The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — Three Blustery Days

It has been ‘wind(ing)’ for a very long time.

Very Long!

We had wind before the really bad wind, then wind after the very bad wind, but Mom said this weekend is looking good.  Although, she says we are having August heat in May…no WAIT(!) this is the First of JUNE!  So we are having lots of heat for the first of JUNE!

The wind was really bad….3/4 of Utah blew into our farm, on my fur and stuck to all the leaves that live on our place.

Sometimes the wind was so bad Fuzzy and I couldn’t really stand up in it, so Fuzzy stayed under the pickup most of the time.  I hung out with Mom; she still had ‘stuff’ to do.

The wind even blew over her flowers…she was not happy about that so staked many of them.  It was my first time to smell an Iris.  I sneeze for a long time after that first time of smelling the iris.

We worked in the yard

We also babysat Mom-Mom’s cats and their goats, Linky’s bunny came up and lived with us while the whole family, including Hank, went to Nebraska for several days.

Sometimes Fuzzy and I would go stand at the edge of the field and bark for Hank to see how he was doing, but he never came to his edge of the field to bark back.  Fuzzy said it was because the wind was too bad and he couldn’t hear us….the wind was whipping our words away from Hank.

Then Mom told us Hank wasn’t home he went in the motor home to Nebraska.


I really like to talk to Hank!

One day it was so horribly hot and windy that Mom and Dad took us down to the Rubidoux Canyon and Rubidoux River for a swim.

I didn’t swim…only Fuzzy.  He loves the water…I love the news!

The other thing was we had to go do was take care of the poultry, the two cats and the three dogs at Shannon’s…..The TURKEY is SOMETHING ELSE!!!

I didn’t bark at him once, but I sure was amazed…I sat and just watched him.  He fluffs himself up, up, WAY UP and flings his wings down, then makes a drumming noise as he walks around in front of me.

That is some way cool bird, let me tell you!

The sun was amazing too, during this time, YOU could SEE IT!

Now how cool is that?!

There wasn’t even a sunset…just this

On the fourth day the dirty wind left and we just had regular wind.

When we were setting the last of the irrigation rows…..

The little family came back!

Complete with Hank!

I sure love living here.  Couldn’t ask for anything better!





16 thoughts on “The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — Three Blustery Days

  1. Wow! that wind looks terrible. We don’t get dusty in Houston but when we lived in Arizona we would have to stay in the house when the wind kicked up the sand. On those days the whole sky would turn a reddish brown color…very creepy.

    I’d love to go into the water as long as it isn’t too deep. Mom worries about me in deep water and speaks sharply. I don’t like it when she does that.

    Take care,


  2. That wind must have moved most of the west coast all the way across Kansas clear to the east coast and turned into a hurricane. We got blasted for days here too. Not fun at all. That turkey is a wonder! So is the bunny. You get to meet a lot of cool friends there, Boomer.


  3. Tucker here. We had that wind, too. It was annoying. I could hardly smell any scents…just dust and whatever was blowing in the breeze. Stuff that may have come all the way from Utah, too! It sounds like you enjoyed your time out and about. Yeah…it’s great fun to go exploring with our humans!


  4. The sun pictures are something else. To me it’s a bit unnerving. This is what the Harmattan is like in West Africa.

    I agree about the picture of Fuzzy in the river.


  5. I’m glad you like living on the farm, Boomer. I really can’t think of a better place to live. I’m also glad that Hank and his family are back so you can talk with him. The pictures Mom took of the sun in the sky are amazing.


  6. That was a good place for your bud to hunker down under Boomer. Did you learn your lesson about sniffing Iris plants? Your Friday’s are a lotta fun! Thanks.
    ps– The historical feature on Thursdays are fascinating. Can’t miss ’em eh.


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