My 12th Birthday Party, A Sherlock Boomer Adventure Chapter Nine

My Thirteenth 12th Birthday

Chapter Nine


Kit, King and I all started walking when I had a flashback to YESTERDAY.  “Hey, King.  If you get it into your head to bound off go straight into the Dark Forrest and get Momma deer.  When you get her both of you bound right back out.  Hurry fast.  Kit and I will be heading your way in a straight line…you head back to us in the very same straight line.”

King looked at me…then lifted his head and his magnificent horns gave a snort. Bellowed “YES!” And bounded off.  Taking huge leaps toward the Dark Forrest.

Kit and I stopped and watched him go.

“I think letting King go into the Dark Forrest is much safer for you and me,” Kit said.  “First off he can get there MUCH faster, find Momma, and get back out all before the sun starts to set and the hunters come back out.”

“I agree, but let’s keep on trotting toward the Forrest…we need to be available if King and Momma need help.”

Kit and I kept on gradually getting closer and closer to the Dark Forrest.  It was while we were at the top of a little knoll, we saw King stop at the edge of the Dark Forrest and start snacking on some of the leaves on the wild bushes.

We stopped and watched King, “He must be hungry,” Kit observed.

“Reminds me, we are hungry also,” I stated.

“True.  Nothing to eat around here. If we start hunting, we will lose sight of King.  We lose sight of King we won’t know if he finds Momma Deer.”

Suddenly King went into alarm mode.

  Then scrammed into the Dark Forrest.

“Danger!” whispered Kit. “Get down and hovered behind that large Rabbit Brush.  We will wait here and see what caused King to run!”

Kit and I scrambled under a very large Rabbit Brush and hid under the branches.  That was when we heard the guns go off again.


A whole flock of Canadian Geese rose to the sky on the next farm over.  The farm, which shares the fence on the west side has cows in it, but the farm on the south side only has ponds and geese and the hunters!

“Man, not good.” Kit shuddered.  “Guns everywhere.”

“Let’s stay here a spell,” I offered.  “We can see the Dark Forrest from here, both farms on the west and south side and Coyote hill is behind us.  If we stay here, we will know when King comes out.”

“Good Idea!” Kit made himself comfortable under a low hanging limb.

It wasn’t long before we saw King emerge from the Dark Forrest; standing to one side he looked back into the woods and waited.

Kit and I waited with him…only we were up on a little hill under a Rabbit Brush limb.

Then carefully ever so carefully MOMMA DEER came out!

YA! King found Momma Deer!

Kit and I ran out from under the limb of the Rabbit Brush and rushed down the hill toward King and Momma Deer

“YOU FOUND HER!” I bayed.  “You are safe, Momma Deer!” Kit yipped.



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