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On Friday’s I used to let Fuzzy and Boomer, our two farm dogs, to take over and blog about their adventures throughout the week.  Since Fuzzy passed over the Rainbow Bridge, Boomer has taken up the Friday Adventure.


Boomer also has a very exciting life separate from Terry and I…he loves to solve mysteries on the farm.  He has different companions who help him investigate the many strange happenings—


Ruth a Great Horned Owl (she is very psychic) and the two squirrel brothers, Stewart and Stanley.

Sometimes it’s the dogs who live at our oldest daughter’s house.

The Sherlock Boomer stories occur once a week in serial format.  Usually the stories are written once a quarter.

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Hello. My name is Boo Berry Betty BROWN! — Friday, June 9, 2023

Hello.  My name is Boo Berry Betty BROWN! 

Mom says I get to tell MY story:

I have been here since June 14, 2022

It took me a long-time to understand what I am supposed to do.

My life before was babies.  I was bred by my first breeder when I was 9 months old.

Then there were puppies.

Then a little break where I really missed my babies. BUT—

The boy dog took care of me missing my puppies and gave me more.

This went on for twice a year for two years.

Then—-I went to live with another breeder.  A really nice man.

BUT—the story was the same.

Boy dog.


Boy dog


For a year and ½.

I lost my last two litters—–

My really nice man breeder asked my MOM!!!


If she would like to take me home; he was retiring me.

Now all that puppy stuff is over.

I have a new purpose in life:

  • I have learned to not wet the floor
  • I have learned how to do my private stuff OUTSIDE (having to do my private stuff where I lived and ate was kind of rough)
  • Guard Mom and Dad
  • and sometimes TLC Cai-Cai. (Just sometimes)
  • follow Mom everywhere! And I do mean EVERYWHERE!
  • Growl at the door when something or someone strange is there
  • BARK LOUD when someone or something strange shows up

  • Help put up the chickens — only when Mom tells me to—I have to remember ONLY if Mom asks me to help
  • I have enjoyed immensely going on walks with Mom.
  • I have learned I can RUN!!! And I can RUN FAST!


  • I have grown to the spot I can go outside by myself for a short while.       Not long I get worried about Mom and the house, and my soft beds
  • I have finally learned how to sit on a lap and relax
  • I can ride on Mom’s lap in the car or truck

  • And I can ride in my special blue box on the four-wheeler

  • I love playing with my very own cat—TLC Cai-Cai

  • TLC and I go outside together every morning. We play a little bit, then TLC goes off to do Cat stuff and I go to the backdoor and wait for Mom to call me 😊

  • I LOVE TO RUN!!! I even make up things to run too

  • I have learned to jump over the cement ditches (boy is that ever scary)
  • I have met my dog cousins and my human relations

Mom says I am no longer a kennel dog-I am a FARM DOG!


Boo Berry Betty (my registered name) BROWN— My legal name!

But Mom and everyone just calls me Boo Berry!

Boo Berry


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