The Wind Came Again and Again and Again — Monday, May 9, 2022

We are having HUGE wind storms

Dirt fills the air, the sky, and our eyes

It blows fast enough, and hard enough that I almost tip over into the ditches several times

It ruffled the hen’s feathers—in general giving all us headaches.

Gradually it dies down (to return tomorrow)

Gradually we are waking up to truly warmer days full of sunshine!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,



17 thoughts on “The Wind Came Again and Again and Again — Monday, May 9, 2022

  1. Hold those chickens down!
    It is absolutely relentless this year ~ and exhausting. I was hoping you guys wete being spared.
    I think I’ll pack up the camper today – just in case…


  2. I’ve never seen it so relentless. Day and night here and no end until Thursday. Then comes the heat. No gentle, gradual climb, almost to 90 next week. Quieter tonight though, finally. AQ has finally moved to better numbers. It’s almost over, hang on.


  3. Lulu: “That reminds me of the time I went to the beach and I couldn’t even look at the water because the wind was so strong it was blowing all kinds of dust and grit in my face. I had to hide behind cars and stuff. I was picking sand out of my furs for days afterwards!”


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