About Fuzzy

I grew up as a cow dog, just the cowboy and me.  That’s how it was. Just us and the cows. Then one day the cowboy’s family took me for a ride in the car…I love riding in the car (not so much anymore-it makes me really nervous, but Mom still takes me so I can gain confidence)—- getting into the car wasn’t too bad.

Then suddenly they stopped the car and pushed me out and Drove Off real fast.  I tried to follow for a little while, but soon gave up and went back to the spot where they pushed me out of the car. I waited at the spot for three weeks, never leaving it for fear they would come back to get me and I would be off somewhere and miss them.  Boy did I get hungry!

Whew! But I stood firm.

I waited.

Mom and Misty kept trying to get me.  Mom said she wanted me to come live with her, but I KNEW cowboy would be back so I ran from Mom and Misty all the time. Then one day, when my belly met my backbone, Misty came out with a slice of roast beef. I LOVE ROAST BEEF!  Just love it!

And I was hungry.  Well, hungry wasn’t the word for it. So I let them feed me.

And the rest is history. Love-the-Dude

I’ve been with Mom and Dad now for years.

It’s good here.

I like it here.

I It’s my job to watch for people coming down the driveway, check out trespassing dogs and scaring deer. I have lots of work to do, I help haul hay (riding on top of the haystack is my favorite thing to do) Mom doesn’t let me do it very often, and never to a delivery, but I would if I could. I really like to run by (in-front) of the four-wheeler and check water or head over the pastures and check on the cows…that’s the best. Run-Fuzzy-Run

There is always news out there, that I just can’t get guarding the farm yard.  Boy is there some interesting stuff to learn out there.


I’m responsible for helping Mom kill snakes and mice.  Why Misty even calls me to come down to her house and kill the mice that slip inside.  I’m a good mouse killer. And no, I don’t eat them.  That’s the cat’s job.

I’m really good at barking at the deer. Dad says I need to chase the deer away.  I don’t understand why he doesn’t see that I do.   There aren’t any deer in the yard, ever!

Now the corn fields and the hay fields are just too big to keep them out of so I settle for the yard.  It more in keeping with my size. Besides it’s getting a little hard to keep running, my Doctor says I have arthritis so most of the time now I get to RIDE with Mom on the Four-Wheeler.  That is fun!  That is real fun!  It’s as much fun as riding in the back of the pick-up.  Well, maybe it’s funner-I get to see where I’m going on the four-wheeler. Fuzzy-Following-Me

Anyway, I thought I would stop by once in awhile and visit with each of you.  I have lots of stories to tell, you know how it is when you get old.  So come on back and visit and I’ll tell you about some of things I’ve learned in my long years of living.

Fuzzy FuzzyDoodle McDoodle Dude Brown

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