After the Work is Dancing — Sunday, April 7, 2019

Terry and I are very content with how this spot is starting to look.  After we grind down the stump, then I will plant grass.  In time, we will put up a fence, maybe a white picket fence.

Keeping this one is good

And getting this one with the new sturdy railroad ties this area will be much easier to take care of.

Now!  The spot that has me confounded.  If I didn’t have grass growing in it, then I would like it.  But I do have grass and

THAT is the problem.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


24 thoughts on “After the Work is Dancing — Sunday, April 7, 2019

  1. Linda, the spot where your hummingbird feeders go…. grass seed it. Then you can get to the feeders easier. Hurry though cuz those little guys will be here soon 🙂


  2. You certainly are giving yourselves plenty of exercise.

    Here on the news bulletins, we have been shown something great and inspirational from the USA for a change, and Denver, Colorado is the place.
    A young woman who is a paraplegic due to a car accident when she was two and her father was killed and I think also her brother has made world wide headlines as being a fashion model in a wheelchair. She was interviewed and she was truly an inspiration to us all.
    Well done Colorado.
    Cheers from at last a sunny Terrigal!!!!


  3. Looking good! Have you tried some roundup ..put a plastic glove on your hand then a fabric glove and wet the fabric glove with round up and put it on your grass:) It is the only thing I know that will get rid of grasses especially quack grass:)


  4. I still notice the trees in the background more than the garden. All that nice flat space looks so useful, regardless of the problems. Most of our garden space in on steep slopes. At lease there is no grass in ours.


      • Where I lived in town, I had more flat space on a city parcel than I have on ten acres in the mountains, but the front yard was a lawn. I hated it so much, but my neighbors did not want me to get rid of it. Instead, I mowed and watered it, and put so much into the maintenance of it, even though there were no children or dogs there. It was just useless lawn. Yuck! We have three big lawns that are a few acres each at work, but they get USED. That makes it all worth the effort . . . but someone else does all the work too. There is a small lawn at the farm, but it really is informal, and does not need much work.


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