The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—The Mystery Where I Use a Secret

Chapter Twelve


Ruth fluttered down from her high perch, in the sky landing softly right by my side and in front of the four young skunks and their Mom! “Are your humans going to take some sort of action?” Ruth questioned.

“Mom is going off to call Dad on her phone thing and let him know what to expect, and then Dad will come.  Mom has to go a distance away so the men in the blue tent can’t hear her.”  I explained to Ruth.

“Humm”, Ruth mused to herself.  “Do any of you have plan? I think we need to get together a plan. We might need to come up with something to help out.”  Ruth put the tip of wing up to her forehead, while resting that wing on her other wing. “Hooo Hooo a plan.  We do need a plan.”

Just then Momma skunk walked toward Ruth and I, I held my breath, sometimes skunks are scared of Owls…like, you know, because Owls do EAT skunks, sometimes.

Ruth just kept marching around in a tight little circle muttering to herself…hum, hoo, hum, hoo.

“Stop!” Momma skunk demanded. “Stop that fidgeting and lend your wise brains to this problem.”

Ruth opened her very large eyes looking quite startled; all fidgeting stopped. I sat myself down on my beagle tail and closed my mouth with a snap.

“Now listen here,” Momma Skunk began, “We wait for your humans to appear…when they appear we will……”

YES!! That is exactly the thing to do.

We all congratulated Momma skunk, when around the bend came my MOM!

Ruth, rose silently into the trees above us, “See you in a short while,” she whispered as she left our group.

Momma and her babies faded into the Rabbit brush along the edges of Coyote Hill and I—-

Well, I just sat there waiting for Mom to come to me.

But Mom wasn’t alone.  Right behind Mom was Dad and right behind Dad was three neighbor friends each one carrying a gun of some sort.

Mom silently walked up to where I was sitting, pointed to way down the slope to messy camp of trash, campfire, and blue tent, with four booted feet sticking out of the tent door.

“Looks like the campers just might be taking a nap,” Dad whispered. Then Dad pointed a finger toward where they had just come from and every one left me again.

I stayed right where I was, Mom had pointed her finger right at me and said “Stay” with out a sound coming out of her mouth at all.  I KNOW that finger point.  Yes, I do.

So, I stayed.

I actually had the best seat in the house.  I could see Ruth, Momma Skunk, Oreo and his siblings, the two sleeping men in the blue tent, and, gradually I could see; first Dad on one side of the tent, then on each of the other sides Dad’s friends.  Mom came back to where I was and gave me lots of pets, while she squatted down beside me.  Mom was just as prepared as all the others.  More so, because she had ME!

I saw Dad give the come-on signal and I was OFF!

I raced down the slippery slope, heading right toward the tent, growling and barking the whole time.  One of the men was pushing his way out of the tent door when I saw—-MOMMA SKUNK! OREO! And the rest of the family turned with their tails fanned all fluffy and high, Ruth had just landed on the top of tent sending a loud screech into the air, then I reached the now completely in the open trashy cigarette smoking man.

I heard Momma skunk yell: “AIM! FIRE!”

Ruth let out the most horrendous scream, I think I have ever heard.

I headed right into the fog of green skunk fumes, latched my jaws into the back pocket of the just immerged man getting material and the muscle of his behind!

He swirled around trying to get me off him, when the second man stumbled out the tent; Ruth leaped off the top of tent right on the top of the second man’s head, talons grabbing into the man’s cap and into the man’s hair.

The whole place was bedlam.  Skunk fumes, screaming men, and screeching owl.

Oh, by the way, did you know skunks can aim and fire a second volley of green fog?

They can.

Yes, they can.  I know. I saw it in action.

I don’t remember much of the details, I do remember Dad and all his friends and Mom arrived just about the time of the second ball of massive skunk fog surrounded those men, Ruth, me and the whole camp site.

It was a stinking mess, that is for sure.

The finish of this little tale is those two men walked into a set, each, of handcuffs.  The loot they had been collecting out here on our little mesa —- stored in another blue tent around the corner and right on the TRAIL of the coyotes—gathered as evidence.

It took several days before the site was cleared for Mom and Dad to go clean everything up.  Mom said she was glad they couldn’t be there for several days, because skunk fumes don’t go away until it rains.

As for Momma, Oreo, the rest of the little surfeit…they gave me high-fives, and big smiles, as they left the blue tent area and headed back up to the Upper End.

Ruth grumbled very loudly for a long-time high up in her tree…I do agree with her…I don’t think I’ve ever heard of an owl that smelled like a skunk.

What an adventure!  Mom wasn’t even mad at me, while she bathed me.  Although, I must admit, I sure got tired of being bathed…every day for three days.

On the other hand, Mom had to burn her clothes and Dad’s clothes.  Even if that WAS his favorite cap!

The End


P.S.  We couldn’t have done as well, if Momma and Oreo and all the rest hadn’t been there.  They were the true heroes of the day!

Boomer, Sherlock Beagle

The End (once more)






The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—The Mystery Where I Use a Secret

Chapter Eleven


“LINDA! COME OUT HERE!”  Dad called.

“Okay, just a minute!” Mom sat down her rake and took off her gloves, she placed them in the wheel barrel, then started walking toward Dad and me.

She was poking along!

I kept dancing around Dad…running around the big Butler bins, then coming back and dancing around Dad.   Getting humans to understand dog is R.E.A.L.L.Y hard!

Then Mom was very close, so I ran to her and circled her a few times; running back to the Butler Bins and down the gated pipe road.

“What IS up with Boomer?” Mom wondered out loud.

“Doesn’t seem right.” Dad replied.

“No, it doesn’t, maybe we should follow him.” Mom started following me on foot.  “I’ll go some little ways, if it looks like I’m understanding him, maybe you could come see what’s up on the four-wheeler.  Who knows he might need to show us something.”

Dad went back to whatever he was doing.  I don’t know what it was, at least I have Mom…Mom will know what to do.  I took off at a dead run.

Oops!  I forgot Mom can’t run!  I stopped at the end of the gated pipe and waited for Mom to catch up.  When she got close enough to see which direction I was going I took off at a dead run again…this time reaching the bridge over the new cement ditch.

Then I waited.

I did this all the way over to the equipment area, Mom following along behind.  Gradually we got to the bottom of Coyote Hill.

I was pure wore out. I sat down at the bottom of Coyote Hill and looked at the little trail, which led around Coyote Hill, into the hollow where the blue tent was pitched.

I just waited and looked.

Mom arrived.  She looked rather hot and sweaty, but she was here—that was something.

“What is it, Boomer? You act like there is something I need to see.  Go ahead show me.  Show me.  If I have to have Dad come help I’ll call him on the phone.  It’s okay…show me, Boomer.”

Now that I was here I got sorta, kinda, like really, afraid something bad might happen to Mom.

But Mom kept petting me and giving me courage—and she does have her cell phone and Dad does have his cell phone, so I started creeping slowly, ever so slowly toward the spot where the blue tent was.  It would never do to come up on those men in a big rush and get Mom hurt or something.

“Boomie”, Mom talked gently too me, “Good dog, show me what it is you are concerned over.”  Mom started following me slowly, ever so slowly.  I wish Mom would get down and crawl, but I don’t know how to tell her, so I kept on creeping and letting Mom walk tall toward the area, where the blue tent, and all the garbage, and the men with the cigarettes were living.

I didn’t know what else to do.

Then suddenly we were there…at the little rise with an out-crop of boulders where Mom could look over into the hollow and see the blue tent.

Mom walked up tall right behind me, started to sit down where I was sitting, “Wow, Boomie!  That was a fast clip ….”  Mom stopped in mid-sentence and froze right where she was in an almost sitting down pose.

“What is this!”  Mom whispered to herself.

“So, THIS is what you wanted to show us.”  Mom sank to her knees and peered over the largest boulder. “Actually, this is Not good, not good at all” Mom whispered to me, petting me while she talked.

Mom backed away from the boulder and started back down the little trail, I saw her take out her cell phone and start dialing.

Good, I thought.  Mom is—

“BOOMER! BOOMER!” A very loud whisper shouted in my ear. I jumped three feet and fell down right in front of OREO!  And not just Oreo, but Oreo and his whole skunk family plus his MOM!

Now what I thought!  Mom is talking to Dad, whom I’m sure is on his way over here, two cigarette smoking men camped on the farm, and a whole family of skunks standing a few feet away from me!

The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—The Mystery Where I Use a Secret

Chapter Ten


“WAIT, Boomer!  WAIT!” Oreo called.  “That is way too far for me to go.  First off, my little legs won’t keep up with you or Ruth, secondly my Mom won’t like it if I leave this area.  I’m only supposed to go so far this way, so far that way, and so-far any other way.” Oreo sat down in a dejected little lump of soft black and white fur.  “I just can’t go” he said tragically.

I walked over and put my paw on his soft little should, “No worries, Oreo.  I can do this.  I have Ruth and, if I have too, I’ll run back to the farm house and get Mom, Dad, or the both of them.”

Oreo looked up at me with the sweetest, saddest little black beady eyes, “I’m so sorry, Boomer.”

“It’s been good to know you, Oreo.  Let’s bump paws and hope to meet again someday.”  We bumped paws, I turned tail, looked up into the sky….way, way, up into the sky; located Ruth, the Wisest Owl of All Time, kicked my hind legs into gear and I was OFF!

I ran up Coyote hill, always keeping Ruth insight, then I ran over the top of Coyote hill, when I noticed Ruth was circling and circling coming closer and closer….that’s my signal, I thought.  The camp is near.

I put my belly to the ground and started slinking from one Rabbit brush to another Rabbit brush, making sure my shadow stayed out of the sunlight just incase the people in the camp happened to look UP onto the side of Coyote hill.

Ruth fluttered down into a large old dried out brush a few yards from me. “SHHHHHHHHH,” she whispered, one feather placed on her beak.  She looked at me, then swiveled her head clear around and pointed with her wing—right here her feathery wing said.  Right here.

I crept closer and closer…when I was right under Ruth’s perch, I looked down into the little valley between Coyote Hill and the hill where the old Apricot Orchard still kinda grows.

There they were!  Two men…a blue type of tent pitched right in the opening, junk strung all over the place…fried chicken boxes, taco papers caught in the sage brush, smashed beer cans and some shattered bottles flung up against a rock, little shards of glass sparkling in the sunlight.

There was a little camp stove sorta thing and the men lounging around SMOKING Cigarettes!

This is bad!  Very Bad!

I signaled to Ruth to follow me.  She raised up into the sky, on silent wings, and I crept backwards until I could get to curve around Coyote Hill.  At that point I trotted to the farm road and the old apricot tree.

Ruth settled into the branches of the Apricot tree.  “I’m heading back to the house,” I announced.  “This is bigger than You or I can handle by ourselves.  I’ll get Dad, or Mom, or Dad and Mom.  Can you stay here and keep an eye on them for me?  I’ll be back as soon as I can.”

Ruth shook her head yes and settled into the tree looking all the world as much as a branch as an owl can.

I gave her one last look; glanced at the draw, where the men were living, looked over, way over, way, way, over to the farm house picked my paws up and headed home to get Dad, or Mom, or Dad and Mom.


The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—The Mystery Where I Use a Secret

Chapter Nine


Cigarettes mean huge danger; in the form of FIRE!

I put my nose to the ground and started sniffing around in circles, a little bitty circle right next to the two cigarette butts, going wider and wider until…
BAM!  I had the smell of that man—yes it was a man—full in the sensors of my very acute Beagle nose!

I had to find this man and stop him before he dropped anymore cigarette butts somewhere on the farm.  After all the farm is home to lots of animals, Mom and Dad, ME, and Mindy cat.  It’s also home to my oldest sister and all her animals…. dog cousins, Lady the Mule, chickens, Willow and Twisty cat…. I mean there is a whole world resting on my shoulders to save us for fire!

I glanced up once or twice over toward Oreo; seeing Oreo very diligently sniffing along over there by the cactus at the edge of the hill.

I stopped for a minute and waited for Oreo to stop.

He did glancing over at me to see what I was doing.  I raised my left paw and bayed to him—I found the tracks.  Come on over here and search with me.

Oreo skittered over as fast as short little skunk legs could skitter.

“Where, Boomer?  Let me get a good sniff of them also.”

I backed up and let Oreo sniff around the tracks.  “Gosh, he’s a big man…the space between the footsteps is lots of my skunk steps!”

Hum…. he snuffed and sniffed around….  “Wait, Boomer!   There are TWO men.  Here, come smell this…this man doesn’t have as big as stride and he ?!?!? has something like oil on his shoes.  Every step he takes leaves a little smell…of DIESEL FUEL!”

“Diesel FUEL!” I bayed…. cigarettes and diesel fuel are a very bad combination!

Oreo and I pushed on noses on the ground. Oreo following one set of tracks and I another.  Around the tracks went — into the large Chico patch, then down into the Redwing Black Bird paradise, up Coyote Hill…over onto the flat land where Dad stores his bigger farm equipment.

“Wait, Boomer!” Oreo yelled at me “I’m getting tired and need to stop a spell and I need to get a drink of water.  I’m going to head back down the little draw here and fill my mouth will cool water and rest a spell.”

I just looked at him.  He was a small little skunk, and he had kept right up with me and my intense hunt for the bad men; a little break isn’t going to make or break anything at this point anyway.  I figure we are a day behind the two men as it is.

“Okay,” I replied, “I need a rest and to lap up some cool water myself.

We turned around walked passed the old, old, I mean, so old horses had to move the plow-plow, padded down the little incline, and came to the pool of fresh water the Red Winged Blackbirds loved.

I waded right in and started lapping up the cool water, Red Winged Blackbirds sang all around us as happy song of spring as a dog has ever heard.

Oreo was very carefully stepping into the little pond, but just staying right on the edge…looked like to me he was trying NOT to get that BIG bushy tail of his wet.

I stood there in the very cool water, my paw pads soaking up the mud on the bottom watching Oreo drinking, with his little pink tongue, when a big dark shadow flew over the both of us.

The shadow was going slow, very slow, so slow it sorta, kinda scared me.

Then the shadow left and daylight returned.

Oreo and I picked up our feet and started back out of the fresh cool water and padded up the little incline back to Dad’s large equipment area when the BIG SHADOW was Back!

The big shadow flew over us, blocking out all the sun, then we heard the swoosh, swoosh whirr of giant wings beating the air above us.

Oreo and I froze!


It is the Angel of Doom—I just know it its—I raised my nose to the sky to howl and looked right into the eyes of RUTH, the Wise Owl!

“Ruth! You scared me to the point of no return!” I bayed at her.

“Hi, Dog!  Oh, put your tail down skunk and turn a back around…Life is too short to be smelling up the air.”  Ruth chuckled.

“Okay, Dog tell what you and the little black fur creature are doing out here on the farm together.”

“I am NOT a creature! Oreo spouted.  “I am a skunk and Boomer and I are on the trail of two bad men, who smell of diesel fuel and smoke cigarettes!”

“Two bad me who smell of diesel fuel and smoke cigarettes?” Ruth puzzled one feathery tip of her finger placed alongside her beak.

“I’ve seen two men smoking cigarettes, when I was way up there in the sky. And they are NOT far from here.  Actually they are just over in the draw past Coyote Hill.  They have a little camp set up, campfire, tent and clothes strung here and there.” Ruth mused out-loud.

“You are right, Dog and Skunk!  Two men walking around on the farm smoking cigarettes is a baaaaaaaaaad deal.  Gather up your paws and I’ll show you the way to their campsite!”  Ruth hooted as she lifted herself up into the air, flinging little bits of rocks and sticks in our eyes.

“Fooooollloooooowww MMMME”  Ruth called from way, way up, in the blue of the sky.  “Foooolllow me.!”




The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—The Mystery Where I Use a Secret

Chapter Eight


Oreo and I took off at a fast clip…well, not too fast, his walk is a rather waddle and my walk is a nose-to-the-ground walk. Still we took off, both of us moving along a just right speed to gather news.

“Hey, Boomer!” Oreo called, “what are we looking for?”

“Oh, I don’t know, anything interesting.” I replied nose to the ground.


“If you find something interesting let me know, Oreo.”


“What do you think is interesting?”

“Oh, I don’t know…news…You know stuff about what is happening on the farm…like the deer have some new babies, there are fifteen little tiny pheasant chicks, … the bager is close by turn my nose the other way—just stuff.  Stuff like that.”


Sniff, sniff, snuff…  “Hey, Boomer…what about Mountain Lion tracks, are they news?”

I stopped right where I was, raised my head up in alarm and asked:
“Mountain Lion tracks?   Did you find some Mountain Lion tracks, Oreo?”

“Well, no… I was just wondering.”

“Oh”, I put my nose back to the ground.

“What about bear or coyote tracks?” Oreo hollered from way over by a rather large Rabbit Brush.

“That means we are in TROUBLE!” I responded. “Did you find some coyote or bear tracks?”  I asked bunching up my muscles ready to zip out there in a flash.

“Well, no, not really, but what I have found are some strange footprints of some man up here.”
I used my bunched-up muscles to run right over to the rather large Rabbit Brush, “Where, Oreo Where!”

Oreo sat down and raised his right paw, “Here, Boomer.  They don’t look like our man human or the woman human who are always up here and about here with you.  They are a whole bunch different.  And even smell different.”

I put my very sensitive nose to the ground and started sniffing around the footprint. “I don’t know who they are, Oreo…. beats me why they are way up here … Let’s follow them.”

“Okay—strangers on the farm. Not a good thing!” Oreo had his little black nose to the ground and started following the footprint.  I took my time back around the Rabbit Brush to see if there was any other evidence around the Rabbit Brush that could tell us what the strange man was doing on the farm.

Sniff, sniff, nothing…um more footprints…

“BOOMER! COME HERE! COME QUICK!  Oreo screamed from someplace way over there…I picked up my head and looked around.


I put myself in high gear and headed toward the sound of Oreo’s voice.

“What is it, Oreo?”

“LOOK!” Oreo’s little paw was pointing at—-two cigarette butts! One looked like it had been thrown down and left to burn, and the other one thrown down and stamped on.

“We could have our homes caught on fire!”  Oreo stood there in horror looking at the two cigarette butts.

“I guess we were really lucky he threw them down on the point of the Rocky Hill, or he would have caught the whole place on fire.” I looked at Oreo with wide frightened eyes.

“This is serious, Oreo. We have to find out if this person is still somewhere here on the farm, who he is, and just WHAT he is doing way up here.  Those cigarettes mean DANGER!”



The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—The Mystery Where I Use a Secret

Chapter Seven

The skunk looked at me with pain and sorrow in his eyes….in her eyes? In his or her eyes—you see with skunks it’s sorta, kinda, hard to tell.  I can never tell until they talk.  Usually skunks don’t talk, they just turn around, back up a little bit and lift THAT TAIL!  The tail does all the talking for them…as for finding out if the skunk, which backed up and sprayed you, is male or female…who can tell with green, burning, stink in your eyes.

Anyway, the skunk just looked at me with pain and sadness and well, concern in its little beady eyes, while I—WHILE I STAYED AS FAR AWAY AS I COULD UNDER THE CHICO BRUSH!

“Gosh…Don’t be afraid.  I just want to be friends.” He said. HE! That black and white polecat is a He—a mighty pretty striped He, I might add.

“Friends!” I ask incredulous. “I don’t think I have EVER been a friend to a skunk!”

“Well, there is always a first time.” The rather pretty striped skunk replied. A smile bloomed on his face.

A smile bloomed on his face making my face bloom, with a smile, right back!

“Friends”, I pondered. Friends with a skunk, who would have ever thought of that?

“Okay! Sounds like a deal.  Friends!” I said, putting my right paw up in the air for a high-five.

(An old photo as you can see)

“My name is Oreo,” the little skunk announced; high-fiving me with his left paw.  “I’ve been really lonely up here for some time.  Oh, there are badgers, and squirrels, lots of birds and owls, coyotes and fox, even some skunk families scattered about, but no one has been interested in just playing with me.  They are all busy of doing whatever it is they do.”

I sat there staring at the little feller.  He really was a small skunk, maybe not yet a year old.  He seemed all dejected and sad in a skunk sorta way. Heck, it made my beaglie heart go out to the little guy.

“Well, Friends we are!” I announced.  “My name is Boomer, I am a Beagle, which is a dog, by the way.  You do know about dogs, don’t you?” I cocked me head to one side and lifted my ears just a little bit, “You know that skunks are supposed to SPRAY dogs, don’t you?”

I backed up just a tad when I said that.

“DON’T!” Oreo yelled.  “Don’t back up!  I’m not going to spray you. I promise…I just want to play, have fun, do something besides search for bugs to eat, scratch at the earth searching for food, always looking and looking for food.  There MUST be something more to life than FOOD!”, he wailed.

“Hummm…well”, I pondered out-loud.  “Food is mighty important. I heartily enjoy all the food I get.”

“Well…” Oreo sat down dejectedly… “Yes, I agree…but there really needs to be more…I’ve thought and thought about this and I have decided I want to experience FUN!  Fun!”

“Fun is pretty good.” I agreed. “I’m up here because I like doing stuff different than following Mom here and there, sleeping in my dog house, or in the house, or on my bed, or in the sun…I’m up here searching out NEWS, because I find searching out news FUN!”

“Okay.” Oreo announced. “Then I’m going to search out news with you! I want to experience FUN in my life. And, maybe, just maybe along the way I can show you some things I like to do for fun!”  He raised his right paw this time to high-five me.

I looked at him for a moment, sitting there with his big fluffy tail all spread out behind him, front right paw raised for a high-five, a HUGE smile on his face and my heart said

“SURE!” I raised my left paw and we high-fived.


The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—The Mystery Where I Use a Secret

Chapter Six


The smells up here are pretty interesting—-deer.  Lots of deer. Let’s see Buck, doe, fawn…buck, hum, another buck…

Oh! Now this isn’t good, crazy coyote tracks and scat…let me see if I can figure out just what pack is traveling around up here.

To be honest I’m surprised we even have a pack of coyotes.  With Lady the Watch Mule on the place no predator has a chance.  Lady will raise up and stomp the heck of them and then give them a swift kick, either knocking them dead…yes, she can take them out…or scattering them over to the other farms, at the very least.

Snuff, snuff, sniff…honk!  Stink up the nose…not good.

Sniff, sniff, YELP!!! It’s the pack of THORINA!!!  Thorina is the mate to Thor—they are the meanest, bad-est, orneriest, lean-limed, long-haired, scruffy-tailed, yellow eyed, slobbering, hungry-looking coyotes around.

I picked my Beagle legs up and took myself up the farm road to the top of the Rocky Point.  That way I could see who, or what is happening way over in the Back Forty—known coyote land—and get a good sniff of the air.

I stood on the point of the hill, sniffing the air, north—horses on the air, they belong to the neighbor on the other hill, east—the smell of Canada Geese and Sandhill Cranes, busily pecking away the earth on the farm looking for spilled corn, south—cows.  Lots and lots of cows.  New babies and new mommas.  Then west—coyotes, but very faintly.  Smells like they are way past the new subdivision over by the canal area.


I’m good to go for a nice long spell.  Those coyotes will gradually settle down and sleep off most the day.

I stretched out on the point, the sun was warm, the air was warm…the ground was warm………………….zzzzzzzzzz.

I was dreaming a fly was trying to get into my ear.

Shoo, I thought in my dream.  SHOO!

I raised my back leg a tiny little bit to try to get the fly to stop.

The feeling of that fly on my flapped back ear just kept on tickling and tickling.

I jumped up and gave my head a hearty shake.

When I opened my eyes from shaking my head I was looking right in the back end of a SKUNK!


I scampered out of the way and over toward a big old Chico brush—trying with all my might to NOT GET SPRAYED!

I’m been sprayed before and it makes MOM not a happy camper!

Mom has a SKUNK bucket full of all sorts of subbing things for my sprayed-on fur…if I get sprayed—mom uses, one full quart of 3% hydrogen peroxide, ½ c baking soda, 2 teaspoons Dawn dish soap. She mixes all this together…I try to hide —I usually go into my dog house and crunch way back into the corner.  Of course, it never works…she drags me out, and starts soaping me up.

She also uses this really bubbling stuff on me, even if I just find some rich wonderful gooey delight to roll in.

Mom is sometimes a spoiled sport.

So you see…I was backing away as fast and as far as I could!





The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—The Mystery Where I Use a Secret

Chapter Five

I left Mom busy inside and Dad doing something or other around or in his shop and headed up to the Upper End.  There was stuff up there I wanted to sniff out—Spring is in the air and things are stir’n up there.


Making my way up the road, past Romeo the horse, a quick glance over by the corrals to make sure Lady the mule was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay out of the way I trotted my little self on down the farm road to the Upper End.

(I must watch out for Lady.  She is a watch mule…we haven’t had any trouble with coyotes coming into the yard since Romeo and Lady have had the run of the farm.

Lady the mule sees anything bordering on the word predator and she is there with teeth and feet to stomp the heck out of them.

Now, since I am a dog Lady will take after dogs on her farm just a fast as she does coyotes and fox…)

On I go; trotting past all the Sand hill Cranes,

who have taken to living on the farm…much to Mom and Dad’s joy.

I’ll bet there are thousands of them.

Well, at least hundreds, they love pecking up the corn the cows didn’t get AND squishing around in the little creek at the Upper End.

Then past the last years pinto bean field until I got to the Upper End.


My goodness!

I have never seen so many crows in one spot before EVER!

Especially on the farm!

Especially at the Upper End!

Hundreds of them!

All hanging out fluttering and flapping all over the place. I guess they must like the creek up there also?

(This is last year’s photo.  These cows are not here this year 😦 )

As for me…I think I’ll take a little detour around the crows…they can be right aggressive…Mom, Dad and I have seen them try to attack baby calves’ eyes.  They really enjoy pecking out and eating baby calves’ eyes.

I don’t particularly want to find out if they like big, brown beagle eyes.

I slunk my warm, lovable beagle body down to the ground, hugging the ground as close as I can; making my way past the Upper End, past the little creek, around the corner where I stopped to start checking out all the spring smells on the ground and in the air.



The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—The Mystery Where I Use a Secret

Chapter Four

The next day Mom, Dad, and myself took off for a check of the farm and the equines.

Sometimes the equines come down to the farm house and get treats, sometime not.

Most of the time they go in to their barn, of a morning, to get their breakfast, sometimes they decide to hang up at the Upper End, or over by the Head Gate (the head gate is where Mom and Dad get the irrigation water for the farm—also at the head gate are our neighbors cows, they like hanging out with the cows), or they go way, way over to the Back Forty and stare at the horses who live two fields over….also, sometimes they head up to the Rocky Point to survey their surroundings.

So once a day (or twice a day or…) Mom, Dad, and I head up to drive around checking to make sure they are in, the fences are up, and, well, just to drive around and hang-out on the farm.

Everything looked good. We sat up on the Rocky Point and listened to the Red-Winged Black Birds sing (they are back early this year….like a whole month early) then headed back to the house.

Dad went to work on some project he was creating and Mom and I went to do some ‘stuff’ in the house.

While Mom did her ‘stuff’ I suddenly heard way down the road, like I mean WAY down the road the gravel crunching.

I sat up from my doggie nap and pricked up my ears…I do believe… 


Off I took through the back door barking and barking.

You see this Mailwoman doesn’t like me. Actually, she doesn’t like any dog anywhere.

Mom says that isn’t true.  Mom talked to the Mail Lady and the Mail Lady is actually AFRAID of dogs.

I bayed and barked and howled real loud.  Right behind me was Mom, almost at a dead run…you see if Mom isn’t there to get the package the mail lady tries to toss the box onto the sidewalk so I won’t get her.

To be fair she always throws out a dog cookie, but she never makes sure I can see the cookie; just tosses it, so even Mom has to look hard for the cookie.

Okay, once I get the cookie I take it over to my lawn…over by my dog house and set about chewing on it.

Makes me a little glad she doesn’t like dogs…I always get a cookie.


With that bit of adventure done and over-with I got bored.

I mean…Like really!  There has to be something I could do…go see…sniff out…there has to be SOMETHING!

I picked myself up off the lawn, gave a quick look at the back door to see if Mom was coming out—-Nope—No Mom.  I walked out to the shed where Dad was working.

Dad was concentrating on something—I didn’t bother him.

Sniffed noses with Min-Min cat.

Then bidding her farewell I HEADED to the Upper End.

I smelled lots of interesting smells up there when we rode around.  No one stopped to let me off so I think I’ll take myself up there and check things out!

The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—The Mystery Where I Use a Secret

Chapter Three

Later on in the night….like waaaaaaaaaaaaay later.  I woke-up with a start!

OH! Mom is right here by my bed, “Want to go for a walk, Beaglie Boo?” Mom asked me.

You Bet I did!

I jumped up.  Then stopped.  At my advanced age I decided that I needed to wake up my brain, my body, and my toes before I headed out the back door with Mom.

And Mindy.

Mindy was zipping out the back door while Mom was holding the back door open.

But first things first I stopped, opened my jaws wide, curled up my tongue, took in a breath of very nice fresh air (seems the wind is blowing from the west right into the back door) reached my front paws out, way out, gave my back a ssssssssssssstreeeeeeeatchhhhhhhhhhh, then brought my back paws up to their normal spot under my belly, gave my head a complete shaking; enough my ears flapped me in the face, then shook my body from my neck to my tail.


Good to go!

I helped Mom push the door a little further open and we were OUT THE DOOR ready to go!

I ran a little ways ahead of Mom, Mindy came along in the back, then the side, then right up with me, then she ducked under one of Dad’s piles of something or other—Dad keeps piles of ‘stuff’ so if he has to make something he has a part right there somewhere in the pile.

We all walked to the cross-over pipe, then started back toward the house.  Walking up was sorta hard, we were walking INTO the wind.  I decided I didn’t want to just walk a straight line, in to the wind, like Mom was doing; I would walk here and there like Mindy.  Only I was going to look for things that interest ME not the things that Mindy was finding interesting.

Although, I have to admit once we got to the cross-over pipe Mindy and I both had to sniff out the ditches up there to see who and what has been or is about.

Then Mom was calling us, saying “Let’s head home, everybody!”

We saw Mom turn around and start walking back.  Min-Min cat and I headed sorta straight back, in rather crooked lines…here, there, and everywhere.

This time going back the wind was a good thing…it pushed us along, making time move faster than when we were heading into the wind.

Just about back to where the haystack yard is— we met


He was heading to his little hallow he calls home—this time with his dinner in his mouth.

Mom quickly snapped a photo, then grabbed Mindy.  As Kit dashed by Mom holding Mindy, and myself walked on past the haystack yard and back into the farm yard.

About three feet from the gas tank the game camera went off giving Mom a bit of start.

We all laughed…Mom and me, but not Mindy.

“Let’s all go inside…I don’t need to lie awake worrying about your safety tonight”.  Mom said.

I rushed in and settled right down on my bed, Mom took that wiggling, squirming cat and let her down in the kitchen.  Then Mom took off her coat, petted me good night, whispered good night to the cat and was gone.

I settled right down to a long winter night sleep.  Those night walks with Mom are good!