Something Larger Than Yourself—Wednesday, March 22, 2017

The work goes on…first light –until way past last light– arriving back in the yard in a flurry of falling stars in the velvet night.

Yesterday Terry worked in the alfalfa field and I finished up raking the whole yard, all the flower beds, around all the outbuildings, and

(This is an old photo, but it gives you an idea of what I did yesterday)

worked on getting the canal bank ready for the water to come.  A huge job.

The fertilizer truck arrived around 7 this morning.  So now Terry is

rolling the fertilizer on the corn fields.

Water is supposed to be in the canal any day now.  We took a short drive around 5 yesterday afternoon, checking the canals above us to see where the water was…our lives revolve around water.

It’s a busy time of year, but a good time.  It gives me a sense of reaching out to something ever so much larger than myself.  Our farm, a small, vibrant island of life.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm








Moonlight on Water—Tuesday, March 21, 2017

(This is an old photo, but one I loved so thought I would share it again 🙂 )

George, a long-time blog friend, sent me a gift of a lifetime.

A moonbow! He and his dearly beloved wife, Betsy had gone to Cumberland Falls State Park in Kentucky for his birthday.  Heading out on a clear moonlight night they went to the falls to see if they could see a MoonBow in the water. You can read about their experience here.

And here is Betsy’s wonderful blog.

What an amazing gift!!!  There they were with the moon making a path stretching all along the water, shadows of the night along the trees and bushes, the mist from the falls cold around their feet, the silence that isn’t silence for the thundering of the fall…and then

The moonlight shimmering all along the mist of the water!

Wow!  Thank you, George!

From my world to your heart,




Why I Come Here—Monday, March 20, 2017

Yesterday I got a message from WordPress:
Happy Anniversary with!
You registered on 10 years ago.
Thanks for flying with us. Keep up the good blogging.
Ten years!  Goodness times has flown.  Terry and my hair have turned color, in that time, his is white and mine gray….we are both retired from downtown jobs
Our grandchildren have grown from tiny infants into much bigger kids.
Still the drifting clouds and the breezes continue to move over the land we call home.
 And we still continue to farm.  Working the soil, building fences, taking care of the this piece of property that calls to Terry and I.
And for me, I love blogging.
I’ve met so many wonderful friends here, people who have become more than a push of the like button…
For you — each one of you…sit close to me for a spell and we get to know each other.
Thank you for my wonderful ten years of blogging.

Moment’s Clipped in Time—-Sunday, March 19, 2017

Friday afternoon Terry came in with a broken roller harrow.

One whole roller came off and flung itself all down the row.  Twenty three rollers and other parts and pieces.

What a huge expensive mess.

Terry made  a quick call to U.S. Tractor in Montrose, Colorado;  ordered parts (they will be in Saturday morning).So that gave us the rest of the day to work on FENCES!!!

Then Saturday morning a fast trip to Montrose, and Terry started to put the roller back together.  I helped, but that is all I did.  ‘Here hold this.  When say push, push.  Do this or that’…while he put it all back together again.

Terry is multitalented that is for sure.

By late afternoon he was back in the field.

There are some moments (clipped out of time), which seemed to be perfectly adhered in our memories… watching Terry finished plowing one of the field the other night—-I saw a beautiful sight.  One that says, in Spring — everything is possible!




(Only if you get the ground ready for the crops!)

From daylight to dusk….the land is jarred loose from it’s long winter’s nap.

And the small spring buds start waking; drowning out the voices of last years old growth.

Until one magic morning the earth is full of glorious smells (fresh turned soil, apricot blooms, growing green grass and alfalfa)  and a feast for the eyes.

What a joy!

From my world to your heart,



The UnMystery Mystery! Another Sherlock Boomer Adventure

Chapter Two

After Mr. Davis and Teresa got the cows and calves moved off the place,

Dad started farming more of the land. That’s sorta boring for me, because when Dad does that he takes away MY SNACKS!!!

Oh, well!  Maybe if I go beg at the door Mom will let me in and I can hang out with Mom for a spell.  Mom has been going in and out pretty regular today hanging clothes on the clothesline.

So I stood at the door and waited.  I just wait I know it won’t be too long before Mom comes out with something for the clothes line.

Oh! Good, there she is…letting out the cat and letting me in.

I laid down on my soft comfy bed; drifted off to sleep.  When Mom went by me real fast….

“Oh, my goodness!  WHAT IS ON FIRE!” Mom exclaimed as she headed out the door going toward the big machinery shed.

I jumped up and followed her as fast as my legs could go.

“FIRE!”  I bayed.  “ROMEO! ARE YOU ALRIGHT?”  Mom and I headed to the pasture, where Romeo the horse is spending his days with us!

“Romeo!” Mom called!  ROMEO!  Oh, there you are.”  Mom gave Romeo a pet on his nose.

Snuffle, snort…there is a fire next to my pasture, Grams” Romeo tried to tell Mom.

Mom, myself and Romeo walked up the pasture a ways and stopped. “I’ll be so glad when everyone next to us gets this need to set everything on fire out of their system.  With everything so dry these field burns are starting to make me very nervous!”  Mom said to Romeo and me.

It was a long while back we had snow, then even while we had snow and cold and below freezing temperatures the rains came.  Even before the cows came the rains came and melted ALL the snow, turned everything into mud.

Then the air dried up and the earth dried up and we were DRY.

Then came more winter and then sorta spring and the cows came, then the calves started popping up and once in a while we might have hint of moisture but really nothing.

Now we are in late winter and almost spring, with temperatures hot as June in the daytime, but cold at night so everything has all its moisture sucked right out of it.

That’s why Mom and Dad and I (your wondrous Boomer Beaglie Brown, sometimes known as Sherlock Boomer) have become concerned about fire!  You get last year’s tall dead grass, dry and brittle leaves on the sagebrush, Chico Brush and Rabbit brush, hot days with warm breezes and you have the perfect mix for a dangerous fire.

Then you add, into this crazy mix PEOPLE WHO LIKE TO BURN UP LAST WINTER’S DEAD STUFF and you get FIRE!

The kind of fire that takes out farms and houses….well, you know EVERYTHING!

We stood up at the end of Romeo’s pasture and watched that fire swoosh across the cornfield.  Gradually it burned itself out.

Giving Romeo a bunch of hugs and rubs Mom and I walked back to the house leaving Romeo up there to guard the end of his pasture.  He said he was glad to do so, since there was lots of grass to eat.

We got back home just at the UPS man arrived, so I peeled out and left Mom in the dust.  I feel it’s very important to let the UPS guy know that I am the dog in charge out our place, and he has to have my permission to get out of his truck.  Of course he always gets out of his truck anyway.  If it’s the nice UPS guy I get tossed a bone, if it’s the mean UPS guy he tries to kick me.   No matter the danger (mean UPS guy) I always do my beagle duty and bark at him.

I got there just as the UPS guy was backing up.  I gave my loudest beagle bay ever…so loud and long I actually jumped up in the air.  I could see the UPS guy moving around in his stopped truck, I continued to blast my loudest barks ever!

About that time Mom was getting close to the driveway.

The UPS guy started down the UPS truck steps so I sorta kinda got closer baying all the while when suddenly the UPS driver turned into a HUGE MEAN GODZILLA OF A MONSTER and lunged at me with deadly claws up in the air.

It was at the precise moment I realized that some monster has eaten the UPS driver and was now poised to eat MOM AND ME!!!!

My ears flew up, as far as beagle ears can fly, the hair on the back of my neck and all down my body fluffed up and I summoned the loudest bark I possibly could.

Before I could get my bay out Mom was right beside me and the GOZILLA Monster was flying down the steps of the UPS truck right toward MOM AND ME!

I whirled around and tucked my tail under my hind end, slinging barks at the UPS monster and ran right into the propane tank.

It sorta kinda slowed me down…klunk! I mean, it well, stopped me.  It was while I was in the stopped position I heard Mom and the —huh!? —UPS driver laughing.

Mom walked over to me, while the NICE UPS driver put this amazingly large package down on the glider.  Mom petted me, so I could calm down.  Then the nice UPS driver gave me THREE cookies, chuckling all the while.

Three cookies!  Yum! Slobber, chew!

With a wave and a rev of his motor the UPS driver was gone.

I stood there chewing up the last of my cookies and watched Mom carry that huge package into the house.

I wonder what happed to the Godzilla monster.  I’ll bet I scared it so bad it ran away.  That’s what I bet.


A Wonderful Book: Loyal—-Thursday, March 16, 2017

I just finished reading this great book:  Loyal: 38 Inspiring Tales of Bravery, Heroism, and the Devotion of Dogs by Rebecca Ascher-Walsh (Author)   it is a wonderful book….telling the tales of love and loyalty and that special something between humans and the dogs that love them….or is it between dogs and those humans that love the dogs?

There are 38 tales of amazing and wonderful dogs complete with full face photos of the dog being featured.

This is a serious book but also an uplifting book about those wonderful creatures called ‘man’s best friend’ or for many others of us, ‘our fur children.’

It a quick read, but a read, which confirms dogs enrich and enhance our lives in so many different ways.  Many times the stories are about dogs who come to the rescue of the humans in their lives, or as true unconditional acceptance of us, that lifts us up and helps us become better selves.

This is a book you can sit on your coffee table for the lovely photos alone.  It is also a book you can give your visitors, children, and grandchildren to read.  This book can be read and re-read for years.

It’s a great book that reminds us why dogs are an important part of our daily lives.

If you love dogs this is a great book for you.  I highly recommend this outstanding read.

This is the customer comment I left on  It is such a good book I thought I would share my words with you also!






One Field Finished with the Second Step — Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Terry has finished rolling one field…there are many more field  to work , but this one is finished with the plowing and the rolling.

This is what plowed ground looks like —all lumpy and bumpy

And here is what it looks like after being rolled.  There are several more steps to go before we can start water and then plant.  (Terry wet plants…the seeds come up faster and they come up all at once, that way.)

It’s always a good feeling to get one step done and ready for the next step!


Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


The Soft Susurrus as the Night Gathers—-Tuesday, March 14, 2017

There is a silence, which descends on the land, as the day starts to fade and night begins creeping into all the corners of the earth

Although the day time sounds are muted.  But darkness, you understand,  is not silent…small melodious voices break out through all the long time, of that mysterious shadowy time of sleep.

Invisible intimate sounds: the hoot of an owl, a squeak of a scurrying mouse, a nightbird calling;the howl of a distant coyote…are a constant flicker at the edge of hearing.

There are those who feel an uneasiness in the night. But not I….

I find a late night walk (among those creatures of the land) a rather comforting journey of peace.

From my world to your heart,



Romeo Comes for an Extended Stay—-Monday, March 13, 2017

Yesterday Romeo decided to come to “Grammy and Grandpa’s” for a visit.  He left his home and trotted his little (BIG) self all the way over to beg for carrots, horse treats and a sugar mint.  (I know we spoil him. 🙂  Mainly for just this reason.  If he gets out of his pen, or he decides to leave his yard, or for whatever reason, he WILL head to us.

His mom wasn’t far behind this time.  She had stopped to shut a gate—it was one of those wire gates that must either be laid down or leaned up along the other fence.  While Shannon was busy….Romeo came for some horse treats.

 Terry mentioned that the cows didn’t clean up some of the ditch banks very well; with a little fencing effort Romeo could come up here and eat to his heart’s content.

So now it is a fact…Romeo has come for an extended visit—a perfect feast for him and slicked up ditch banks for us!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


The Farm Waking to Spring—-Sunday, March 12, 2017

I finished cleaning and prepping my gardens by the the corrals, which led me to figure out I had better get the corrals back into order, fences and gates in repair, take down the metal fences and store them until next year (for when the cows come).  Clean out the loafing shed and move some things around.

A little squirrel chattered at me, from one of the corral posts;  the call of a Robin sitting high in the Willow tree made a sweet song as I worked.

Terry finished plowing one field and started rolling it.  The soil is just right for plowing, but drying fast.

so the rolling had to occur as soon as he could hook up the roller or the earth would turn into clods.

In the fresh extra edge, of cool air and rising sunshine Saturday morning we finished the last load of the wood. A slight breeze moved restlessly caressing our work heated skin.

It was a lovely feeling. 

Friday and Saturday we kept a steady pace.

Then as the day came to a close, cool mist of the evening rose up to wrap the world in drifting peace…the Red Winged Blackbirds came to feast; filling up their tummies for the long night of rest.

Their songs high and sweet— and full of joy!

From my world to your heart,