Hand Prints in the Cement


We are moving right along on the barn


In-between harvesting the corn and hauling hay-


And the bad weather



We have the foundation in place!

The storm is leaving so DH is back in the corn field!  We didn’t have rain! 


18 thoughts on “Hand Prints in the Cement

  1. Wow how GREAT!!!! I love the handprints! We wrote on our foundation in the driveway when we moved in back in 1988. I still notice our initials almost each time I’m out there. Takes me back to when we were young and goofy. Now we’re just goofy. 🙂


  2. Your blue skies look so pretty! Especially since it is almost
    November! My husband said that the corn around here is still
    36% – very high. Still lots of corn and beans need harvested.
    Congratulations on the Barn foundation, looks good!


  3. Excellent! There are hand prints in the concrete in the original run-in shed off the main barn – the daughter of the people who lived here back in the 70’s. Her brother stopped by recently to see the new building and what else we’d done with the farm and was really happy to see those hand prints.


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