The Sandhill Cranes —- Monday, January 30, 2017

Marianne from Northview Diary asked me for a photo of the lovely Sandhill Cranes who winter around here.

So for your viewing pleasure

watch-meI bring to you a wee series of


Of those beautiful

dance-of-the-cranesDancing Birds!

crane-danceYour friend on a western Colorado farm,



26 thoughts on “The Sandhill Cranes —- Monday, January 30, 2017

  1. Goodness, Linda!! In Sweden people could sell their mothers for pictures like that!!!
    The cranes come here in two different periods, mostly around spring. We have a lake called Hornborgasjön where you can see up about 15-20000 cranes dancing and making an awful lot of noice. I once stumbled right in to them one autumn, when I was on retreat and they where taking a break on the fields of Öland, before going south.
    Do you have them all winter?? I thought you had some snow, do they stay anyway???
    Lovely pictures, Linda!!!!


    • They come and stay all winter. They arrived when the Canada geese arrive and share the same cornfields with them. They leave about March sometime. I love having them. They ARE loud at different points! 🙂


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