Mindy and Boomer Have an Adventure Chapter Twelve Friday, February 28, 2020

Chapter Twelve

Well, it took some doing. First Freddy fox set up a Foxy Yell (go here to hear a fox yell) Then Freddy made a huge dash into the now empty of water canal.  All this started the coyotes hollering (go here to hear the sound of coyotes hollering), which made Mindy claw her way onto my back.

The second I felt her claws latch onto my thigh then onto my back I took off running as fast as I could.

Now you must remember…I am NOT a young beagle anymore. I am actually an ancient beagle…just say’n.

Thus, being elderly I couldn’t run as fast as I would like and on top of me was a five-pound cat!  Now this cat was NOT just sitting up there enjoying herself, she was digging her mouse-killing claws into my back as far in as she could dig.  AND SHE WAS YELLING AT THE SAME TIME!

I tried to run and tell Mindy to hush up, but that was like pushing water upstream.

Finally, I fell down in a huge panting heap. I was totally exhausted… (older dogs have a tendency to gain weight, you do realize, don’t you?)  So, Not only was I old, and exhausted my weight got to me. I thought I was having a heart attack I was so tuckered out.

Mindy screamed at me to get up, to keep running.

I just couldn’t go any further.

I was done.

I laid there on the soil panting and huffing when Freddy raced by covering me in dirt.  He screeched to a stop, turned around, started walking back to Mindy and I.  Mindy peeled out off my back and climbed straight up on some of Dad’s equipment I was resting by.

Just as Freddy got two feet from my face three coyotes arrived. Splitting up one went one way, the other went the other way and the third one just stood and stared at Freddy, Mindy and I.

Mindy screamed and scrambled way deep into the corn combine.  I just laid there.  The end had come. I was done for, there was no way I could run, besides there were three coyotes on three sides of me and a big combine behind me so…lets’ face it I was trapped.

It was over, I was pretty sure.

Suddenly Freddy started yelping his Foxy call; dashing toward one coyote; then the other.

“You just think you nasty creatures are going to get us—” Freddy taunted, swishing his big fluffy tail this way and that.

The main coyote growled, placed one paw in front of the other, slunk way down to his belly and started coming closer and closer.

When out of nowhere a nose-stinging, eye-burning green fog filled the air all around us—Freddy, Combine, ME and the three coyotes!

Everyone was rolling on the ground, digging at their eyes and noses whimpering.  Freddy jumped up first, scampered through the three coyotes and was gone.

Then the three coyotes dashed into the deep darkness of the night yelping and hollering

I was so stunned with the green fug that I could not only not see, or smell anything I couldn’t even THINK what to do, or what had happened.

“Hi, Boomer!” Oreo greeted me. “Seems you were in a bit of mess, just a little second or so ago.  I thought I might help you out.”

Oreo was laughing and chuckling almost rolling on the ground.

“OREO! You are a life-saver!” I put my paw on his tiny little paw and gave him a little paw hug.

“Yes, I think so.” Oreo modestly replied.  “Well, off now, I have grubs and bugs to find to fill my tummy.”

I watched him walk off, turn around once he got out into the field and give me HIGH TAIL WAVE!

So, there you have it.  Mindy crawled out the combine, not a whiff of green fug on her fur, the coyotes were gone. Freddy left. And we were not far from the house and our beds inside.

“Say”, Mindy told me as we walked toward the back door, “I like going on adventures with you, Boomer. Let’s do it again sometime.”

I gather up what strength I had left and I ran to the back door and bayed and bayed until Mom came; opened the door where we both dashed inside.

Which after a long scolding, a big bath…Mom gagging all over the place. I finally got to go to sleep.

Swirling and Twirling —- Thursday, February 27, 2020

Spreading wings in the very sharp cold air

Rocketing high, high, high, up into the sky

Dashing here and there

The birds of winter light up our souls!

A few days back I saq what looked like, MAYBE a sundog, however faint in the sky.

It must have been for Wednesday we were terribly cold 18* f feels like 8* f ( -7 c feels like -13c)

Still, by Saturday we are to warm up into more spring-like temperatures.

I’m ready!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


Watch for the Birds —- Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Perched, just there, right there


Hidden in the branches of the Bridal Veil Bushes

A flock of tiny little birds

Hiding from the wind

Swaying on the little branches.  Silent, yet there…waiting, waiting for the wind to stop.

From my world to your heart,




Creating More Pasture —- Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Although, it’s still cold here and we still have a fire in the woodstove.  It is getting warm enough now I can go in JUST FLIP FLOPS!!! YAY!

We are opening up another part of the farm

Clearing away all the dead tree stumps and other brush

We are expanding the land for more pasture and grazing (that is Terry on the four-wheeler checking fences in the Back Forty)

Lots of work, but it will be nice for the horses and for the cows’ next winter.

Three days we worked, finishing late in the evening.

(Terry ran the tractor and I the pick-up and trailer) Thank Heavens for chains and loaders or we couldn’t have moved those ancient old tree stumps.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,



The FIRST of the Season—–Sunday, February 23, 2020

All the way from Kate Chiconia in Australia 

“Hi there
We’re still getting lots of rain, and I try and take the dog out for his walk between downpours. Here you can see a lovely shallow rainbow that greeted us at 7am the other day. Enjoy!

There is was in the cloud hidden sky a beautiful halo of light.

Floating, just there, filling the sky with its delicate fluttering colors!

Thank you, Kate!

My first rainbow of 2020!

(I apologize for pushing the button for this to be published on Saturday. I got very excited about the rainbows and wanted to get them UP for early Sunday delivery and pushed send on Saturday. 

I also have been confused with my days, since we went to the grandkids’ basketball game on Thursday, which made my weekend become messed up.  Friday felt like Saturday, Saturday felt like Sunday…old age I suppose.

Anyway, I try to always keep my blog current and active with the days of the week and my life.  Please accept my apologies for posting this on Saturday and again today.)

As always—
From my world to your heart,



Mindy and Boomer Have an Adventure Chapter Eleven Friday, February 21, 2020

Chapter Eleven

“Freddy!” I bayed. “Freddy come back!”

Mindy screamed and tried to hide under my tail…

under MY TAIL!


“Be calm, Mindy, it’s Freddy he will help us.”

“He is a FOX, BOOMER!!! FOX EAT CATS!!!!”

“Not Freddy, well, not this time anyway. Well, I don’t think he will. I just need his help, Mindy.  Stay as close to me as you can, attach yourself.  We have to have help to get from here to home.  Freddy is our best bet.”

I looked around and saw Freddy trotting back to me.

“Hey, Boom! Man, it’s good to see you again.” Freddy high-fived my right front paw with his left front paw.

We started to chest bump when I realized I had Mindy attached to my hip.

“Hey, Freddy, I need your help.”

“Sure, Buddy.  Whatever Can I do?” Freddy smiled his huge foxy smile.

“I need to get home. And I need to get Mindy…here Mindy, say Hi. Home.  It’s getting onto Coyote prowling time and I need to get Mindy back to Mom and Dad before she becomes Coyote lunch.”

Freddy looked around my body, saw Mindy all scrunched up tight against my hip.

“Well, well, hum mm, soft yummy cat…drool, slobber, slurp, Home, you say.  Okay. I can do that.  But we have to be moving along fast I passed two coyotes heading toward this area a few minutes ago.

“Come on!” Freddy waved his paw and took off down the farm road.  I’ll take the lead and you bring up the rear Boomer.  Mindy you can run in the middle.”

“YEOWL! I’m not going anywhere but right next to you Boomer!  You get right up there close to Freddy and I’m staying attached to your hip.”

Just then—

The first Coyote ran right in front of Freddy.




For Those Who Have Been Wondering and For Those Who Haven’t Been Wondering —- Thursday, February 20, 2020

“Well,” Terry said, as he put on his coat and cap

“Off I go to play in the dirt!”

With those words, he was gone.

Back out-on-the-land!

So as you can [now] see, Terry is farming this year.  The sitting idle watching someone else farm was agony for him last year.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm


The Time Has Come — Wednesday, February 19, 2020

The rancher started moving the cows yesterday and will finish today

They took the moms and the babies in very roomy trailers off to the nursery

Much closer to his house and barns

Sometime today they will arrive with large semi’s.  Load the remaining girls up.

The end of watching the soothing peaceful beauty of the  cows grazing on our farm

Until next winter…then.  Good-bye Girls. See you in a few months.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,




A Heavy Swooshing Sound — Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Standing on the Rocky Point, Beaglie and I saw masses of Sandhill Cranes resting on our neighbor’s farm–when they saw us several lifted off, causing the air to swoosh with the flapping of their wings.

Back on our farm, we came across a giant flock resting, waiting, resting.

The sounds are majestic and powerful!

Big birds…they rather brighten the long winter days!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,