The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—The Mystery where I use a Secret

Chapter One

Winter work has begun.  Well, winter work doesn’t really exist, because in winter we really don’t work on the farm we just do ‘stuff’.  But Dad has decided its late winter work or early spring work so we are up and at it bright and early.

The first order of business was removing an old broken down culvert up at the beginning of the ditch which brings the water onto the farm.

Dad has to put a culvert in because there is a farm road right there…he can’t take the water out of the main ditch without something to go under the farm road and then on over to the Upper End Pasture.

Dad and Blade started the work, but Mom, Dad and your trusty wonderful beagle—I—continued the whole process.

The two equines came over and supervised.  Lady, the Mule was particularly interested since she had never watched a tractor work before.

Mom has two jobs— helping Dad AND taking photos.

Everything had to stop for two days because the weather turned MOIST, but then we were back up there breaking out the cement part of the ditch and the old culvert then scraping out the dirt ditch the culvert lays in.
Mom says it’s a good thing spring work has started she was starting to get soft, this digging and scraping thing will start to get her back stronger again.

Dad just laughed at her.

Anyway…while they worked, the equines supervised, I checked out all the news up there.  Plus a few left over cow pies.

I have to be careful about checking out cow pies, because…well, if Mom sees me snacking on them I always get yelled at: “BOOMER! YOU STOP EATING THAT!”

Being the good Beagle I always stop and run over to her with a huge smile on my face so Mom won’t be mad at me.

Dad says I don’t realize there are flakes of cow pie still stuck on my tongue, then he laughs.

Mom just shakes her head at me and tells me I have terrible food cravings.  But she always gives me a hug, so I know she isn’t mad at me.

It was a good day that day…working out on the farm and just as we got home the UPS truck was here!

Nothing better than barking that UPS truck into the yard and then barking it down the long lane out of the yard!!


14 thoughts on “The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—The Mystery where I use a Secret

  1. Boomer, I think you need to tell Mom that if she wants you to stop eating cow pies she needs to give you a snack before you go out to work. To be honest, I don’t know if it would keep you from eating things in the pasture, but at least it would give you a snack!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hummm well, it’s dark like hamburger but ever so much more smelly…and studded with little bits of corn. I could ask mom to send you some. She probably won’t but I could ask if you really want some. Boomer


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