About Boomer

Hi!  My Name is Boomer!  Boomer Bee-Boo BROWN!!!

About Boomer

I was dumped off at the farm!


Boy did I get hungry!

I kept looking for food…nothing! I looked for a dog dish in every green spot on every hill just everywhere.


Then SUDDENLY I smelled FOOD!

And it smelled like CAT FOOD!

Cat food is the yummiest!

Skunk trap

Sniff, sniff!

Yep here it is!  In the dog crate.

Humm the crate is a little small; must be a cat crate.

AHH!  There it is! Yummmmm!

BAM!  I was caught!  I couldn’t go forward nor could I go backward.


I want to stay

My folks found me out on the back 40 and took me to another place that wanted me clear down on the river about 6 miles away from us.

Three days later I was back sleeping in Fuzzy’s  dog house, full of porcupine quills and thin as a slat board.

You see I left that place and walked all the way back.  I sure was tired when I got home…yes this is home.  I picked this place!

As soon as I got here I plopped right down in Fuzzy’s dog house and went to sleep

I'll be good

The next morning Fuzzy took one look at me, Mom and Dad took one look at me!


YIPPEE!  I got to stay!

Mom went down and got me my very own dog house and a soft and fluffy bed with snuggle blankets just like Fuzzy has.  Sometimes I take Fuzzy’s house and bed but he doesn’t mind he just takes mine.

Fuzzy does NOT share his dog food, he even shows me his teeth every once in a while.  I don’t care I just grin and go on about my life.

In my former life I was a city dog, I was never very far from home, used to have the thinnest fur you have ever seen on a dog, knew nothing about farm living, had never seen a real live rabbit.

When I first got here I didn’t know what a farm and I didn’t know how to ride on a four-wheeler or in the back of a pick-up.

See I had always lived in a house and when they were gone they put me in a garage.  I didn’t like the garage!  I still don’t go into ANY of Mom and Dad’s garages…..they can have the doors wide open and be in the garage and I still won’t go in there.

I didn’t make any noise when I came here either.  The vet told Mom that was weird because a happy Beagle likes to express him/herself.I also don’t like some men or boys with caps on either….I get very, very fearful and try to run away from them.

Now I can ride on the four-wheeler with Mom, or run beside them, I love to ride in the back of the pick-up, and I talk…..lots!

Still if men and boys with caps come on the place (I never bark at Dad), but I will Blade IF he has a cap on….I BARK!  I bark warning barks!  I bark until Mom comes out and pets me.   Then she feels me trembling inside and gives me lots of hugs and love!

Life on the Farm is GOOD!


BoomerAbout Boomer

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