Storms Around Us—-Monday, December 26, 2016


Elaine and Bob sent us a photo of their beautiful trees all laden with snow, at their home in the Black Forest of Colorado.

And up on Grand Mesa, at the Grand Mesa Lodge, there is plenty of that white stuff to make anyone happy.


But here we have only experienced clouds, lots and lots of clouds…days and even weeks of clouds. The moisture shrouded mountains and the foothills surround us.

Still we experienced freezing rain and intermittent sleet with terrible cold and sideways winds.


Then this morning, after a night of  a slamming wind…

sunrise-gold.…the clouds broke apart and we experienced a brilliant splash of golden sunlight!

When I went to gather firewood, for the morning I breathed in the scent of chilled air and frost on the ground; I stood sill and watched the sunrise brightening the sky and the land.

From my world to your heart!


21 thoughts on “Storms Around Us—-Monday, December 26, 2016

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  2. Good morning. As usual your photos are wonderful. I especially like the last two: the Sandhill cranes blanketing your field, &, your sunrise (gold is a great replacement for ‘gray.’ Have a great week. Sandy

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  3. No snow here either but lots of fog and rain. Not too cold today or tomorrow but I hear it’s headed this way so I think I’ll spend the afternoon filling up my big front porch with lots of firewood and tarps over it. I’m ready!
    Wishing you and Terry and family a very blessed 2017!!!

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  4. I’ve had enough of the white stuff but there is more coming here too. Are those geese I see? Why are they still so far north? So many were lost to the blizzards and I worry about them. Cold wind is almost harder to take on everything than the soft cushion of the snow. And snow over freezing rain any day. We get a lot of freezing rain.

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