Our Weather Report—-Tuesday, January 17, 2017


We went from this

wet-004To this and have stayed at this for weeks now. Rain and rain and even more rain.

wet-003Sigh!  The days are long and grey and boring and ever so nasty.

roof-topStill it seems like there is always something that needs to be done.

walk-in-the-farmI’m looking forward to walking with  Boomer  in the SUNSHINE!  Where we throw shadows on the ground and our feet don’t collect mud!

But not yet!  Not today.  Not for awhile.  Another big storm system is heading in here in a day or so, until then just know that I am

Hot-Summer-NightDreaming of those hot summer nights some place in the future!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


That Incredible Wonderful Moon—Sunday, January 15, 2017


In a rather desperate search for a full moon photo—I kept waking-up off and on throughout two nights searching for a time the moon was not covered in clouds.

moon-and-rings-through-theWaiting (but not very patiently) hoping for that single wonderful photo.

ring-around-the-moonGradually the clouds parted, the stars singing loudly in the long, long night

finally-janaurys-full-moon Moonbeams shattered the mist fill land and melted into a cold silver and blue light.

While Boomer checked things — I stood in the shadow moonbeams and ghostly clouds.

From my world to your heart!


A Raid on the Farm! Another Sherlock Boomer Adventure

Wonderful   Outstanding Win!


That was the bestest idea ever!  Just as the sun started setting we worked our way up to the Sage Brush Hill, walking up the farm road past the horse pasture, the equipment storage area, onto the cement ditch road, right down into the pond, and the little bridge that leads you right up to the top of Sagebrush Hill.

We walked as silently as hooves and paws can go.  Once on top I took the lead moving steady, but stealthily into the dense jungle of Rabbit Brush, Sage Brush and Chico’s….we could hear those hounds rough housing and joking around laughing and chuckling over something they considered funny.

Way over on the Flat Lands a lonesome Coyote called.  Followed by another Coyote then a chorus of coyotes.


“Push them toward the Flats,” Romeo whispered.  “Don’t let any of them turn back…we must get them into Coyote Country so the Coyotes will unknowingly help push them over the edge and into the Rubidoux Canyon country.

We all nodded our heads in agreement.

Then we were there….Romeo took over the lead crashing through the last of the Chico Brush; we all followed him.

“Blood!” Romeo screamed, “I am hungry I want BLOOD!”

Then we were all there demanding blood for supper and we wanted it NOW!

Bruiser took one look at Romeo and screamed “TICKS! A WHOLE HERD OF TICKS!”


Tony had been laying on his back giving himself a good back scratching when Bruiser screamed TICKS, trying to fling himself upright again he twisted himself right into Rocky’s massive jaws dripping saliva!

“RUN!” Tony screamed.  “Ticks get caught in your fur and you can never get rid of them!”

Finally Tony was able to stand up; skedaddling as quickly as he could.  Even at that he was the last one of the mangy stray dogs to leave their compound.

We all gave chase…down the Sage Brush Hill we flew with them high-tailing it before us.

Then we arrived at the edge of the Flat Lands where we stopped, since the dust cloud coming off the feet of the fleeing scraggly dogs was so thick we couldn’t see anything.


“Let’s head home.”  Houston said.   “No matter what happens now Bruiser and his gang are deep in the middle of coyote country; they won’t last long there.  Either they make it through and head into Rubidoux canyon or….” Her voice trailed off.

I parted way, with everyone, at the end of the cement ditch….Romeo, Rocky, Houston, Black Dog, Shiloh and Etta heading back to their part of the farm.  Houston was in a bit of hurry to get home, because her human was coming to get her and she didn’t want to be late.

Etta and Shiloh wanted to get back and get a good nice rest because tomorrow they were going into the woods.


As for Black Dog…Rocky gently took her collar in his teeth and turned her toward her farm… “Come on Black Dog, we are going to find you a tiara, I think from this day forward your name is Black Beauty Dog.”

I paused at the corner of the cement ditch and the dirt ditch listening to everyone’s plans for the coming day.  Romeo paused with me.

“Thanks’, Rome!” I put up my paw and high-fived his offered hoof! “You and Red really came to the rescue. The farm is safe again because of you and Red!”


With a flip of his and a smile on his lips Romeo turned on a dime flung his tail in the air and took off running.


HUH!?  Did that horse just fart at me?

Sherlock Boomer



An Irish Rainbow—Thursday, January 12, 2017


Erin sent to me (and to you) a wonderful January Rainbow from the Emerald Isle–


Both ends of a rainbow, taken from inside my work building today (hence the window-smut, sorry). I actually was made fun of for taking these pictures, until I told them they were for a friend who collected rainbows from all over the world. This one is Ballyhaunis, Co Mayo, Ireland.

No snow here, as you can see!


What a joy!  Thank you so much, Erin!



For a Spell—a Tiny, but Delightful Spell—-Wednesday, January 11, 2016

jet-blueThe clouds blew away and the sun came out!  Our temperatures rose to 50*,  and the animals and I went outside and danced in the sun’s rays!

ice-and-shadows-012It was a joy!

ice-and-shadows-011The sun threw shadows and light on what drifts remained.

ice-and-shadows-014Then all too soon that beautiful golden orb slipped behind the Uncompahgre Plateau

ice-and-shadows-015And was gone!

But for a brief moment in time we were flooded with light!

From my world to your heart!


A Restlessness in the Air—Tuesday, January 10, 2017

before-the-meltAs I wrote yesterday—the morning was chill and cold. Icicles had grown long and pointed, a testament to the slight melt and continued bone chilling air we had been having.

little-birdsThe little birds were restless, as were the other animals…a shifting of here and there.  I thought possibly it was a search for food…the need to fill up to prepare for a long journey or another onslaught of storms.

melt-004Then a melt occurred!  Snow fell off the roof of the house with a loud bam, snow melted out of the tire wells, giving the car tires a much needed relief from packed snow, AND puddles arrived in the yard where once snow drifts lay.

working-with-the-trash-canI was able to get a few things done the snow drifts had stopped me from doing.  It was a relief.

storm-coming-inThen around 10:30 last night a huge ice storm roared in, with a voice like an archangel!

This morning we can hear the sound of tires slipping and sliding on the pavement a mile away, as drivers head to work, forgetting to go slow.

Just because the pavement looks dry….

ice-stormIt’s still slick out there!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,



I Miss the Sun—Monday, January 9, 2016

snow-on-the-san-juansWe are socked in again.  The sky is thick with clouds and the scent of snow is live in the air.



My mind, my heart and my soul misses the sun.


Even a tiny sliver of sunrise would be nice.

ice-and-shadows-014Or a quick peak at the sun as it vanishes into the night!

Any sunlight would be nice.

Until then…


I’ll know that the mountains are filling up with snow…snow means melt come spring, melt means full reservoirs and water for irrigation!  YAY!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,



The Bitter Cold Says Hush, Be Still—Sunday, January 8, 2017


It’s cold here!  So cold that your lungs feel frozen when you try to breathe.


There is a hush upon the land, a stillness that says…shhhh, step softly, go carefully, do not disturb the silence of the sleeping earth.

ice-and-shadows-004The woodstove is a blessing!


Still there is a wonderful beauty of the evening sky—the jagged pink line of snow covered mountains


As the setting sun brings to us the darkness…flowing in quietly all around us

ice-and-shadows-019The brilliance fading into gray.

moon-shadowsStill the moon, that heart stopping brightly glowing moon, teases me with the thought I could grab a bare branch, of the highest tree, and swing like a trapeze artist.

If I could do so I  would be able to catch myself on the hook of that growing moon.  Then I would skip and jump from one glowing star to another— walking among the vault of heaven, which arches over our magnificent earth.

From my world to your heart




A Raid on the Farm! Another Sherlock Boomer Adventure

The Ending Next to the Ending


While Houston was laughing and rolling in the dirt. Etta and Shiloh, the two hunting hounds came up followed by Romeo, the Pleasure horse and Red the Mule.

When they saw Rocky and I everyone burst out laughing and chuckling and hew hawing and braying and well, in general making fun of us.

Romeo, the pleasure horse and Red, the mule walked over to see what all the laughing and rolling around in the dirt was about.  Even the chickens and Willow the cat showed up.

There Rocky and I sat…a Dragon and a Bumble Bee.  Also, twirling around us was Black Dog with the most beautiful smile on her face ever.

“What’s all the fuss?” Romeo asked.

“Oh, Romeo!  I have come up with the perfect way to save the farm, the chickens and Willow.  Rocky and Boomer are going to be our heroes and go after those mean wild dogs.  I thought it would be perfect to dress them up as something so mean and strong so the wild dogs would take one look and run away yipping.”  Black Dog tripped and danced and pranced around.  If we could have put a little crown on her head she would make the perfect fairy-tale dog princess.

Romeo and Red just stared at Rocky and I.

Then I have to hand it to them, they did NOT laugh-out-loud at all.

Red turned his head toward Romeo and they had a sorta snicker whisper type of conversation; after which both turn tail and walked off.

“I’m taking this off,” Rocky announced “And if you have any smarts you will too, Boomer.”

Ripping off his costume Rocky came over and helped me get out of mine.  I kept getting my head stuck in the dragon hat.

About this time Willow, who had left us earlier, scampered into our area of the back yard yowling hysterically!


With that everyone dashed to the hen yard just in time to see Bruiser and three other dogs chasing the hens into the tiny door of the chicken house!

As we galloped closer we also saw Romeo and Red heading toward the same chicken house and Bruiser and his gang.

Now there is something rather alarming about equines running right at you…I mean that’s a lot of horse flesh pounding its way to you with four shiny hooves per equine ready to rear up and batter the enemy to death.

One of Bruiser’s gang saw the horse and mule coming sounded the alarm, whereby the nasty group of dogs turned as one and slithered under the corral poles, and scattered like buck shot, into the horse pasture.  We watched them race through the old orchard and disappear over the edge of the hill.

Everyone stood there winded and relieved.

“Okay,” said Red…”It’s now time to get serious about this pack of mangy dogs.   Wait here.  I have idea.  We will get rid of these creatures once and for all.”  With that he was gone.

We all waited there.

Right there.

Then Red was back.  After we all got ready he explained how Romeo would go with us (as the leader of the pack)  and he would stay at the farm yard to protect Willow and the chickens we all shook paws and hooves and headed out.


Red armed us with a most unusual set of weapons….

tick-2(Black Dog)

the ability to take blood.


There is nothing more frightening to animals that live in the wild than TICKS!


Ticks get on you, burrow down into your fur and suck the blood right out of you!


They hang on and hang on until there is nothing left of you and you….


get sick and die!


We were heading into battle dressed as TICKS!


“If that doesn’t scare the fur off their back legs, put a fire under their tails, and run them clear off the farm and into the Rubidoux Canyon and beyond. I’ll be a monkey’s Uncle.”


Red said.  “Now get up to the Sage Brush Hill and give them the scare of their mangy doggie lives!”