Two Years Ago in October—Tuesday, November 17, 2015

I have been reading Marianne’s Blog…Northview Diary ever since I started blogging many years ago.  I love reading about she and Ralph’s life in upstate New York, I’ve cried with them when they decided to sell out of the dairy business, and I’ve rejoiced at the birth and each mile stone of Sweet Little granddaughter!

But the one post that stays with me is this one:

Hold me in the Sunlight.

After all the winter storms we’ve been having I think it is a fitting post for this Tuesday.

Spare me from the hunter’s moon

And coyotes howling on the hill

I don’t like it in the dark, 

I’m sure I never will.

The sun and color have my heart,

The rising tide of daybreak

Morning is my favorite hour

I can’t abide the evening.

Wrap me in robins,

Sing me some sparrows,

Charm me with blue jays outspoken.

I’ll sleep when the sun goes down

And thank you for daybreak each morning.


After huge winds last night (and still going strong today) we finally have some sunlight. Although, it is rather cold outside…with the sun I can handle the cold.

With love and friendship,



20 thoughts on “Two Years Ago in October—Tuesday, November 17, 2015

  1. On cold, sharp wintery days, I long to bring you here, to sit in the shady swing seat in the warmth, smell the flowers and cut grass, listen to the butcher birds tootling sweetly and watch the antics of the lorikeets taking their daily bath. I can’t transport you bodily, but maybe in your mind…?

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