The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—-Friday Update

We had a winter storm come in on Tuesday.  What a long boring day that was….the cats and I slept most the day.


Then Wednesday we had SUNSHINE!


Beautiful SUNSHINE!

And Thursday!



Early morning the birds still look like its cold.


The storm blew in a pair of Robin’s!  Mom was ecstatic!  I didn’t get it, they were just Robins.  But Mom was happy so I was too!


I got in huge trouble because I brought in a fresh afterbirth.  I had just brought it onto the lawn when Mom saw me.  Grabbed the really yummy thing and hauled it to the burn barrel.



Mom, Dad, and I do a daily calf run.  I Love Going on the Four-Wheeler! I just love it!  I’m safe up there, from those old mean momma cows, and I can see and sniff to my heart’s content, without having to walk!


Mom and Dad are still cutting and hauling and stacking wood.  Three loads a day.  Although, they don’t go if the weather is snowing.

Just a minute…..


Scratch, scratch…I’ve got an itch!!!








The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—-MOM! HELP!!!

momHi, Dad!  What are we going to do today?


Mom?!  Do You have a plan to do something?

Are we going to get to do ANYTHING?!?!?


We are going to work on the fences!  YAY!


Off we go!


Dad is making an old part of the farm into a new farmed field; down the fences must go.

“STAY!” Mom said as she got off to help Dad.  “I don’t want you rolling in anything, eating anything, or being chased by some mad Momma.”

So I stayed.

And I stayed.

The fencing stuff piled up, poles and wire…I sat there patiently.


Then …. Mom.  Mom, there is a cow coming to sniff me.  MOM!



I jumped off and ran to Mom…a wet cow nose on my dog fur is  SCARY!

You know what?!?!?  Mom just laughed and picked me up and put me back on the four-wheeler.

“You are okay, Boomie!”  She has moved.”

Mom said this while chuckling all the time.

But, geez, those creatures are HUGE!  And they do things, like try to stomp me…


Mom petted me and got on the four-wheeler and we were off.


Whew, it’s good to be back home!


The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—-Playing with the Cats (s)

Do you know what cats do all day?



Well, anyway most of the day.

But sometimes….Min-Min and I figure out ‘stuff’ to do.



Hunting for Mice….well, Mindy hunts for Mice I just read the news

Sammy thinks he still needs to keep our farm protected from feral cats.


Mom says that is NOT a good thing and makes him stay inside most of the night.  BUT sometimes Sam escapes!


We all go for a walk with Mom and Dad (if he is along).


We also walk with our big Sister and Romeo the horse.

I have to watch out for Romeo, if I’m not walking fast enough he will reach out and take a nip out my backbone right next to my tail.

But the other day….


Min-Min and I were hanging out in the little thicket on the canal bank, when we saw something shiny and red and scary!


I did a big bay and hollered for Mom to come. “COME QUICK!” I bade, as loud as my Beagle voice could yell.



Mom came over to see what the problem was…I led her right to the alien spaceship full of giant spiders ready to pounce on all of us, and gave a loud real blast of my mighty voice.

“Oh, I see”  said Mom.  Down she went into the thicket, reached down and picked UP THE SPACESHIPFULLOF SPIDERS and brought it back out for Mindy and I to see and sniff.


“Just a downed balloon. Nothing big to worry about.”


She gave me a hug and a nice belly rub, and Mindy got a tummy scratch.

With the balloon in hand Mom walked over to the trash can; no more space ship or giant spiders!

We are all safe again!





The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—-It Started Out as a Good Day

The whole day started out just wonderful!


I barked the mail lady down the road, gave her the good ‘ol what for, and barked her all the way back out of the yard!

Felt wonderful!


The sun was shining; Mom and I went for a walk!


We saw a helicopter, flying low enough Mom took a photo of it!

I barked happily at it!


The snow is leaving EVERYWHERE!  Only place left now is the canal, and it is melting!


Min-Min Lou and I


played hide and seek


in one of the irrigation culverts!


Then I trotted off and left Min-Min and Mom.  I needed to gather lots of news from around the place.

While out there I found a really nasty, stinky, spot and gave myself a GREAT BIG RUB and ROLL in the nasty, stinky, stuff!

I was so very happy to get back to Mom and Min-Min so they could smell this lovely odor with me!


Mom. Was. Not. Happy!

She marched us right home and gave me a bath, with hydrogen peroxide, warm soapy water, and lots of clean rinse water.



Mom is such a spoiled sport when it comes to really cool nasty smelling stuff.


The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—-So Mom Says to Me

my-boomie-my-booSo Mom says to me—“Guess what, Boomie-Boo?  The sun is shining and it is kinda warm outside….lets go for a four-wheeler ride!

With that Mom, Dad, and myself ran out the back door, hopped onto the four-wheelers.  (Well, I didn’t hop, Mom won’t let me because of my very weak knee).  We took off for the Upper End, the Back Forty, No Man’s Land, even ran up on the Rocky Point where we saw a coyote heading down from Coyote Hill and racing through No Man’s Land onto the our neighbor’s pasture and through all the grazing cows.

The cows stopped and watch the coyote, took up the “you come to near and I will charge you” stance…but the coyote ran on.  Dad said we must have scared the ‘daylights’ out of the coyote for it to take off like it did.

Mom and I watched and watched until the coyote turn around a hill and was gone.


Then Dad went down and check out a one of the fence lines while Mom and I rode on top of the hill checking another fence line.


Then we all met up where Romeo hangs out, talked to him for a spell and headed back home.


It was a great time riding in the sunshine!





AND AWAY WE GOOOOOOOO—-Thursday, November 10, 2016

Image result for And away we go

As Jackie Gleason used to say!

on-a-ride-1Mom and Dad and I are B.U.S.Y!  Now that the farm harvests are all done, the water is turned off, the canal is dry, and everything is frozen— Dad announced it was time to go work on the other house  at my oldest sisters.

Shannon wanted a cupboard and a new fan over her cooking stove, so Mom and Dad loaded up all the materials, the tools AND ME!  

Off we went — they get to work and I get to play with Etta, Shiloh, Black Dog, Houston and Rocky.  They worked and I played!  Pretty nice trade off!


Then it was into town to get some ‘stuff’.  I get to go into Tractor Supply, pretty coo!  Me and a HUGE store.  I’m always on my leash and I’m a very well-behaved dog, so I get to go in.

Then back home Mom and Dad and I continue work on the building Dad and Mom tore down…they are at the stage where they are cleaning up everything and getting the forms fixed for the cement to come.

Dad says maybe next week we can pour the cement.  Here again they work and I gather all the news I can.  Min-Min cat hangs out with us looking for mice.  When she catches one she always brings it over for Mom to give her a big pet and tell her what a ‘good job’ she does.


Sam-Sam just picks out a spot in the sun close by and naps.  But  it is a nap with one eye on everything we are doing.  Sammy is ancient around 17 years old, Mom says.


We all work until dusk…which is early now…the sun sets before 5 in our neck of the world.

Back inside it’s SUPPER TIME!!! For all of us!

“This was a good day”, Dad announced “We got a lot done.”

boomers-cute-noseI’m always up for work adventures!

Aren’t you?



The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—Mom Says—-Friday, October 28, 2016

boom-and-iMom says she will be back with Sherlock Boomer Next week, Mom says she is way behind.

cement-ditchMom is really behind.

We had to go clean up all the syphon tubes and get the farm put to bed so the combine can get to the ends of the fields.

ditch-2There are lots of ditches

doneAnd lots of syphon tubes, and dams and ditch cleaners to be picked up.

cleanedIt took mom and I two full days, but we made it!


So now the combine can make it through without any problems!

Mom says she will be back on track with the story soon!



The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—-Re-arranging the Ditch

Mom told me years and years ago she always liked to clean the house by re-arranging the furniture.  Move the sofa here, place the dining room table there…you know…shake it up a little.

Gradually over time she stopped that nonsense, finding just the perfect spot for the piano, the lazy-boy chairs, the beds in the bedrooms…they fit perfectly, so there they have stayed forever.

I told you this little story, because now Dad has taken to rearranging the ditches.

Well, really only one ditch—it’s slightly crooked, you see.  And he wants to ‘square up’ the field.

It’s the MUD ditch!  Mom’s least favorite ditch to work from.   But in order to have the Mud ditch moved a few feet we had to get the ditch ready to move come March.


First we had to pick up all the syphon tubes, remove the gated pipe and the dams.

Then we had to move the one stick of gated pipe…hard job.  It’s still out there waiting for Mom and Dad to go get it.


But nothing was as hard as removing the culvert between the cement ditch and the gated pipe.


The carefully cemented in culvert had to be chopped-out.  One smack at a time.

I hung around while they did the syphon tubes, but that cement stuff seemed to take forever.  Therefore, I checked out the deer, the pheasants, all the Quail…rabbits….you understand.  NEWS!


When I got back they were ready to haul two loads of the broken cement up to the head gate. (Dad is trying to shore-up the banks so they don’t keep washing away.


Up we went —  back we came, and up we went again.

I didn’t jump off; just waited there guarding the four-wheeler and the cement chunks from angry badgers or something.


Boomer…the best Guard dog on the farm!



The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—-I Got Company

The coolest thing happened!  I got COMPANY!

Company just for me!

Well, not really just for me, but still for me.


My dog cousins Scout and Gypsy came to visit!  For TWO WHOLE NIGHTS AND THREE WHOLE DAYS!

Right at first we weren’t too friendly with each other, but by the end of everything we were the best of friends.


I even got to go with Mom and Dad to my sister’s and my brother-in-law’s house and hang out with Scout and Gypsy, while Mom and Dad helped Kimi and Cliff move in.


WE  had a BLAST!

love-the-beagleMom told me I was a very good boy!




The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—-Mom Tricks Me

“Come on, Boomer!  Let’s go for a ride!”

RIDE!!  OH! GOOD!  I’m Ready Mom!

“Here, wait just minute; your collar needs to be on.”

Huh!? Collar?

Collars usually mean I’m going somewhere I have to be on a leash—town, the Vet’s…I wonder where.

“Okay, Boom.  Here we are.  Wait just minute you have to be on your leash.”

Oh, well.  Hurry Mom, snap it quickly there are smells that need to be smelled.

“Come on Boom, Houston is coming and you are first.”

Houston!  Oh good. I adore Houston!

WAIT! NO! MOM! NOT THE GROOMER!!!! Jerk, pull, drag my feet….


“Come back and get Boomer in an hour,” Theresa, the groomer told Mom.




(Sorry, Houston, you are on your own!)