Chickens are Just Like People—Sometimes They are Just Plain Mean

Hi! My name is Honey.  I really didn’t have a people name, until my human Mom was badgered by Misty….does that make Misty my human sister?!?!


Anyway, I now live at the house, with the dog. Who would have ever thought THAT would happen. I mean, really the DOG!!!! He usually chases all of us chickens away from his dog house, which is right by the front door.  But he doesn’t me.

(Between you and me, the DOG doesn’t really like me, but he gets in trouble if he chases me. Sort of sad all in all, I agree with him I should be in the chicken house.)

I used to live in the chicken house; I was the favorite of Roo.  Roo was a dashing rooster, so just WOW.  He did rather wear me out, my human Mom had made me a new little coat to wear, but I didn’t like it, so I wasn’t being very good about wearing it.  She kept saying that it would protect my back. 

Anyway, one morning we woke-up at the crack of daylight and Roo was gone. Just gone, mine you.  Not a feather of him anywhere.  Everything stayed pretty much the same for about two weeks, but then the ‘other brides’ of Roo’s harem started catching on that Roo wasn’t there.  This meant that they could do anything they wanted to do, and one thing they wanted to do was take their jealousy of Roo and I out on me.  Sigh! Deep long SIGH!


Anyway, the up-shot of everything, is those girls drew blood and wouldn’t let me eat so my human Mom brought me to the house (I have a dog house to live in) and told me I could live here until I grew back all my feathers, put on weight, and could hold my own in the flock.

My human Mom counts my feathers every evening, so I think she wants me to go back to the flock.  Sometimes I really want too, but this IS pretty nice, my own food, water, a cantaloupe or watermelon, sometimes a cookie (that’s my favorite).

The dog doesn’t like it, but … oh, Well.


18 thoughts on “Chickens are Just Like People—Sometimes They are Just Plain Mean

  1. OMG, that’s just too funny Linda! I hope Honey gets her feathers back and can move back to the hen house soon much to her dismay 🙂 At least the dog will be happy again!
    Have a great weekend!


  2. Poor Honey…. she is sooo lucky to have such a nice mom…Kinda sounds like that show “Housewives of Orange County” or New York or Jersey or Atlanta, always yanking or yelling, Yep, sounds like a hen house to me….


  3. Honey, sounds as if you have a good thing going on there. Here’s a hint, when your’e feathers do start growing back in, pluck one or two out, hide them, keep on living that good life! Who knows you just may be residing indoors come winter.


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