I’ve Been Thinking — Thursday, February 6, 2020

We have been going to our oldest grandson and our oldest granddaughter’s basketball games

As I sat there Tuesday afternoon and way into the evening

I marveled at how amazing these young people are (not just my grandchildren, but all the kids out on the court—all of them)

It’s a very special time, for each young man and young woman.  They are being gifted with teachers, coaches, plus parents and grandparents who believe in them.

Not only believe in them but are willing to help the young adult stretch and experience and sometimes to pick them up so they can start all over again.

The message to each young mind is: “You can Become.  You can mold yourself into whatever you want to be and you can do whatever you want to do”.

Here are the tools. Even horrible situations of misery — have adults close by who care about the student.

Once we leave the nest, those days are over.  Sure there will be special people who come along for a spell…echoing the voice and lessons from that growing time of the past.

There will be experiences which lift us up interweaving spells of joy and tears

Never again will we ever get to experience that special time of support we get before we become full-fledged adults.

Once we are adults we figure out…adulting is hard.  Even though, we strain and strive for it all through our high school years.

From my world to your heart,



16 thoughts on “I’ve Been Thinking — Thursday, February 6, 2020

  1. I don’t remember my school days being so encouraged and supported… My teachers seemed to feel the way to spur me on to better things was to point out my shortcomings and failures! I think school life today is both harder because more complex and easier because more supportive and encouraging. I wish them all the greatest good luck.

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  2. Yes…and in sports you learn how to win and lose, work as a team and play your role. So many things, invaluable for life. Thanks for supporting the kids


    • Our youngest granddaughter loves dance and music, of which I feel she is learning the same skill set. Teen years are so full of enrichment—we only realize the gift until we are adults.


  3. It was all backwards in my family. I had to do the raising of adults and children. Let me tell you, it was very, very odd. I’m aging backwards now. Going from old to young and playful. I went to a different school every year and am always surprised that I learned anything at all. Teaching my siblings helped the most. It reinforces your own learning. Great photos as always.


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