Busy, Busy, Busy

Our alfalfa has been cut for the second time of the year, once more I’m reminded that summer is half over.  Third cutting of hay will occur at the same time as the pinto bean harvest.

We had a huge wind storm come up day before last, knocking down huge tree limbs and in general making a big mess.  But after it all  I saw….

A beautiful rainbow!  Makes picking up branches so worthwhile.

The sunset was pretty amazing also.

My yard is looking good, however very weedy.  Between work and farming and life getting to the weeds is sometimes difficult.

Still all in all good things are always there if you open your eyes to them.  My daughter’s father-in-law wanted some limbs from the old lilac tree/bush.  We were glad to give him some.

Then the other day he brought over to us this

Lovely hand-made pen and pencil set from the lilac bush!  A pretty cool gift, I must say.



14 thoughts on “Busy, Busy, Busy

  1. Hi Linda, That is so neat—a pen and pencil set made from the limbs of the lilac… That is so special–and your daughter has a very talented father-in-law.

    Sorry about the wind storm –but your yard and fields and gardens look fabulous… Don’t worry about the weeds… As my husband said –those weeds will be here tomorrow and the next day and on and on .. Even if he gets them, they all seem to come right back… The weeds grow even when there’s a drought and when nothing else will grow!! ha ha

    Have a great day.


  2. Our farmers are just stacking up their first cutting. Third cutting doesn’t happen here.
    We have 40 mph gusts of hot wind toady. High profile vehicles are warned off the highways. Limbs are down. Your sunset and rainbow are just wonderful. We had a double rainbow on Sat. but I couldn’t get away for a photo. Love the pen set!


  3. Wow! That wood is so beautiful. I love the swirly patterning and color. And the sunset photo is amazing. Doesn’t seem possible that the summer is half over already. Love your photos.


  4. Cool looking wood and great looking hay for a second cutting.

    I miss that smell of fresh cut hay so much. That and when there are millions of lightning bugs out.


  5. Very cool gift, one to be treasured for sure! You have some great sunsets up there and 3 or 4 rainbows to every 1 of ours! We have a hard time getting to the weeds too, it is too hot to go out and work on them in the daylight – and night brings out the rattlers, NOT pulling weeds in the dark!


  6. Your pictures are always so beautiful. They make me want to be there! (not in a crazy stalker way but in a “i wish I had a farm” way lol)
    Anyway, thank you for sharing.

    Also, how amazing it is to me that he turned a branch into that!!


  7. Beautiful Linda! Love the sunset… and oh my goodness… the pen and pencil set is awesome. My ex was a woodworker – so I know the TLC that went into those. And for him to make them with your own beloved tree… wow. Impressive for sure. 🙂


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