The UnMystery Mystery! Another Sherlock Boomer Adventure

Chapter Four

The next morning Mom, Dad and I—your very handsome beagle, Boomer Beaglie Sherlock Brown headed up to the upper end to do some fence work.

I LOVE doing fence work!  Mom and Dad get off, Mom picks me up and puts me down on the ground; I hang around with a big goofy smile on my face, so Mom thinks I want to hang out with her.  THEN when they get their gloves on I gradually sniff my way here and there away from where they are working.


I always keep an eye on them so I can hitch a ride back home.  It’s a long walk back home, if I don’t.  I know…because I’ve had to trot home a time or two.

About noon I looked up and saw….phooey, Mom and Dad were gone and I was still up here!

I picked up my paws, turned my nose north and started slowly making my way back to the house.

I made it home just about the time Dad, Shannon and Romeo were leaving the yard.

I trotted on over to the kitchen door to see if Mom had put out my lunch!  OH! YUMM!  She did! I busily started chowing down.  Beagles are all foodie’s, you know.  There isn’t a beagle in the world who isn’t interested in FOOD!

Suddenly there was a stranger in the yard….I took off baying!  ALARM! DANGER! STRANGER! MOM! HURRY! COME!!!

Mom came to the door, the door opened then shut, I kept up my warning bays…Mom was by my side…

“SHHH, Boomer. Stop!  I can’t hear!”

I slunk around the other side of the pick-up…lifted my leg on the first tire, stopped at the second tire—the one in the back, just as I was heading around the up side the pick-up started so I jumped back out of the way.

Then the pick-up was gone….along with my MARKS!

Tee Hee!  Just let any dog who gets close to those tires and they will know that BOOMER THE BEAGLE SHERLOCK was HERE!

“That’s the ditch company, Boomer!  The water is coming. Let’s head on out to the canal and watch the canal fill up!”  Mom said, as she leaned down and gave me some head rubs and a kiss on my nose.

Running as fast as I could I beat Mom to the canal–“No water here, Mom!” I barked at her.  “NOTHING!”

“Not a thing!  Dry as a bone!”  I reported to Mom.

“You silly, pup.  Just hang on…the water is at the cross-over pipe and heading down here.  I can see the backhoe cleaning out the trash as the water heads our way.”

“No water, Mom…see…dry!”

“OH! HERE IT COMES, MOM! WATER AND WEEDS AND LOTS OF TRASH!”  I barked and barked at the water…”It’s going to flood!  MOM!

Mom just chuckled and called me to her side.

While the water was filling up the canal, the ditch people ran a big backhoe raking out all the weeds.  Mom and I watched and watched.  About the time the water and the backhoe made it to the end of our property Romeo, Dad and Shannon were home!

After much jiggling and juggling Romeo was back on the pasture, Mom and Dad were back in the house and it was just Sam the cat, Min-Min Lou, and myself outside.


Waiting for Mom and Dad, or Dad, or Mom to come back out!

Sammy and

Mindy took of positions of wait.   But me…I headed into my dog house closed my eyes…and snore, snerk…….zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.



“Boomer are you awake?”


I raised my head and blinked several times. “Wa!  WHAT!” I sputtered.

“Something’s up” Min-Min whispered.  “Romeo is running up and down the fence line whinnying.

Sammy took off toward the bridge growling.  And—“

My left ear jerked up, as far as a beagle ear can go.  “What IS that sound?” I turned a puzzled look toward Mindy Cat…

I pushed myself out of my comfy dog house and stared off down the road…crackling sounds…”Let’s go Mindy….something isn’t right!”  I took off for the bridge with Mindy right behind me.






16 thoughts on “The UnMystery Mystery! Another Sherlock Boomer Adventure

  1. D > To be continued ? Looking forward to seeing the water heading along the ditch. What a thing, ditches to bring water in. For us, it’s to take the stuff away!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Boomer, I’m glad the water has now arrived at the farm. That’s always a special day. I thought you were going to be able to enjoy a peaceful day after seeing the water arrive, but it sounds as if there might be some work for Sherlock Boomer.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hey, what kind of a cliffhanger are you giving us here, now I won’t be able to sleep!!! Cats, dogs and horses and a strange noise going on!!! We actually have short Water supplies, there has been far too little of both snow and rain. Early as it is, there is already grassfires going on.
    Let’s hear it for Sherlock Boomer, the beagle that stops at nothing!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. OH this is so good and now I want to know the rest!!! I guess I will have to wait, huh Boomer? Well you all look so good and the weather fine and water coming!!! Wonder what is going to happen ! hope you got some treats again for your fine presence !! And kitty treats for the gang too. See ya all later so we can know what happened..Love Merri, Peter Hannah and Bart( parrot, dove and cat)

    Liked by 1 person

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