Another Year, Another Day

January 2011, who ever would have thought!  Not me…when I sat in my little desk in the first grade, heck 2000 seemed like ever so far, far away.  And now I’m here. Wow! Amazing!

I stopped making resolutions years ago…I do set goals.  Sometimes I can reach them sometimes not.  What I’ve learned over my 61 (almost to be 62 years in 14 days) is as we go through the twelve months of the year some of those goals just seem to lose their importance.

I hope to see more rainbows this year, but since we are so miserably cold (zero and sort-of above) I’ll settle for a sun dog or two.

I try to remember that this kind of cold is hard on bugs and insects….very hard.  So maybe next year we will be bug-less!

Since the dogs sleep on the back porch and it isn’t heated very well, they have learned a couple on new tricks…

Like sleeping under covers!  Terry and I laugh every time we look out and see them all warm and snuggled in their beds!  The cats sleep inside by the fireplace.

But back to resolutions and goals—

Now that I’m old (I had a kid hold the post office door open for me today…I was in shock.  He even called me Ma’am.  Then I heard him say something to his friend about it’s rude to not open doors for old people…ack!)

Any who….now that I’m over 60… if I can just treasure each day and understand that if I look hard enough, learn from the day, and move through it with joy, then I will be blessed.

I can never count on another day being given to me–not like a person does when in their 20’s and 30’s and even 40’s.  I cannot assume I will wake up each day or that others I love deeply will awaken each day.

If I can just keep gratitude in my heart and joy and wonder in my soul that is resolution enough.

Thank you blogging friends for my bucket list dreams of traveling to distant lands…I enjoy each and every one of you.  After all, that is what life is all about family and friends, near and far.


22 thoughts on “Another Year, Another Day

  1. I sure agree and you sure gave me a new way to look at things! I feel bad when I don’t do the things that I set for myself to do and now I have a whole new outlook! Happy New Year, Linda, and thanks.


  2. Wish you, Terry and family a very happy new year. I know exactly what you mean. As I get older resolutions don’t mean much. Waking up and taking a breath is pretty good with me.


  3. Well – if we look for 2011 omens – I guess your year will be GREAT!
    A courteous kid opening a door and calling you, Ma’am.
    The dog photos are funny – the first time I have seen dogs in bed and under
    covers – gave me a good laugh.
    Colin (HB)


  4. oh goodness, just as your account of the younger gent holding the door open for you gave me a new glimmer of hope for the new generation, the daft fool had to turn his filter off and say something about holding doors open for older people. Arrrrrgh! too bad he never learned one of the golden rules: gents always hold doors open for ladies. thank you. 🙂

    happy new year, my friend! by the way….you aren’t old. 🙂


  5. I do understand about the ‘older’ thing! I got another year older and the stomach virus both yesterday and boy, did I feel old!! I don’t have much grey hair, but the skin is getting thin and wrinkly and the eyes weaker! I do so agree about what is important and what kind of legacy I will leave. I love my farm and my D, SIL and Gsons love it too, so hopefully it will be in the family many years after I am gone.
    I’ve so enjoyed your blog over the last year and look forward to more in 2011.



  6. the doggies look so sweet all snuggled up like that (o:
    Hmmmm….no bugs (o:
    I never make resolutions either….just work towards what ever goal I have at the time…
    right now it is to eat NO ice-cream in January (o: I asked my hubby to give up


  7. I definitely like your attitude toward life. It’s great not just for the new year, but for every day. And I hate to say this, but if you think your outlook changes once your past 60, wait until you see what happens as you approach 70.


  8. We seen sundogs on Fri and Sat and thought of you! They were beautiFul other than what they represent-more cold. 😦
    Wish you all the very best in 2011!


  9. Gratitude is the best way to enjoy every day no matter what your age. Your collection of rainbows is better than stamps or coins. Thanks for finding them and sharing their beauty. We almost share the same birthday…only a couple of years and a few days separate us. I feel like you could be a sister after enjoying your blog for so long. Hope 2011 is a good one for you and your family.


  10. Hi Linda, Happy Birthday in 14 days!!!! You are behind me –and if those kids thought you were old, WELL–I must be older than dirt (since I’m 68)… .ha ha

    Love that first picture… WOW–is that a sunset??? Incredible.

    I don’t make resolutions either –but as I get older, I do try to do what I can to stay healthy.

    Love seeing the doggies all covered up…


  11. Hi Linda Happy New Year..Sometimes Far Guy says it is a good day when you wake up on the right side of the grass and can feed yourself. You are correct..(Each day is a gift..and we have no idea how many are under our tree..Far Side 2011:)


  12. It’s all in how you look at it… I still use the word ‘resolution’, but I guess I treat it more like a ‘goal’. I gave up feeling bad about the things I don’t accomplish years ago…

    Happy New Year, Linda, Terry and Family!

    Love the dog pics, btw! – Marie


  13. Happy New Year, Linda! Enjoying the little things is the way to go. Sometimes we wait for the big things and then miss all the good stuff. Enjoy your day!


  14. Oh gosh. I remember when I thought 18 was so long away. Now it is so long ago, haha!
    I really enjoyed this post, and I love your cute, smart dogs! Nice little beds they have, too. 🙂

    Hope you have a wonderful 2011!


  15. I really enjoyed your post. I also agree with many of the things you said! For me, I’ve decided to take things as they come, getting worked up about things isn’t worth it. Enjoy those around you and the outdoors…God’s creation and creations. Simple is better. I think you already had that figured out! Happy Birthday too, by the way!


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