In the Late Spring Days —- Tuesday, June 18, 2019

The pastures are looking lovely

All rich and green. The whirring insects, large and small hover in and around each blade of grass

The roses are still bright and cheerful, spilling heavily all along the building and even  rambling onto the rooftop

June has been lovely this year.

The first of the mean-spirited biting flies (horse and deer) have arrived adding their buzzing drone to the air

Gradually I’m developing immunity to their vampire bites so I can be out longer and longer without itching to death.

Not long now until the first day of Summer.  The longest day.

A day of joyful celebrations!  The peak of the Sun’s long reach, before the lingering light starts turning to dusk.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


P.S. Are you getting tired of birds taking off?  I get a kick out of taking their photo while they fly up, up to get away from me.  But I could try something else…possibly.


In the Dry, Crisp Air —- Monday, June 17, 2019

As the moon goes from crescent

To the glorious heralding of


The first of the stone fruit has started to ripen

Cherries enough for the birds and us!

I’ve been picking strawberries for a spell now; adding in the cherries makes meals yummy

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


I Determined I would Vanish the Ads —- Sunday, June 16, 2019

After studying all your wonderful answers to my question about ads on my blog

And really thinking about one statement: “It’s not your blog, it’s your reader’s computer. Things such as settings, web browser, unintentionally added adware, cookies from commercial websites they visit (the worst for inserting ads), etc. Everybody’s visit to your blog will be different”.

Then I took a strong look into my very ‘fixed’ income.

I decided to make the ads a distant memory

So if you still see ads on my blog, please let me know.  I purchased the expensive site that says there should not be any ads.

Thank you once more for helping me understand what you see when you read my blog.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,



Off on an Adventure Chapter Three

We traveled along, going past the BIG Alfalfa field, which means we have to skirt the bottom of the field, but that really isn’t a problem.  You see Mom and Dad have a road all around the whole bottom of the BIG alfalfa field so all we had to do was stay on the road.

About the middle of the Big Alfalfa field road, we all got tired and hot and thirsty.  Since there is a wee creek in the bottom of the valley between two knobs of hills, we all traveled down to the creek.

There we rested.  Drinking gulps of water and crawling under a Chico brush to let the hot sun of the afternoon pass on by.

Suddenly out of nowhere I hear one of the Squirrels chittering and chattering and Handsome, the Pheasant squawk and fly off yelling “ALARM! ALARM!”

I bounced myself awake, hitting my head on a low-lying limb.

“WHAT IS THE MATTER!”  I yelled! “What is happening!”

Stewart was standing upright screaming something in squirrel talk…so fast and so loud I couldn’t make heads or tails of what he saying.

“Slow down! SLOW DOWN” I bayed.  “WHAT IS HAPPENING!”

(Photo by Cloudy Doyle)

“SPIDER!”  Stewart screamed.  “Spider just about to land on you!”

(Photo by Cloudy Doyle)

I jumped way up, tangled myself into the brush, knocked my head on something then the world went black.

Way, way later I woke up, my head hurting, my body in some sort of twist so it was also in pain.  I gradually stood shook myself all over, took a few steps and laid back down again.

“Hey, Boomer. You awake now?”  Stanley climbed up on my back and pulled at my ears. “You ready to do something, Boomer?  You’ve slept the whole afternoon away.”

“Slept?” I pondered.

“I sure don’t feel like I’ve slept,” I muttered.

“Well, you did. The night is coming on and you are just now waking up.”

“Well, since night is coming on, it won’t hurt to ……………….” I fell over in another sleep.





The Sun Shows His Face Each and Every Day —- Thursday, June 13, 2019

Because we are now warm…nicely warm, not over-the-top warm

Melt has happened in the high country, swelling the rivers to flood stage

There is an eerie beauty about the wild and restless rivers

All that water rising way beyond its boundaries, the expanse of the water makes me feel very vulnerable

Although storms continue to play along the rims of the mountains and plateaus, we are dry here.

Then on Sunday afternoon, I saw a Sundog dancing along in the imperfect light.

From my heart to your world,



A Question I Really Need an Answer Too — Wednesday, June 12, 2019

I got this comment yesterday on my post: “I used to enjoy reading your blog, learning a little bit about farming and such, but lately it is so encrusted by advertisements I don’t read it much anymore. It was once a great blog but the ads have taken it over”.

Cobwebs and rosebuds

So now I really need to know….is my blog posts full of advertisements?  Please be honest.

I know that when I open my blog for the first time I do see an ad on the side of the post, but if I go out and go back in the ad is gone.

But if you are having trouble reading because of ads, and going out and back in doesn’t get rid of them I will do something different.

I just looked at the cost of going ad-free and it looks like $100 per year

So, while I really must watch my money; I really don’t want to lose my reader base

So if you would be very kind, and take time out of your very busy day

I would be so very grateful for your input!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,



Joy in the Movement of Limbs —- Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Our daughter and grandchildren and granddog, Loki, came for a wee visit.

Since they live in a subdivision we took Loki for a run

He was DELIGHTED! (to say the least! 🙂 )

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


Some Things Clutch at My Heart —- Monday, June 10, 2019

This little cat, once a feral, now a very good farm/house cat

Loves Terry…she watches for him,

Always keeping track of him, wherever he might be

All I have to do is find Mindy and I know where Terry is working.

But sometimes, I also love to gather her up

And pack her around …it seems even I can make a pleasant little smile on her kitty face.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


A Tale of Sadness and Bravery —- Sunday, June 9, 2019

The Vietnam Wall came to Delta.

It broke my heart to see all those names…the list just goes on and on and on

Friends and classmates, brothers, husbands, and sons; the wall unfurled each name and date as our dazed eyes took in the enormous loss

Tears constantly filled my eyes

Even as I sit here typing, I still want to cry.

An amazing WWII plane roared across the sky during the remembrance of those who were lost on D Day.

Then I saw a wonderful old gentleman stand and salute the flag.  He wasn’t part of the program, he was a serviceman forever more.

From my world to your heart,


Off on an Adventure Chapter Two

Looking back once.

Looking back twice.

I was gone.  Up and over and around the hill onto my way to Back Forty.

I was trotting as fast as my overly stuffed beagle body (winter flab, you understand) could go as I made my way closer and closer to my goal of finding Kit.

Kit is my bestest fox friend, when—-


“BOOMER!”  Some tiny little voice was calling me.  I looked back over my shoulder and saw STEWART!

Stewart is Stanley’s brother.  Stanley the Squirrel.  Stanley the Squirrel who is on the grain head posing for Mom.

I pulled up to a stop and sat down and waited. To be honest with you my ancient Beagle bones and muscles were protesting just a tad.  Nothing to worry about, but I did feel a little winded.  Sitting and waiting for Stewart would not be a sign of weakness.  No siree.  Just being polite is all.

Puff, puff, pant, pant.

“Hey, Boomer where you heading?  Can I come with you?”  Stewart skidded to a stop, little puffs of dust flinging up around his squirrel paws.

“Sure,” I allowed.  “Company is always a good thing.”

“Can I ride?” Stewart asked.

“No, not this time. We will just take it easy and slow.  You can check out things you are interested in and I can check out the news along the way.  If either one of us gets tired we will just stop under the shade of a rabbit brush or other weed; rest a spell, then go on.”

“Hey! Great Idea.”  Let’s head out!”

I puffed myself up, shook the dirt off my feet, gave my whole body a good shake and we were off.

We hadn’t gone very far, just around the bend at the end of the second alfalfa field, when suddenly Handsome the Pheasant flew out of the tall grass yelling his fright/flight call.

That scared Stewart and I so much we both fell down. Then Stewart started scrabbling backward trying to get under cover.

About that time, I realized the bunch of screaming was coming from Handsome the Pheasant.  I guess being able to recognize the fact it was Handsome helped when he landed right next to me.

“BOOMER!” Handsome yelled. “My Pheasant God in all the Heavens what are you doing up here?  Why I haven’t seen you all winter, nor have I seen you all Spring. What gives?  Where have you been?  It’s been rather lonely up here, well, not really lonely…I do have three lovely hens to err, um, cough, to pass the time with, but I mean LONELY without hanging out with you. I miss our games of hiding and flight, squawk and flush.  What is going on with you—-”

I put up a paw. “Wait!  Slow down, Handsome, slow down. You are talking so fast I can’t process what you are saying let along answer your questions.

Okay, now, one thing at a time.  It’s really good to see you again Handsome.”

“Thanks, Boomer, Now tell me what’s going on.  I am so glad to see you– can we do something — come on Boomer, let’s get to…………”

Just then I heard and wee voice crying in the Wilderness— “BOOMER! STEWART!  WAIT FOR ME!”

Around the corner came STANLEY!

Stanley slid to dust filled stop, panting heavily.  “Whew!  I made it. I was afraid I couldn’t catch up with all of you.”  Stanley stood up and put his paws on his knees and hung his head panting heavily.

Stewart ran over and toppled Stanley; they started wrestling right there in all the dirt.

“Stop! STOP!” I yelled.

“It’s good you are here, Stanley, but what about Mom.  How did you get away?”

“Chip showed up. As soon as Chip showed up I jumped down and crashed through all the brush so your Mom wouldn’t follow me, then I scampered onto the road and ran for all I was worth.”

“YAY!”  Stewart and Handsome and I yelled.

“We are all off on an adventure,” I stated

With that, we picked our paws and claws, and headed out!