The Last Step Before the Next BIG Step — Tuesday, May 30, 2023

What a gift!  To be handed her diploma by the Principal of the High School—her Dad.

Next Step—-The United States Air Force

Gosh, Linkin—Grandpa and I (and your whole family) are so very proud of you!

From my world to your heart,


Linkin, our Granddaughter and Her Man — Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Ahh…Senior prom…Linkin is a Junior this year

And Caleb a Senior.

The delight of Prom entwining itself all around these two.

Scattering sunshine everywhere.

From my world to your heart,



Firewood—- Sunday, December 27, 2020

We had help

Creating firewood

Our granddaughter, Linkin, and our youngest daughter, Linkin’s Mom, Misty.

They helped us split

and stack

Making short work of a huge load.


(I’ll bet you are wondering, if and when we are ever going to get done with the semi-load of firewood.

We are wondering the same thing 🙂  )

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


The Checkered Light Dances—-August 22, 2017

Daily I watch the trees starting to turn…first a slight lightening of the leaves

The weight of their slumber is like a shooting light upon the lush green of the land.

The morning and evening air is more purple than rose, moving toward the light lavender of winter

Our grandchildren were here for the weekend—one more time before school starts (today).

Linkin, our oldest granddaughter loves to take photos (a wee bit like her grandmother, I think 🙂 )

Capturing this busy little bee covered in pollen

In the dancing light—she generously allowed me to share these with you.  Thank you, Linky!

Summer…gradually it is vanishing…like a ghost flitting through a forgotten graveyard.

The birds on their migratory flights…tell us…Autumn is coming.

Stand with me to welcome in that glorious, wondrous, bright season between Summer and Winter

From my heart to your world,





Birthday Cake

Now THIS is a Birthday cake.  Made by Mom-mom and Decorated (on top) by Linkin….just for Grammy!

And only 4 candles! 

 Linki was so proud of the cake, plus she MADE me five presents: two pages colored in her coloring book, a favorite bracelet wrapped up for me, a home-made butterfly and a coupon for her to spend the night with me.

 Lots of other fun things from the others in my family. 

 But for some reason, Linkin was really excited about this birthday.

 It’s really fun being a Grammy! 


Hand Prints in the Cement


We are moving right along on the barn


In-between harvesting the corn and hauling hay-


And the bad weather



We have the foundation in place!

The storm is leaving so DH is back in the corn field!  We didn’t have rain!