The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—The Mystery Where I Use a Secret

Chapter Four

The next day Mom, Dad, and myself took off for a check of the farm and the equines.

Sometimes the equines come down to the farm house and get treats, sometime not.

Most of the time they go in to their barn, of a morning, to get their breakfast, sometimes they decide to hang up at the Upper End, or over by the Head Gate (the head gate is where Mom and Dad get the irrigation water for the farm—also at the head gate are our neighbors cows, they like hanging out with the cows), or they go way, way over to the Back Forty and stare at the horses who live two fields over….also, sometimes they head up to the Rocky Point to survey their surroundings.

So once a day (or twice a day or…) Mom, Dad, and I head up to drive around checking to make sure they are in, the fences are up, and, well, just to drive around and hang-out on the farm.

Everything looked good. We sat up on the Rocky Point and listened to the Red-Winged Black Birds sing (they are back early this year….like a whole month early) then headed back to the house.

Dad went to work on some project he was creating and Mom and I went to do some ‘stuff’ in the house.

While Mom did her ‘stuff’ I suddenly heard way down the road, like I mean WAY down the road the gravel crunching.

I sat up from my doggie nap and pricked up my ears…I do believe… 


Off I took through the back door barking and barking.

You see this Mailwoman doesn’t like me. Actually, she doesn’t like any dog anywhere.

Mom says that isn’t true.  Mom talked to the Mail Lady and the Mail Lady is actually AFRAID of dogs.

I bayed and barked and howled real loud.  Right behind me was Mom, almost at a dead run…you see if Mom isn’t there to get the package the mail lady tries to toss the box onto the sidewalk so I won’t get her.

To be fair she always throws out a dog cookie, but she never makes sure I can see the cookie; just tosses it, so even Mom has to look hard for the cookie.

Okay, once I get the cookie I take it over to my lawn…over by my dog house and set about chewing on it.

Makes me a little glad she doesn’t like dogs…I always get a cookie.


With that bit of adventure done and over-with I got bored.

I mean…Like really!  There has to be something I could do…go see…sniff out…there has to be SOMETHING!

I picked myself up off the lawn, gave a quick look at the back door to see if Mom was coming out—-Nope—No Mom.  I walked out to the shed where Dad was working.

Dad was concentrating on something—I didn’t bother him.

Sniffed noses with Min-Min cat.

Then bidding her farewell I HEADED to the Upper End.

I smelled lots of interesting smells up there when we rode around.  No one stopped to let me off so I think I’ll take myself up there and check things out!


13 thoughts on “The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—The Mystery Where I Use a Secret

  1. Boomer, why do I have the feeling that you’re going to get into trouble at the Upper End? I suspect that you keep barking at the mailwoman just so she will keep throwing you dog cookies, but you really wouldn’t do that, would you?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hey Boom, just be careful… ya never know who has moved in over the winter. Just sayin’. You should give the mail lady a bone for Valentine’s Day. .. she’d never see that coming 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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