The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—The Mystery Where I Use a Secret

Chapter Eleven


“LINDA! COME OUT HERE!”  Dad called.

“Okay, just a minute!” Mom sat down her rake and took off her gloves, she placed them in the wheel barrel, then started walking toward Dad and me.

She was poking along!

I kept dancing around Dad…running around the big Butler bins, then coming back and dancing around Dad.   Getting humans to understand dog is R.E.A.L.L.Y hard!

Then Mom was very close, so I ran to her and circled her a few times; running back to the Butler Bins and down the gated pipe road.

“What IS up with Boomer?” Mom wondered out loud.

“Doesn’t seem right.” Dad replied.

“No, it doesn’t, maybe we should follow him.” Mom started following me on foot.  “I’ll go some little ways, if it looks like I’m understanding him, maybe you could come see what’s up on the four-wheeler.  Who knows he might need to show us something.”

Dad went back to whatever he was doing.  I don’t know what it was, at least I have Mom…Mom will know what to do.  I took off at a dead run.

Oops!  I forgot Mom can’t run!  I stopped at the end of the gated pipe and waited for Mom to catch up.  When she got close enough to see which direction I was going I took off at a dead run again…this time reaching the bridge over the new cement ditch.

Then I waited.

I did this all the way over to the equipment area, Mom following along behind.  Gradually we got to the bottom of Coyote Hill.

I was pure wore out. I sat down at the bottom of Coyote Hill and looked at the little trail, which led around Coyote Hill, into the hollow where the blue tent was pitched.

I just waited and looked.

Mom arrived.  She looked rather hot and sweaty, but she was here—that was something.

“What is it, Boomer? You act like there is something I need to see.  Go ahead show me.  Show me.  If I have to have Dad come help I’ll call him on the phone.  It’s okay…show me, Boomer.”

Now that I was here I got sorta, kinda, like really, afraid something bad might happen to Mom.

But Mom kept petting me and giving me courage—and she does have her cell phone and Dad does have his cell phone, so I started creeping slowly, ever so slowly toward the spot where the blue tent was.  It would never do to come up on those men in a big rush and get Mom hurt or something.

“Boomie”, Mom talked gently too me, “Good dog, show me what it is you are concerned over.”  Mom started following me slowly, ever so slowly.  I wish Mom would get down and crawl, but I don’t know how to tell her, so I kept on creeping and letting Mom walk tall toward the area, where the blue tent, and all the garbage, and the men with the cigarettes were living.

I didn’t know what else to do.

Then suddenly we were there…at the little rise with an out-crop of boulders where Mom could look over into the hollow and see the blue tent.

Mom walked up tall right behind me, started to sit down where I was sitting, “Wow, Boomie!  That was a fast clip ….”  Mom stopped in mid-sentence and froze right where she was in an almost sitting down pose.

“What is this!”  Mom whispered to herself.

“So, THIS is what you wanted to show us.”  Mom sank to her knees and peered over the largest boulder. “Actually, this is Not good, not good at all” Mom whispered to me, petting me while she talked.

Mom backed away from the boulder and started back down the little trail, I saw her take out her cell phone and start dialing.

Good, I thought.  Mom is—

“BOOMER! BOOMER!” A very loud whisper shouted in my ear. I jumped three feet and fell down right in front of OREO!  And not just Oreo, but Oreo and his whole skunk family plus his MOM!

Now what I thought!  Mom is talking to Dad, whom I’m sure is on his way over here, two cigarette smoking men camped on the farm, and a whole family of skunks standing a few feet away from me!


The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—The Mystery Where I Use a Secret

Chapter Seven

The skunk looked at me with pain and sorrow in his eyes….in her eyes? In his or her eyes—you see with skunks it’s sorta, kinda, hard to tell.  I can never tell until they talk.  Usually skunks don’t talk, they just turn around, back up a little bit and lift THAT TAIL!  The tail does all the talking for them…as for finding out if the skunk, which backed up and sprayed you, is male or female…who can tell with green, burning, stink in your eyes.

Anyway, the skunk just looked at me with pain and sadness and well, concern in its little beady eyes, while I—WHILE I STAYED AS FAR AWAY AS I COULD UNDER THE CHICO BRUSH!

“Gosh…Don’t be afraid.  I just want to be friends.” He said. HE! That black and white polecat is a He—a mighty pretty striped He, I might add.

“Friends!” I ask incredulous. “I don’t think I have EVER been a friend to a skunk!”

“Well, there is always a first time.” The rather pretty striped skunk replied. A smile bloomed on his face.

A smile bloomed on his face making my face bloom, with a smile, right back!

“Friends”, I pondered. Friends with a skunk, who would have ever thought of that?

“Okay! Sounds like a deal.  Friends!” I said, putting my right paw up in the air for a high-five.

(An old photo as you can see)

“My name is Oreo,” the little skunk announced; high-fiving me with his left paw.  “I’ve been really lonely up here for some time.  Oh, there are badgers, and squirrels, lots of birds and owls, coyotes and fox, even some skunk families scattered about, but no one has been interested in just playing with me.  They are all busy of doing whatever it is they do.”

I sat there staring at the little feller.  He really was a small skunk, maybe not yet a year old.  He seemed all dejected and sad in a skunk sorta way. Heck, it made my beaglie heart go out to the little guy.

“Well, Friends we are!” I announced.  “My name is Boomer, I am a Beagle, which is a dog, by the way.  You do know about dogs, don’t you?” I cocked me head to one side and lifted my ears just a little bit, “You know that skunks are supposed to SPRAY dogs, don’t you?”

I backed up just a tad when I said that.

“DON’T!” Oreo yelled.  “Don’t back up!  I’m not going to spray you. I promise…I just want to play, have fun, do something besides search for bugs to eat, scratch at the earth searching for food, always looking and looking for food.  There MUST be something more to life than FOOD!”, he wailed.

“Hummm…well”, I pondered out-loud.  “Food is mighty important. I heartily enjoy all the food I get.”

“Well…” Oreo sat down dejectedly… “Yes, I agree…but there really needs to be more…I’ve thought and thought about this and I have decided I want to experience FUN!  Fun!”

“Fun is pretty good.” I agreed. “I’m up here because I like doing stuff different than following Mom here and there, sleeping in my dog house, or in the house, or on my bed, or in the sun…I’m up here searching out NEWS, because I find searching out news FUN!”

“Okay.” Oreo announced. “Then I’m going to search out news with you! I want to experience FUN in my life. And, maybe, just maybe along the way I can show you some things I like to do for fun!”  He raised his right paw this time to high-five me.

I looked at him for a moment, sitting there with his big fluffy tail all spread out behind him, front right paw raised for a high-five, a HUGE smile on his face and my heart said

“SURE!” I raised my left paw and we high-fived.