The UnMystery Mystery! Another Sherlock Boomer Adventure

Chapter One

Well, here we are again.  Mom and Dad and I are way over by the equipment area checking out something or other.  I don’t know what they are checking out, but I’m checking out all the leftovers from the cows and calves.

I was snuffing here and there and everywhere, when walking up on the ditch bank; I …..Smelled SMOKE!

I hoped over the ditch bank and ran a short distance into the stubble of last year’s field and gave a big sniff.  First I sniffed in the west that is where fires usually come in the spring.  The neighbor down the way has a BIG habit of burning off his fields.  Sometimes he leaves his fires and goes away…one year he did that and his fire ran up his pasture then onto the hills of our farm then onto the farmed part of our farm! It was a bad deal.

Nope.  Nothing coming from that direction.  Then I sniffed in the North…one time we had another neighbor burn off his land and leave and well…you know the rest of that Story….Nope.  Everything okay from that part of the farm.

Then I turned east!


I screamed as loud as I could.  Right about that moment Mom and Dad saw the smoke and flames also.

“What’s happening?!?”  Mom asked Dad.

Dad just shook his head and muttered something.

“Terry, it looks like the whole cornfield right next to the house is on fire” Mom exclaimed.

“It is.” Dad replied. “I just don’t get this need to burn off fields, supposedly the burn puts a little nitrogen back into the land, but I’ll bet it’s mighty little.”

With that Mom and Dad got back to work.  As for me…since they weren’t concerned I just went back to searching out goodies.

“Boomer!”  Mom called.  “Let’s go.”  I hurried back to Mom where she picked me up and plunked me down on the back of the four-wheeler.

“Whew, Boom! At your age you can’t eat like you have been doing.  I think you’ve put on four pounds!  I’ll be glad when the cows and calves leave and Dad gets everything worked back in the soil.  You are now officially on a diet!”

“Shish, Mom!  I’ve been on a diet for two weeks already.  You’ve got me so hungry I HAVE to go find food wherever I can find it.”  I looked up at her and gave her my sweetest, kindest grin and several little tiny thumps of my tail.

“Oh, you cute, dog!”  Mom petted me; gave me a big kiss on the nose.  “We go through this every year…the cows come, you gain weight, I put you on a diet, the cows leave and you get back to normal weight again.  What a routine we have, you and I.”   With that she was on the four-wheeler and we were heading home.

Right after lunch Mom came in from outside….I was resting on my dog bed and Dad was looking through the mail—-Mom was cleaning up after lunch and had taken some trash to the trash barrel….  “Mr. Davis and his girls are here, Terry, and they are getting ready to sort the cows and take away the ones who have not had their calves yet.”

Dad got up and headed out the door.  I made a huge dash right out behind Dad because the COW DOGS WERE HERE!!!

The cow dogs and I always, I MEAN ALWAYS, have a great time barking at each other.

While Dad talked to Mr. Davis, and after I got yelled at to stop barking—“THAT”S ENOUGH, BOOMER” by Dad.  I made the rounds of the pick-up and the stock trailer lifting my leg and giving everything an excellent squirt or two.  Hee hee.

By the time I was done, Mom was outside.  Mr. Davis, his two daughters and ALL THE COW DOGS got out of the pickup, walked to the back and unloaded all three horses waiting patiently in the trailer.  I thought about barking again, but Mom was there and she just patted her leg and told me to come sit by her.

So I did.

Those cow dogs didn’t even give me a wink of their time….as soon as everyone was up in the saddle they were gone.


Then Mr. Davis’ wife turned the pickup and trailer around and she was gone.  Mrs. Davis will wait at the ‘leave the field for the road’ gate and follow everyone home.

A short while later Mr. Davis and his daughters had the all the cows down by the ‘leave the field for the road’ gate and were shooing the momma cows and calves into a little group. This group of cows will leave the farm the next day or so.  You see the cows with the calves go to a different pasture than the ones going to a maternity pasture.  Also each little calf needs to be strong enough to walk the distance to their new home.  So today…just the soon-to-be- momma’s left our farm.

Mom and I watched them go.

I didn’t bark once.  Although, I did watch those cow dogs carefully.

I mean, you never know if one of them might come back to my side of the field and bark at me.





27 thoughts on “The UnMystery Mystery! Another Sherlock Boomer Adventure

  1. OH How lovely to see and hear too. Boomer you are such a wonderful compadre to all there..why so handsome too. you look really wonderful!!!! Love your obedience too to your loving mom and dad. You all are such a great team in harmony loving the life you lead and sharing it with us. THANK YOU for all you do to make the world grasp what harmony and love are…hope you got a dog biscuit for being so good ymmmy!!! Love Merri and new rescued kitty BART who really has a crush on you..xox


  2. It was interesting to see the cowboys and cowdogs at work sorting the cows. I’m just sorry you couldn’t bark at them as much as you would have liked to, Boomer. That nearby fire is scary. I hope you don’t have any get closer to your farm. I’m sorry to hear about the diet Mom is putting you on. That’s no fun at all.

    Liked by 1 person

    • The diet sucks…two meatless chicken wings…for the whole day. Pout, Pout. Boomer

      BOOMER!!! You tell the truth now…that was not nice! Mom

      Okay, 1/4 c kibble, 1/4 c fresh cut up meat…chicken usually. And a slurp of yogurt. Boomer

      See it’s enough to starve a dog to a bone. Boomer


    • It’s a huge thing here with the big farmers…now they are having to plant turnips and radishes to help improve the soil over winter. Sigh! Sometimes the old ways really are the best ways.


  3. Boomer, so good that you’re alert to those fires and give a warning! That one picture looks like it has a firenado in it! Sorry you lost those mama-to-be cows. Know how you enjoy those tasty snacks!! 😉 We only had bull calves here for awhile–nothing so great about them!

    Keep up the good work! My mom didn’t have time to write today–she’s been cleaning closets all week. Trying to get Spring cleaning done before garden time. She says “Blessings” to you all.

    Your friend Lucky, the ole farm dog.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. D > We have strict laws in UK about burning stubble, or in Scotland, especially in Scotland, strict laws about ‘muir burn’ (burning off old woody heather to encourage new growth). But alas not much in the way of strict enforcement, leaving it only to ‘social policing’ – ie neighbour disapproval or if necessary action in the civil courts. Unfortunately with a lot of land and few people, there are many who set light and just walk away …

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