The Adventures of Sherlock Boomer—The Mystery of Nothing Chapter 12

“There’s never enough time to do all the nothing you want.”—Bill Watterson, Calvin and Hobbes

Chapter 12

I made my way down the very fast and swiftly running creek.  Sniffing here and there looking for a narrow spot I could jump from…jump from this side to the next side.

Down I went—looking and looking.

SUDDENLY I saw the perfect spot!

One of Dad’s cross-over pipes.  A cross-over pipe carries the water from one field to the next field by going OVER the canal, or in this case, the creek!

Picking my Beagle feet up and placing them carefully I was up and over the swollen creek in a rush.  I had to move quickly because dog toenails are slick and can slip and slide on pipe!

Once on the other side I collapsed!  My knees were all shaky and my legs couldn’t hold me up.  That was one scary pipe.

Not because of the pipe itself, but because of the raging water underneath the pipe!

I laid on the dirt on the other side of the pipe taking big breaths of air waiting for my heart to calm down.

I laid there gulping big breaths of fresh air until my lungs started hurting and I got a sore throat.

Okay, Boomer, I said to myself.  It’s time to get up and head home.

I started up the hill, ran down the hill, trotted across the little pond’s dam

and loped up onto one of the farm roads.

Of course along the way I had to check out the news to see what sorta things happened while I was gone.

I admit this might have taken a little longer than I would like,

but, ah…

Beagles who guard farms really must gather information to keep farms…ah safe, you know.


I made it to the road to the Upper End!


Then it was down the little field, toward the pinto bean fields, finally I stood at the beginning of two of the CORN FIELDS!

Not long now!

Down the corn fields, across the end of two of the corn fields and finally I was HOME!

I was dragging my beaglie body the last few steps when Mom came out of  the door and ran toward me.  (Did you know old ladies can run?  They can!  Well, at least Mom can! 🙂 )


I think I’m done doing nothing…

from now on I think I will just enjoy my Beaglie life of taking care of the farm

and never complain about not doing nothing again!

Sherlock Boomer

October 2017




14 thoughts on “The Adventures of Sherlock Boomer—The Mystery of Nothing Chapter 12

  1. WOW Boomer what an adventure…….I think you have it made on that farm now with your decision to do NOTHING on that farm is a heck of a lot of something..ha ha hee hee you are so your sleek look Boom..stay with mom and dad..smiles.. –merri

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