The Road from Paonia to Delta

I was struck by the beauty of the desert on my drive back to the Delta Office. 

The sky was an amazing blue.

The jet streams adding a hint of adventure in the skies.

 The large blue flat top mountain is Grand Mesa.

And a semi and I are the only ones on the road.

Now THAT was cool. 

(This is a well-traveled two-lane highway all the coal miners call ” The Death Highway”.)

12 thoughts on “The Road from Paonia to Delta

  1. When I was in your part of the world I noticed the abundance of jet trails. It seems like the place is a crossroads for sky travel. So much noisy technology above and so much open peacefulness below. Hope it has warmed up and you have dried out some from the water disaster.


  2. Reminds me of the ranch, although I will admit that it’s similar here in Central Oregon… but less rolling.

    I drove thru your area once a few years back when we were heading to a pheasant hunting place in the far southeast corner of your lovely state. Out in the middle of nowhere and I never wanted to leave.

    As the year ends, I want to thank you for all you share. Your photos make me miss home just a tiny bit less.

    Happy holidays.


  3. I bet it was nice not to be driving in the snow and ice of the last few weeks.
    I wonder when the next storm will hit???
    How is your son doing? The one that moved not long ago?


  4. Hi Linda

    Yes like the person below:
    (“You have coal out there?
    I had no idea that there were coal mines in Colorado. Whereabouts in Colorado? I have only associated Colorado with ranches, farms and World Renowned Ski resorts eg: Aspen.
    Your blog becomes more enlightening every day. If you have coal mines are they the “open cut” variety like in Australia, where you require long ( 6 mile long here! – hard to believe) freight trains to get the coal to the shipping ports. So where also is the coal transported to – what Pacific Ocean ports or does it go south to the Gulf of Mexco ports?



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