My Thirteenth Birthday A Sherlock Boomer Adventure

My Thirteenth Birthday

Chapter One


This month I am 13…really Mom and Dad don’t know my birth month and I can’t remember…too little you see.  But it was in October I was rescued here on the farm…all skinny and worried and sad…caught in a live trap to see what was causing havoc out by the cornfield.

That is where I learned to LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! Canned cat food.

In the live trap, all scared and terribly hungry!


Mom fell in the love with me the first time she saw me.  Fuzzy fell in love with me and shared his dog house, food, and dog bed with me until the October he went over the rainbow bridge.

So—-because Mom doesn’t know my real Birth day, the day she found me is my Birthday!

Mom found me on the 10th day of October.  The Vet said I was around 5 years old (just like Fuzzy was when Mom found him) that makes me THIRTEEN!

To celebrate my thirteenth years of being alive I decided it was time to take a wee walk about on the farm (who knows if I will be able to next year) and give myself a birthday party with all the friends I meet.

I have some really cool friends.  Friends that do NOT want to meet Mom or Dad and more than likely really won’t be invited to come into the yard….just say’n.


So here it is…October—almost November and I think it’s time I have a bit of an adventure.

I chose my time carefully…waiting for Mom and Dad to be very busy splitting wood — not watching me in any shape or form—and took off On A GREAT ADVENTURE CELEBRATING MY BIRTHDAY!



29 thoughts on “My Thirteenth Birthday A Sherlock Boomer Adventure

  1. Well a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! Smoky sends barks ans wags (he’s 15) and said to remind you to ask Mom for extra cookies since it’s your birthday. Smoky is an October baby too, but we know his birthday (the 4th). He said to enjoy your adventure, he couldn’t walk that far anymore but was sure however much would be fun.


  2. Happy Birthday, little buddy! 10/10 is a great birthday. It’s Mom’s lucky number. She was born long ago in January at 10:10am on a Sunday morning. 13 looks good on you. A secret walk is just the thing for a farm dog on his birthday…. Enjoy!

    Love and licks,


  3. Happy, Happy Birthday, Boomer! You are a very special Beagle pup and xtra special to me 🙂
    Hope your whole month is special!


  4. hello boomer its dennis the vizsla dog hay happy big wun three to yoo!!! menny happy reeterns!!! a big birthday adventchoor sownds like just the tikkit to me espeshly sinse it meens gitting away frum the noisy log killing masheen!!! i bet yoo had a wunnerful time on it!!! ok bye


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