keep the pipes and one another from freezing while enjoying the cold winter mornings with a cup of hot coffee Boomer.

    I hate the drab ol’ desert landscape here, so I this year I ordered truck-loads of spring bulbs including my favorites daffodils, more<a, and >a href=

    We bought this one for fun – might be and interesting conversation starter <a href-

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  2. You “re-dig” watering holes (ponds)??
    Why would you have to do this?
    No doubt there is a logical reason but I can’t fathom
    one out.
    Is that still hay being collected as I think I see on that
    Perfect sunny and warm day here, rain has fallen, but nowhere
    has it been enough – follow ups are needed. The Weather “Gods”
    can be very contrary as well you know at times!
    PS: All is now organised for my trip – thank God for that.

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    • That is a settling pond, not a watering hole. The irrigation water is full of mud. A settling pond lets the mud settle into the bottom of the pond so the furrows don’t mud shut and the water can’t get through the whole field. The ponds are dug up once a year…that is the ‘sides’ (the dirt dug up from the bottom of the pond) we are removing. Works great for filling in low spots on the farm. 🙂


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