All Fun and Games Another Sherlock Boomer Adventure Chapter 1

All Fun and Games!

Chapter One

It’s been hot and dry…well, not totally dry, we did have one day of rain.  Mom went out and danced in it…I went with her, but the rain here on the western slope of Colorado is C.O.L.D., so I stood under the big cottonwood tree while Mom acted silly on the road by her garden.

Mom and I walked around the yard the next day where Mom petted all her flowers!  Well, she didn’t really pet them, but she sure talked to them lots and grubbed around in the dirt once in awhile taking out a weed here and there.

Later on, in the day Mom, Dad, and I went down to work on the fence Dad and Mom are building down there.  They worked and I went into the dog yard with all my dog cousins; Rocky, the Rock Star, Voodoo, Shiloh, Etta, Penny Loaf and Black Dog.

Etta and I are bestest of friends so I try to go see her off and on.  Although, I get along with all the dogs, ever last one of them.

Mom and Dad thought the little hen and her chicks were ever so cute…I, actually, thought the chicks were very ugly…I mean gangly, some feathers, baby heads…I just wasn’t interested in watching them hop around.

We (Mom, Dad, and myself) all stayed down visiting the dog cousins—Mom and Dad worked, but I hung out.  Until around five in the afternoon.

Then it was time to get back home, get some supper in our bellies and HEAD OUT to change water.

I am ALWAYS ready to go change water.  Mom calls and I’m right there.

(Although, I do forget to ‘hear’ Mom or the four-wheeler sometimes when I’m out in the field.  But we won’t discuss that right now. I mean, you see, I never get yelled at, but—sigh—I have HAD to walk all the way home, just because I forget to listen for Mom to call or the four-wheeler to start.)

Well, anyway…that’s how this whole adventure starts…Mom and Dad and I are out on the farm changing the water on the new alfalfa field, when……………


25 thoughts on “All Fun and Games Another Sherlock Boomer Adventure Chapter 1

  1. Oh, yay, another Boomer adventure!! Your mom is coo, dancing in the rain! I would, too, if we could just get some! Can’t wait till next Friday!


  2. I had to stop to see that bearded iris. It looks so much like ‘Los Angeles’ but with a bit more blue around the edges. I am told that dogs can actually see blue. It does not have enough extra blue to be like the related ‘San Francisco’ bearded iris though. Perhaps it is is somewhere in between, like ‘Santa Barbara’.
    I already have too many cultivars of bearded iris. I only know the names of a few, but most have history that I can not discard, even if I do not like the colors so much. I would rather grow iris that are important to me than those with colors (or names) that I like. However, if I ever find ‘San Jose’, it just might be the first bearded iris I pay money for!


      • It is funny that you ask. I LOVE San Jose, and I love living less than an hour away from it, but it is probably the dullest big city in American. It is the tenth most populous, but has less going for it than lesser populous cities like San Francisco, Portland or even Oklahoma City. Some refer to it as ‘San Jo-gray’ or ‘Tan Jo-gray’ because ALL of the new architecture is so uninteresting and blandly colored. If it were not within my home region, it would so NOT be a place that I would move to. Yet, it is the most expensive real estate in America! I do not get it. It used to be simple and idyllic.


          • It has been worse here than everywhere in America for a very long time, and catches up elsewhere later on.
            A room in a filthy basement in a bad neighborhood rents for more than what I rented my two bedroom home in a great neighborhood for in 1990, but I am earning less than I earned in 1990. Our standard of living is squalor, but everyone thinks we are doing so well because those who can afford to live here earn so much money. I do not know why no one sees it. People continue to move in from all over the place, happy to make so much money, but they still live a third world lifestyle.


  3. ‘San Jose’ is classified as brown, but I think it looks more like the color of butterscotch. I am not qualified to describe color, but I do not think it looks brown. It is more like rusty orange and tan, like the smog that hovered over San Jose in the 1970s, when San Jose was still an excellent place to be. It is gorgeous! ‘San Jose’ is an old historic cultivar, but is so uncommon now that I can not even find a picture of it! Although I do not need any more bearded iris, and should be satisfied with the historically significant ones that I have, I am a sucker for names, such as ‘San Jose’ and ‘Los Angeles’, and even ‘San Francisco’. ‘Los Angeles’ and ‘San Francisco’ are related and similar. They are also obtainable. Perhaps I will acquire them someday. There is no rush.


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