The UnMystery Mystery! Another Sherlock Boomer Adventure

Chapter Nine

The next morning, while I was out gathering the morning news, Mom called me over to her.

I hurried right over to receive a FULL BODY RUBDOWN!  Sure felt good.

Then Mom told me we were heading out to the pinto bean fields to set out the syphon tubes.  I followed her willingly to the four-wheeler!

(You knew I would!)

Up there Mom and I got off and started working the ditch bank. Dad came by in the tractor; plowing up the pinto bean ground.  Dad waved, Mom took a photo and I wagged my tail.   It was all rather heartwarming.

I waited a spell, sniffed around close by Mom, then sniffed a little further away; pretty soon I was in the wilds and Mom was still working back there all by herself.

I looked back a couple of times—still working. Then I put my nose to the ground and trotted into the wonders of the farm.

I got further and further away, gradually working my way this way and that.

Then…..I had got a feeling someone or something was watching me!!  My mouth grew dry, fear pricked up the fur on my back, I started breathing in short gasps—a low growl wanted to make its way out of my throat, but my vocal cords seemed to have dried up!

I sure hope it isn’t coyotes!  I sure hope it isn’t coyotes!  The thought kept running and running in circles all through my mind, down my body and then out of my tail, only to attach itself to my head again and start all over.

I was so scared I thought I might fall over in a dead faint…sorta like those stiff legged goats do when they are afraid!

Just as my legs stiffened up, and my body started leaning over to the left side of the world, I had another thought:  IF I fall over in a dead faint then I will BECOME FOOD!

That brought me back to myself in a very fast way, let me tell you!

While I was standing there trying to figure out what to do in this deadly and dangerous encounter with …

Bernie the BADGER!  Not just Bernie, but his mate, Clare, and their cub, Meanie.

Meanie has earned his name, let me tell you.  Everything about that cub is just down right mean…cruel, and vicious!

“Ahhhhhhhhh, oh, Hello, Bernie, Ma’am, little Bernie!”  I stood stock still, afraid to move too close, to where they were digging in the hillside.

“Gathering breakfast, I see.”  I tried to make light conversation.  Badgers can move at lightning speed AND they can attack and bite you and tear up a dog pretty bad.

Bernie, stopped his digging and started walking toward me…Meanie stopped chewing on a big fat juicy worm; sat back on his haunches grinning evilly at me.  Then he put all four paws on the ground and started walking in my direction.

I watched in horror as he got closer and closer to his Dad.  About the time Meanie got close to his Dad, Clare had her head out of the hole she was digging and was looking at Bernie and Meanie with her head cocked to one side a huge delighted grin on her face.

She, also turned in my direction and started walking toward me….

When I saw all three of them heading RIGHT TOWARD ME I turned tail and beat it out of there!  As fast as my Beagle legs could carry me.  Badgers are NOT something I ever want to mess with….EVER!

I ran and ran until I had to stop and take a breath or two.

Slowing down, then stopping on a small hill I looked back and saw Bernie and family rolling around on the dirt holding their sides…laugher floating up to me on the air.

So be it!  I’ll take their laugher any day over being torn limb to limb, head and tail included!

I lay down on my belly and watched them roll around for a spell as I panted heavily.  It was while I was panting heavily I realized I was thirsty.  Thinking I had better find some water soon I looked all around me—east, north, south, and west and realized I was IN THE HAUNTED PASTURE!

UNEXPECTEDLY out of nowhere that storm I had been watching over on the Uncompahgre Plateau was right over me.  Forked lightening was splintering the sky with brilliant light blinding me!

Then there was a HUGE BOOM, as the thunder rolled across the heavens!

The Haunted Pasture, Giant storm, earth shaking thunder and fire!

I was in terrible trouble!




16 thoughts on “The UnMystery Mystery! Another Sherlock Boomer Adventure

  1. J > Well, I didn’t know there were badgers in N America! Are they the same as in Europe? Badgers (here at least) aren’t mean, but they certainly can put up a fight – if provoked. But judging from this story, Boomer isn’t one for provoking badgers (despite the fact that he is of a breed that, historically, were used for that appalling practice of badger-baiting). Tioraidh!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. So scccary are very , very brave , but as your friends above said, you need to just stay with mom for safety. You know , common sense..treats come with that too did you know that? Just ask your mom, she will tell you if you are good, and hang around..why, you can get special rubs again and treats too….so listen to safe advice and be safe Safe…from Bart the cat, Peter the Parrot , Hannah the dove at Merri’s

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh dear Boomer! That was a very serious situation you got yourself into! No laughing matter at all….oh no…most definitely not! 3 killer badgers and a highly dangerous and scary haunted field…dying of thirst….you are a true K9 hero to survive such horrors and live to tell the tail 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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