The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—The Mystery Where I Use a Secret

Chapter Three

Later on in the night….like waaaaaaaaaaaaay later.  I woke-up with a start!

OH! Mom is right here by my bed, “Want to go for a walk, Beaglie Boo?” Mom asked me.

You Bet I did!

I jumped up.  Then stopped.  At my advanced age I decided that I needed to wake up my brain, my body, and my toes before I headed out the back door with Mom.

And Mindy.

Mindy was zipping out the back door while Mom was holding the back door open.

But first things first I stopped, opened my jaws wide, curled up my tongue, took in a breath of very nice fresh air (seems the wind is blowing from the west right into the back door) reached my front paws out, way out, gave my back a ssssssssssssstreeeeeeeatchhhhhhhhhhh, then brought my back paws up to their normal spot under my belly, gave my head a complete shaking; enough my ears flapped me in the face, then shook my body from my neck to my tail.


Good to go!

I helped Mom push the door a little further open and we were OUT THE DOOR ready to go!

I ran a little ways ahead of Mom, Mindy came along in the back, then the side, then right up with me, then she ducked under one of Dad’s piles of something or other—Dad keeps piles of ‘stuff’ so if he has to make something he has a part right there somewhere in the pile.

We all walked to the cross-over pipe, then started back toward the house.  Walking up was sorta hard, we were walking INTO the wind.  I decided I didn’t want to just walk a straight line, in to the wind, like Mom was doing; I would walk here and there like Mindy.  Only I was going to look for things that interest ME not the things that Mindy was finding interesting.

Although, I have to admit once we got to the cross-over pipe Mindy and I both had to sniff out the ditches up there to see who and what has been or is about.

Then Mom was calling us, saying “Let’s head home, everybody!”

We saw Mom turn around and start walking back.  Min-Min cat and I headed sorta straight back, in rather crooked lines…here, there, and everywhere.

This time going back the wind was a good thing…it pushed us along, making time move faster than when we were heading into the wind.

Just about back to where the haystack yard is— we met


He was heading to his little hallow he calls home—this time with his dinner in his mouth.

Mom quickly snapped a photo, then grabbed Mindy.  As Kit dashed by Mom holding Mindy, and myself walked on past the haystack yard and back into the farm yard.

About three feet from the gas tank the game camera went off giving Mom a bit of start.

We all laughed…Mom and me, but not Mindy.

“Let’s all go inside…I don’t need to lie awake worrying about your safety tonight”.  Mom said.

I rushed in and settled right down on my bed, Mom took that wiggling, squirming cat and let her down in the kitchen.  Then Mom took off her coat, petted me good night, whispered good night to the cat and was gone.

I settled right down to a long winter night sleep.  Those night walks with Mom are good!



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