Gates Around Our Place

Gates are one of the most necessary items to any farm or ranch.   We have a large selection of different types of gates.  The above is the gate to the pasture.

They keep critters in, and they keep children safe.  This is our yard gate. 

 This kin can shock you, if you grab the wire instead of the handle.  The baling twine (next to duct tape the most useful item on the place) is used to let people know there is an electric fence there.  To open just grab the yellow handle and push back the little hook will let go of the fence.  If the handle is broken ….you will get shocked.

  The gate to the ‘birth’n’ pen is the most rustic on the farm.  Our farm was homesteaded and created in 1903.  The corrals were place in 1906. Some of these poles were cut and hauled down to farms and ranches in our area from the Uncompahgre Plateau.  There is even a mesa on the Uncompahgre called Saw Mill Mesa because of the Saw Mill(s) up there.

 Enjoy your weekend! I hope the weather if fine where ever you are!


16 thoughts on “Gates Around Our Place

  1. Gates are what makes the world go round
    ok…so I couldn’t think go anything catchy to go with gates (o:
    I think I will take some pictures of town gates to go on a post…
    as for me…I have ‘Baby gates’
    they have made gouges in my walls over the years
    but…i couldn’t live without them (o:


  2. Great work Linda

    Any would-be thieves would get the shock of their lives with the electrified gate and fence! ha ha!
    Always remember in the country – “SHUT THE BLOODY GATE”.

    Cheers from a bit chilly Brisbane, but it will warm up by 9.00am
    I wish the time would go a bit faster!!!!
    Colin (HB)


  3. Fun gate collection you have. I’ve had my share of mix-ups with electric fences. I can tell you for certain that the buzz hurts even more if you are standing in irrigation water when you meet up with one. And a dog only runs under one with his tail up only ONCE.


  4. We all need GATES in our lives… They keep us safe and protect us –and our animals. It’s just like boundaries. Kids need boundaries —and so much of the time, parents don’t give their kids boundaries these days… That is when the kids get in so much trouble. We all need GATES…..

    Great post, Linda!


  5. Hi there my friend, So loved seeing your gates and hearing of the history of your land. I love that the Lord puts gates around us to protect us and keep us safe. What incredible history! I hope this summer to get to some areas I haven’t seen yet-front range maybe your area.
    Hugs and blessings, Noreen


  6. After a visit to the vet last week, our 2 bulls, who have been in the same pen all winter and gotten along fine, got to fighting so bad that they knocked over a corral post and bent one of the metal gates. Lovely. Something else to fix.


  7. You sure do have all kinds of gates!! I dont like the yellow handled kind…they are not kind to me!!

    Hope summer arrives by you before June 4th!!! 🙂


  8. Very fun post! The most utilitarian of things can be so interesting. What is the horse shoe on the chain about. When I had 3 toddlers I had my husband put a gate on the kitchen…kept them from clearing(imagine broken pickle and jam jars ALL over the kitchen floor) the frig while I took a potty break and kept them from getting out side, we live on a busy highway so I tended to err on the side of caution.


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