The UnMystery Mystery! Another Sherlock Boomer Adventure

Chapter Two

After Mr. Davis and Teresa got the cows and calves moved off the place,

Dad started farming more of the land. That’s sorta boring for me, because when Dad does that he takes away MY SNACKS!!!

Oh, well!  Maybe if I go beg at the door Mom will let me in and I can hang out with Mom for a spell.  Mom has been going in and out pretty regular today hanging clothes on the clothesline.

So I stood at the door and waited.  I just wait I know it won’t be too long before Mom comes out with something for the clothes line.

Oh! Good, there she is…letting out the cat and letting me in.

I laid down on my soft comfy bed; drifted off to sleep.  When Mom went by me real fast….

“Oh, my goodness!  WHAT IS ON FIRE!” Mom exclaimed as she headed out the door going toward the big machinery shed.

I jumped up and followed her as fast as my legs could go.

“FIRE!”  I bayed.  “ROMEO! ARE YOU ALRIGHT?”  Mom and I headed to the pasture, where Romeo the horse is spending his days with us!

“Romeo!” Mom called!  ROMEO!  Oh, there you are.”  Mom gave Romeo a pet on his nose.

Snuffle, snort…there is a fire next to my pasture, Grams” Romeo tried to tell Mom.

Mom, myself and Romeo walked up the pasture a ways and stopped. “I’ll be so glad when everyone next to us gets this need to set everything on fire out of their system.  With everything so dry these field burns are starting to make me very nervous!”  Mom said to Romeo and me.

It was a long while back we had snow, then even while we had snow and cold and below freezing temperatures the rains came.  Even before the cows came the rains came and melted ALL the snow, turned everything into mud.

Then the air dried up and the earth dried up and we were DRY.

Then came more winter and then sorta spring and the cows came, then the calves started popping up and once in a while we might have hint of moisture but really nothing.

Now we are in late winter and almost spring, with temperatures hot as June in the daytime, but cold at night so everything has all its moisture sucked right out of it.

That’s why Mom and Dad and I (your wondrous Boomer Beaglie Brown, sometimes known as Sherlock Boomer) have become concerned about fire!  You get last year’s tall dead grass, dry and brittle leaves on the sagebrush, Chico Brush and Rabbit brush, hot days with warm breezes and you have the perfect mix for a dangerous fire.

Then you add, into this crazy mix PEOPLE WHO LIKE TO BURN UP LAST WINTER’S DEAD STUFF and you get FIRE!

The kind of fire that takes out farms and houses….well, you know EVERYTHING!

We stood up at the end of Romeo’s pasture and watched that fire swoosh across the cornfield.  Gradually it burned itself out.

Giving Romeo a bunch of hugs and rubs Mom and I walked back to the house leaving Romeo up there to guard the end of his pasture.  He said he was glad to do so, since there was lots of grass to eat.

We got back home just at the UPS man arrived, so I peeled out and left Mom in the dust.  I feel it’s very important to let the UPS guy know that I am the dog in charge out our place, and he has to have my permission to get out of his truck.  Of course he always gets out of his truck anyway.  If it’s the nice UPS guy I get tossed a bone, if it’s the mean UPS guy he tries to kick me.   No matter the danger (mean UPS guy) I always do my beagle duty and bark at him.

I got there just as the UPS guy was backing up.  I gave my loudest beagle bay ever…so loud and long I actually jumped up in the air.  I could see the UPS guy moving around in his stopped truck, I continued to blast my loudest barks ever!

About that time Mom was getting close to the driveway.

The UPS guy started down the UPS truck steps so I sorta kinda got closer baying all the while when suddenly the UPS driver turned into a HUGE MEAN GODZILLA OF A MONSTER and lunged at me with deadly claws up in the air.

It was at the precise moment I realized that some monster has eaten the UPS driver and was now poised to eat MOM AND ME!!!!

My ears flew up, as far as beagle ears can fly, the hair on the back of my neck and all down my body fluffed up and I summoned the loudest bark I possibly could.

Before I could get my bay out Mom was right beside me and the GOZILLA Monster was flying down the steps of the UPS truck right toward MOM AND ME!

I whirled around and tucked my tail under my hind end, slinging barks at the UPS monster and ran right into the propane tank.

It sorta kinda slowed me down…klunk! I mean, it well, stopped me.  It was while I was in the stopped position I heard Mom and the —huh!? —UPS driver laughing.

Mom walked over to me, while the NICE UPS driver put this amazingly large package down on the glider.  Mom petted me, so I could calm down.  Then the nice UPS driver gave me THREE cookies, chuckling all the while.

Three cookies!  Yum! Slobber, chew!

With a wave and a rev of his motor the UPS driver was gone.

I stood there chewing up the last of my cookies and watched Mom carry that huge package into the house.

I wonder what happed to the Godzilla monster.  I’ll bet I scared it so bad it ran away.  That’s what I bet.