All Fun and Games Another Sherlock Boomer Adventure Chapter 12

Chapter 12


DOTTIE CAME to live with Ethie, Mindy-cat, and I!

You see, Jan, the amazing chicken lady (she shows chickens all over the western part of the United States) said Ethie was lonely.  So Ethie was broody to have company.

Well, she didn’t say it all like that, but that is the way I, Boomer, Sherlock Beagle, understood it when Mom explained it to me.

The farm family has grown just a wee bit more.  And I have to REALLY guard my food!

MEANWHILE out of the farm

(and in the farmyard)

Life as

we know it

goes on!

All Fun and Games!

Unless Coyotes are involved!

  Boomer Beaglie Brown, a.k.a. Sherlock Boomer




16 thoughts on “All Fun and Games Another Sherlock Boomer Adventure Chapter 12

  1. Those coyotes seem to think they are “the lords and masters” of Farm Brown!
    I hope your two hens are well caged. I am presuming this gift of the Plymouth Rock
    hen makes the hen number up to two?
    My state here, NSW, has now been declared 100% drought affected.
    The response by the non-rural citizens in monetary terms has been outstanding.
    So wonderful to witness.
    In many (make that most) areas as shown on TV news, the ground looks like a brown tinged desert.
    Not a blade of grass to be seen

    Hope those mountain fires in your area are under control???


  2. I’m glad Ethie has a new friend. I don’t think they’ll steal your bones, but they might try to steal your kibble, so be watchful! 😉


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