All Fun and Games! Chapter 2– A Sherlock Boomer Adventure—-Friday, June 1, 2018

Chapter Two

I start following my nose!  First my nose in the air, then my nose on the ground, back to the air, back to ground…there was a very interesting smell…. something I hadn’t smelled before.

Well, I had smelled it before…it smelled (faintly) of coyotes.

Now, please understand that I NEVER in and circumstance do I ever follow a trail which a coyote leaves behind.


But this trail was different.

This trail had a whole different smell over the TOP of the old coyote trail.

It smelled sorta dusty.

And sorta scared.

And sorta familiar…sorta…

I couldn’t figure it out.

So I trotted along sniffing and sniffing.

I faintly heard Mom call me.  Faintly.

Then a very far away sound of the four-wheelers starting up.

I knew I should go back…but…


This smell.

I cocked me head to one side and looked back to where Mom and Dad were and WHAM!

It hit me.

They were gone, and I was in the Back Forty…almost to the corner fence…the corner fence which borders our neighbor’s cows pasture and the other side

which borders Coyote Country.

Oh, well.  Mom and Dad were gone.

The day was starting to end, and the smell…was GETTING STRONGER!

I picked up my little Beagle paws, put my nose to the ground.  The next time I looked up I was at a stand of Rabbit Brush, Chico Brush and the corner fence.


Very strong.

I started sniffing here and there until I sniffed my way right up under a rather bushy Chico Brush, crouching down to crawl under the brush and found a….






15 thoughts on “All Fun and Games! Chapter 2– A Sherlock Boomer Adventure—-Friday, June 1, 2018

  1. Linda, love Boomer telling about his walk. That is sooo cute he found the chicken. She may have been glad also. Love seeing the hay cutting. There is that here also. Wheat turning and maybe couple weeks to harvest. Take care. Boomer be careful out walking. Sharon Drake. South central kansas


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