Living Each Moment in Joy— Thursday, April 14, 2016

“The first day of spring is one thing, and the first spring day is another. The difference between them is sometimes as great as a month.”–Henry Van Dyke

Farm-yard-cloudI have mentioned more than once that I want to live this last time of my life (however long it is going to be) experiencing joy.  Joy in ever moment of every day that is left to me.

Desert-RainbowI said this to a friend awhile back and she asked me: “Just how do you plan on doing that”?

I replied, “Just take one moment at a time.”


She just shook her head at me and went on her way.

Since that moment I’ve been thinking about what my answer really should have been to her:  “Take each moment, each and every moment and make sure to only allow joy to be part of the moment.”

Oh, yes, I’ve had some hard moments this year, some moments where I’ve been panicked, and even had a sit down good cry.  I’ve had some over-whelming moments when I’ve even been depressed, or any-of-those-things that make up everyday inter-actions with others.



But on the whole I do believe I am getting the hang of this experiencing of Joy every moment of every day of the rest of my life.  How I am doing it is this—– I am NOT allowing myself to focus up those things which do not feel good.  When they come into my life, or slip into my thoughts I mentally go: snip, snip cutting out the thought.  So far it’s working for me.
PheasantLife is just too short for me (now) to not experience the Joy of each and every day, within each hour and moment.

This is an amazing, beautiful, wonderful world we live in!  Beauty abounds everywhere. There are outstanding people to visit with and ‘experiences’ to experience to waste my moments in ‘bad thoughts’ or to harbor bad feelings.

And yes there are terrible things happening to other humans and animals, those things break my heart.  If there is something, anything, even a small tiny thing, then I try to do it. To help heal the misery and hurt of animals or others.

If I physically can’t help, then I mentally send hugs and prayers in the hope and belief if the world would all get to place of care —and leave this place of I HAVE TO DOMINATE YOU—everyone and everything could also experience joy.
On-a-Ditch-Bank-1Well, there it is…how I am experiencing joy in my every moment of the rest of the days of my life. I’m sure I will get some hate emails, that is the risk I’m taking to put this out there.  But I’m equally sure I will get positive emails which will over-power the ugly.  It’s those comments of goodness I will focus on and the other I will spam!  🙂

With love your friend,



55 thoughts on “Living Each Moment in Joy— Thursday, April 14, 2016

  1. How can any reasonable being find something to object to in what you’ve written? Look for the good in your fellow people, whatever colour, sex, race or belief. Love that goodness. Be sad about the bad stuff, and work against it, but do not let it tempt you to hatred. You’re my kind of person, dear Linda, and I wish you were not the other side of the world so we could sit down, talk, and sort out the problems of the world together!

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  2. I have chosen to be thankful for everything, and to thank Him for all that I have. If I stumble, I thank Him for catching me, and so on. Very similar, I think.

    Hope you all have a blessed weekend. ♥

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  3. Yes!! Joy, actual, unencumbered happiness, to all of us. ❤
    I am sorry that your friend didn't hear what you were saying… but someday she will feel it and say to herself, "Wow – this is what Linda meant." 🙂
    We used to have Killdeers here but no more 😦 I miss them.
    Love to you… Love and Joy!

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    • I love those little birds…they hide so well, right out in plain site. I often wonder how they make it past the coyotes and fox and owls and crows and…. but they do.


      • “hide in plain sight” –> (yet) ANOTHER recent XXXpeerience — i went to NOOKLA last Saturday, let the dawgz out of the car to run 1/2 mile down a dirt road. i stopped, saw a rabbit, it hunkered down, motionless, ears flat against its back, the dogs ran by, the rabbit remained so still i had trouble seeing it, got the dogs into the car … ya’ know, if it had run, moved in any way, the dogs would have known and chased it. i hadn’t seen a rabbit do the motionless thing like that before ~

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  4. Linda, why on earth would you get hate mail over such lovely comments? I will never understand that….but then you’ve been blogging for awhile and you know how things go blog-wise by now. I agree with you….the world would be such a wonderful place if we would all mind our own business, do good to our neighbors and leave everybody in peace. Sublime peace. I continue to pray for those things Linda. Trust God. Take the next right step. and Be a sign of Hope to those around you. You’re a dear. Thank you for your good heart and great blog.

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    • Oh, you would be surprised at what can set people off…I put it down to the lack of wanting to understand. Then I spam them and never have to deal with them again!!!


  5. I think living in the moment is what we need to do no matter what age a person is. I’ve been trying extra hard this spring to stop negative thoughts and be around people who are positive. It definitely has helped. 😊

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  6. i’m leaving a job & office i’ve had for 7 yrs now, soon.

    so, just yesterday i went to eat lunch at a nearby park, which I had never been to before. sittin’ in my car, watchin’ the distant snowstorm up on the Mamm Peaks.

    there was a small lake nearby, i noticed a hovering bald eagle about 100 feet away! it hovered in one place for maybe 10 seconds, then dove into the pond. unfortunately for it, it flew up empty-talon-ed and allowed the wind to carry it to it’s next hunting spot. yeah, i marvel at stuff as much as i can.

    that first photo: US 50 closer to your house than mine, but it looks fa(r)miliar …

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  7. Thank you for sharing this. I am 35 and I am very bitter. My Daddy died unexpectedly at the age of 52, four years ago. He was our rock. My immediate family has split apart due to no will and trusting a family member to do the right thing. At any rate, I can’t change yesterday and need to find joy in every moment too. I’m sad, I’m angry, and I’m not always pleasant to be around. This post reminds me that there is joy in everything along with a blessing. I’ve just got to stop and look for it. Thank you!

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    • Losing those we love is a horrible jolt to our hearts…one that leave a hole which can never really be patched. But still there is every moment left with shreds of joy within it…and once you find it peace comes. Hugs, Josie! From my heart to your heart!


  8. Linda, finding joy in our lives makes living in this ole world more peaceful for us. When we can listen to the rushing irrigation water and find peace in such a simple place, it soothes our souls.

    I pray that we always find joy and peace in our little corners of the world! Blessings!!

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  9. Linda, if you’re getting any hate mail at all, then there is something terribly wrong with those people. You are a source of love and light, and a daily reminder that we are lucky to be here. I’m with you all the way, and so appreciate your willingness to put your truth out there. I so respect your honesty and your willingness to talk about your phase of life, it gives me a lot to look forward to. And I stand beside you in solidarity with your temporary struggles with anxiety, stress and panic. It happens. But then you master it, re-set, and move on. Your example is a shining one.

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    • I think some people really don’t have a life…they are to be pitied, BUT foisting their sadness and hate onto others does not cure their uglies…You are the best, Charlotte!


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