While the Internet Was Down—-October 27, 2016

Although this would have happened, with or without the internet, one of the things Terry and I worked on, was the removal of the last old barn on our place.

breaking-out-cement-2First things first was to clean out the old barn, then to start breaking up the and removing the cement.  We both used a sledgehammer to break up the cement, then we loaded the chunks into the loader whereby it was hauled to a landfill.

readyThen it was time to remove the roof and the rest of the walls

overTerry used the tractor and loader to push the whole thing over

goingAlmost down

shed-downAfter which we had to clean up the mess.  I’m trying to save all the old barn wood, since there seems to be people out there who like to create with it.   This barn was built in 1920.
Terry and I have had a great time finding ‘artifacts’ to admire and [possibly keep or give away or sell or….] ..like the tin and the nails for the tin…..I know we are easily entertained.

shed-goneJust one wall left to remove, when this photo was taken.  Now we working on rebuilding a the wall and roof, for the other building…straighten up the inside of the building, before we lay the footers, for the foundation of the new shed.

It was a huge process, but one we rather enjoyed.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,



Makes My Farmers’ Heart Glad—-Wednesday, October 25, 2016

corn-harvest-002Yesterday, Monday, we started the 2016 Corn Harvest!

corn-harvest-003It’s early this year!  Wonderfully so!

corn-harvest-004Before Halloween even!  With blue skies and nice weather!  Sure is a nice feeling.

Last year, we were not able to harvest in 2015.


Nope,  it was in January before we could even begin!  

Before-DawnSo far we are way, way, way ahead of last year’s harvest!

terry2016 is an amazing year…we harvested corn in January and now again in October!

Not many years can boast two corn harvests in one year!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


I AM BACK! THANKFULLY! —- Tuesday, October 25, 2016

october-moonAfter twelve very long days I finally have internet again!  I am so thankful I wanted to cry.  I know that is silly, but it’s true!

I’ve miss all of you.  Near and far.  It was like being flung out into Siberia, or the North Pole!

Anyway, the internet is back!  Tomorrow I will bring you up to speed on what we have been doing for twelve days and I will be catching up with each of you!



October’s Full Moon/The Hunter’s Moon—-Sunday, October 16, 2016

october-moon-001Our weather has been stunningly lovely the last few days!

october-on-the-farm-003The days have been warm enough I have all the windows open, with the slight breeze blowing through the rooms

october-on-the-farm-006It’s been so nice Terry has decided it’s time to tear down the rest of our old barn, in preparation of building a new shed which will  house his wood working equipment and his snow machines.

So I guess you know how we are filling our time (now) until corn harvest.  I hope to have photos for you on Monday!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


A Raid on the Farm! Another Sherlock Boomer Adventure

Chapter Three


After having just the best birthday ever, I took a nap—in the sun!

I was sleeping along all warm and toasty when I heard—the sound of motor!!


I woke up pretty fast…I could hear a big motor heading down the farm road.  It didn’t sound like Dad or Mom, besides they were here.  I could hear Dad out by his shop pounding on something and I knew Mom was inside because I saw her GO inside.

upsI know this motor sound!  It’s the dreaded UPS tuck!  My worst enemy, of all trucks, in my whole world.

I jumped up, lifted me lips into a snare, gave a loud, throaty howl and took off running as fast as my Beagle legs could carry me.  I wanted to beat that truck to the bridge and back him off — I don’t want him coming into the farm yard!

I raced against time, but that UPS truck made it into the yard, backed up and came to a squealing stop, tires popping gravel everywhere.


I kept up my most fierce barking and howls; I REALLY DO NOT LIKE THE UPS guy!

Mom was out of the house and right behind me.  “Shhh, Boomer!  That’s enough!  Stop it Now!”  Mom ordered!

I didn’t stop!  No siree, bob!  I HATE the UPS guy!  He is the only person in the whole wide world I hate, but I do HATE him!

Suddenly the UPS guy was OUT OF THE TRUCK—– OH MOM BE CAREFUL!  HE IS A BAD ONE!  I howled.

Then there he was…not THE UPS guy, but a whole other UPS guy.  He talked really nice to me (didn’t try to kick me or anything), put out his hand and offered me


A Dog Cookie! You got to be kidding!  I stopped making all sorts of noise, walked toward the NICE UPS guy; he walked toward me…. And, you know what?  I GOT A COOKIE!

And a pat on the head!

And Nice words!

Gosh!  Maybe the awful UPS guy works someplace else.

I took my cookie and headed over to the lawn to eat it.  I heard Mom thank the UPS guy, take her package and the door slam on the UPS truck.


Then the motor roared back into life and was gone.
I never even raised my head from my very yummy cookie.

After a spell the cookie was gone.

I saw Mom was doing something in her tomato patch, pulling them up it looks like.  They do look sorta bad, all black and wilty and sorta, well… done for.

She has her wheel-barrow out and is loading the sorry looking tomato plants into the wheel-barrow, removing all the stakes and raking around where the plants used to be.

I began pacing around and around.  I tried following Mom from one spot to another; until Mom stopped and petted me on the head: “Boomer, STOP!  You have to either lay down or find something to do.”

Next I tried sniffing out the news around the tomato patch, nothing, nothing at the woodpile (well mice, but they are boring), nothing around the trash cans…Mom burned all the interesting stuff…nothing around the corral fences… NOTHING!


Everything is just so BORING!

Sammy Smiling

Shadow Sam


and Min-Min Lu are hanging around with mom-I’ll just let them doing the hanging around and take my little self — off.  I’m sure there is more interesting things to do than watch Mom in the tomato patch.


Internet Troubles—Thursday, October 13, 2016

canal-002Our internet isn’t working today.  I am hoping this gets posted, but one never knows.

canal-001The water in our canal is clear as the Blue Mesa Reservoir, of which it comes from.  Very few farmers are irrigating now—although there are some…new seedings of alfalfa and winter wheat.

canal-003By November 1st the water will be stopped and stored in the Blue Mesa Reservoir until next spring.  The canal will dry up…if our grandchildren were here, it would make a great play ground.

Today I’m taking advantage of our warm summer-like days and painting the chicken house.  We got the pump winterized and the hose put away yesterday, and all the lines blown out.  Today I finish getting my last gallon of paint on the hen house and the picket fences.

Terry is working on the corn combine…with the thought corn harvest will start in a month!

I hope this makes it to you!  I’m rather addicted to the internet.  :)

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


A Slow Beating Heart—Wednesday, October 12, 2016

SunriseThis morning the sunlight washed over the world in rays of yellow and gold. (I didn’t get a photo this morning, but it looked like this from last summer)

october-morn-sunriseThe clouds from yesterday scattered and gone.  Although, the rising of the sun yesterday was amazing, with it’s rays of orange and apricot and purple breaking forth from the heavy clouds.

workToday promises to be a fine day!  The trees and bushes and even the weeds are all starting to go to gold and rust with splashes of red.

our-house-in-the-eveningToday I will water up my yard and gardens.  Making sure they do NOT go into winter dry and thirsty.  The flight of the sun and the falling leaves my constant companions.

sunset-skyBefore the day ends Terry and I will (also) go down and put the water pump and all the sprinkler lines to bed for the winter, at our other house.   After, which, we will do the same for our yard.

24.jpgA farm, any farm, has a life of it’s own.  Although, after all the harvest is done the heartbeat slows, pacing itself.  (Photo taken last year 2015)

We are not there yet.  We are in the process of waiting for the corn to dry enough to harvest.  Until corn harvest is over, we spend our time putting things to bed, closing down the summer things, getting ready—for winter.

Winter-2Still much to do!

From my world to your heart!



Two Came Visiting—Tuesday, October 11, 2016

ufoThe wind blew strong and the wind blew hard

Picking up leaves, weeds and stripping corn

racing-to-grammiesRacing along in the night-time gloaming

Two little girls to Grammie’s homing

surprise-visitQuickly, quickly the wind lays waste

The warm summer days are now displaced!

Two little Girls come visiting!

(We had a wonderful surprise visit from our grandchildren Sunday!  YAY!)

From our world to your heart!

Curtains of a Chill Autumn Day—Monday, October 10, 2016

storm-coming-inA autumn storm played along the plateau yesterday.   Although the air was still warm enough to go without jackets.

snow-on-the-san-juansThe clouds covered the San Juan Mountain Range…the rugged peaks poking through the clouds show heavy snow in the tendrils of mist

red-cloudsAlthough our mornings comes later every day; the red sky is a beautiful promise of moisture yet to come.

sunshineAnd just for a spell, just before the clouds gathered and shoved their way toward us…the sky was just down right beautiful.

The nights come earlier and earlier now.

SNowStill it isn’t January…of which I give great Thanks!

Your friend,




Fixing Fence—Sunday, October 9, 2016

fixing-fence-001It’s that time of year.

That time of the year, when hunters feel like your land is their land.  Who cares if there is a fence of two in the way.  Just clip the strands and head on into the wilderness called ‘somebody else’s farm’.  Grrr.

Terry and I fixed fence Saturday and reposted the NO Trespassing Signs.

Will it work?  Who knows.  My Dad always said:  “Locks and gates only keep out the honest person”.


Sure makes me shake my head in puzzlement, at the audacity, of some people.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,