Fuzzy 2000 – 2014

I’ve been thinking, Boomer.


What, Fuzzy?

I’ve been thinking about life, Boomer.  Life and all the good things that make up life.

I like to think about life also, Fuzzy.  What are you thinking?

Just this—If I could give you the gift of my years I would tell you to:


  • Never turn down a ride in the back of the pick-up
    • Oh! You are so right, Fuzzy. There is nothing like the wind in your ears and the ruffle of the air on your fur…like the ride in the back of the pick-up
  • Don’t forget riding with Mom on the four-wheeler. It’s the best.  She goes slow enough we can always smell the smells and see the sights and….
    • And Never worry about falling off, Fuzzy!
    • Right, Boom, we are always safe with Mom.


  • Cats are okay….even if I like to keep Sam-Sam from eating out of my dog dish—I still pretty much like him.
    • Me too, Fuzzy, me too!
  • The really fun things to do are barking the mailman and the FedEX man and the UPS man down the lane. Helps Mom and Dad know we are guarding the place and lets them know we are the boss.
    • And all the trucks coming in for hay.
    • Oh, Yes I forgot about the hay people. You are right!
  • Don’t forget helping Mom with the leaves…leaves are fun…it is fun to run and bark in the leaves while Mom works.
    • It is Fuzzy, it is!

There is just so much I would like to tell you, Boom, but I think you know.

I think you know.


Please let Mom know also, Boom.  It’s been wonderful here on the farm with Mom and Dad and you, my Buddy.My-Fuzzy-Dude-Brown

Oh, Fuzzy…How do Mom and I go on?  How?


One day at time…that is all you can do.

Good bye- my Friend, Good Bye.


Fuzzy passed away today, Thursday, October 30, 2014 at 11:00 am. He died in my arms with Boomer lying next to the dog bed.  We are devastated.  All of us…  Terry, Myself, Boomer and the cats.

Thank-you for loving Fuzzy as much as we have.  I will be back Sunday or Monday or Tuesday…I need some time right now.

Friday Adventures will continue with Boomer and myself, for life goes on, albeit much more lonely.Fuzzy 006

Fuzzy “The Dude” Brown


11 thoughts on “Fuzzy 2000 – 2014

  1. Dear Linda,
    This is beautiful and I’ve cried my eyes out…. I loved Fuzzy like so many of your readers, and I know too what it’s like to hold your darling in your arms as they leave. It still makes me cry to think of each loved one who went. Your heart must still be aching, and I’m sorry i haven’t caught up with this before.
    I have been going through times of letting go too, and will write to you in a couple of weeks when I’m recovering…much love, Valerie


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  5. Hi Linda,
    What a poignant and loving post! Love the humor too! 🙂 I am so sorry to hear of Fuzzy’s passing, your post touched me especially as my horse Flash, a.k.a. Fuzzy, passed away last summer at the ripe age of 28. From this post alone, Fuzzy had a long, happy, and adventurous life, just as my equine Fuzzy did. Your tribute to your friend is from the heart; I know we both miss our furry friends but they live on forever in our hearts. :’)


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