Spider Web and the Feather

A very busy little spider created a very sturdy, but gossamer web next to the sidewalk.  Some bird, flying over-head and in no particular notion to shed a feather, did so anyway.  

The feather drifted slowly down, through the Rio Grande Cottonwood branches and came to a stop in the home of the spider. 

And me…. 

I saw it and took a photo! 


11 thoughts on “Spider Web and the Feather

  1. You are like me…I always notice those things and celebrate them
    don’t always take a picture though (o:
    Love those sunset pictures
    at first I thought the house was on fire
    The pen set is beautiful….


  2. Wow—that’s one sturdy spider web, don’t you think???? Neat picture, Linda…. I don’t care much for spiders–but I do love to see how they weave their webs… It’s amazing!!!

    Thanks for sharing.


  3. OK, so I’m a bird nerd and instead of the poetry I wonder “where did that come from?” Looks like a wing feather to me, bigger on one side than the other, and fairly tight-webbed, from a dove maybe? They should be molting about now.


  4. And then dozens of people around the world heard about it and began to think of creation and how all things are connected for a purpose. For His glory.



  5. I followed you over from Northview Diary and found your blog, homey, informative and as comfortable as a conversation with a friend on the front porch. I was about to head home and ran into your observation of the feather suspended in the spider web.

    Poetry. I love poetry 🙂


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