You Can Not Ignore Fence Repair — Monday, October 14, 2019

Last Spring one of the renters took the land-leveler through one of the gates too fast, causing damage to leveler and to the gate.

He was pretty upset about the harm, but Terry said, not to worry he would fix it.

So Friday that is just what we did.



All set in place, the gate shut, and back to normal.

Then we took a wee ride (one more time) before it is time to put the top on.

Those short little rides are priceless.  A nice break in a busy day.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,



12 thoughts on “You Can Not Ignore Fence Repair — Monday, October 14, 2019

  1. I’ve had two convertibles in my life. One a roadster, and bit newer. One a 64 Corvair. “Unsafe at any speed” according to Ralph Nader, but God, did I love both those cars and just tooling around in them. That shot of the two of you heading off just warms my heart. I hope there’s another topless car in my future.


  2. There is always something that needs repair…fences, vehicles, clothing…

    Love that Vette. I have a close friend & high school chum that likes the new Vettes & races them in Texas. Zoom-Zoom!


  3. Lulu: “Yep regular fence inspection is very important. A while back when I was new and still wore my GPS tracking collar I went with Mama and Dada to their friends’ house which has a fenced back yard. They told Mama and Dada the fence was secure so I was let go to roam the back yard while Mama and Dada were there and then Mama noticed on her GPS handset that it was pointing straight through the house at the front yard, and they came to the front yard and there I was sniffing around the driveway. I had found a loose board in the fence and went on through. So remember, even though a fence may look secure, don’t give up! Keep trying to find a way through it and maybe you will be able to escape and go exploring.”
    Charlee: “That is exactly NOT the lesson we’re supposed to be learning from this post, Lulu.”


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