The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—The Mystery Where I Use a Secret

Chapter Five

I left Mom busy inside and Dad doing something or other around or in his shop and headed up to the Upper End.  There was stuff up there I wanted to sniff out—Spring is in the air and things are stir’n up there.


Making my way up the road, past Romeo the horse, a quick glance over by the corrals to make sure Lady the mule was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay out of the way I trotted my little self on down the farm road to the Upper End.

(I must watch out for Lady.  She is a watch mule…we haven’t had any trouble with coyotes coming into the yard since Romeo and Lady have had the run of the farm.

Lady the mule sees anything bordering on the word predator and she is there with teeth and feet to stomp the heck out of them.

Now, since I am a dog Lady will take after dogs on her farm just a fast as she does coyotes and fox…)

On I go; trotting past all the Sand hill Cranes,

who have taken to living on the farm…much to Mom and Dad’s joy.

I’ll bet there are thousands of them.

Well, at least hundreds, they love pecking up the corn the cows didn’t get AND squishing around in the little creek at the Upper End.

Then past the last years pinto bean field until I got to the Upper End.


My goodness!

I have never seen so many crows in one spot before EVER!

Especially on the farm!

Especially at the Upper End!

Hundreds of them!

All hanging out fluttering and flapping all over the place. I guess they must like the creek up there also?

(This is last year’s photo.  These cows are not here this year 😦 )

As for me…I think I’ll take a little detour around the crows…they can be right aggressive…Mom, Dad and I have seen them try to attack baby calves’ eyes.  They really enjoy pecking out and eating baby calves’ eyes.

I don’t particularly want to find out if they like big, brown beagle eyes.

I slunk my warm, lovable beagle body down to the ground, hugging the ground as close as I can; making my way past the Upper End, past the little creek, around the corner where I stopped to start checking out all the spring smells on the ground and in the air.




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